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BaseUrlThe base URL of the remote service.Interfaceretrofit2Retrofit
BodyUse this annotation on a service method param when you want to directly control the request body of a POST/PUT request (instead of sending in as request parameters or form-style requestClassretrofit2.httpRetrofit
CallAn invocation of a Retrofit method that sends a request to a webserver and returns a response.Interfaceretrofit2Retrofit
CallAdapterAdapts a Call into the type of T.Interfaceretrofit2Retrofit
CallbackCommunicates responses from a server or offline requests.Interfaceretrofit2Retrofit
ConverterConvert objects to and from their representation in HTTP.Interfaceretrofit2Retrofit
DELETEMake a DELETE request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
FieldNamed pair for a form-encoded request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
FieldMapNamed key/value pairs for a form-encoded request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
FormUrlEncodedDenotes that the request body will use form URL encoding.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
HEADMake a HEAD request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
HeaderReplaces the header with the value of its target.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
HeadersAdds headers literally supplied in the value.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
HTTPUse a custom HTTP verb for a request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
OPTIONSMake an OPTIONS request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
PartDenotes a single part of a multi-part request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
PartMapDenotes name and value parts of a multi-part request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
PATCHMake a PATCH request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
PathNamed replacement in a URL path segment.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
POSTMake a POST request.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
QueryQuery parameter appended to the URL.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
QueryMapQuery parameter keys and values appended to the URL.Classretrofit2.httpRetrofit
ResponseThe deserialized response body of a successful response.Classretrofit2Retrofit
RetrofitRetrofit adapts a Java interface to HTTP calls by using annotations on the declared methods to define how requests are made.Classretrofit2Retrofit