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Action6A six-argument action.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Action7A seven-argument action.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Action8An eight-argument action.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Action9A nine-argument action.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
ActionsUtility class for the Action interfaces.Classrx.functionsRxJava
AsyncOnSubscribeA utility class to create OnSubscribe functions that respond correctly to back pressure requests from subscribers.Classrx.observablesRxJava
AsyncSubjectSubject that publishes only the last item observed to each Observer that has subscribed, when the source Observable completes.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
BehaviorSubjectSubject that emits the most recent item it has observed and all subsequent observed items to each subscribed // observer will receive all events.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
BetaSignifies that a public API (public class, method or field) is subject to incompatible changes, or even removal, in a future release.Classrx.annotationsRxJava
BlockingObservableBlockingObservable is a variety of Observable that provides blocking operators.Classrx.observablesRxJava
BlockingSingleBlockingSingle is a blocking "version" of Single that provides blocking You construct a BlockingSingle from a Single with from(Single)Classrx.singlesRxJava
CompletableRepresents a deferred computation without any value but only indication for completion or exception.ClassrxRxJava
CompositeExceptionRepresents an exception that is a composite of one or more other exceptions.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
CompositeSubscriptionSubscription that represents a group of Subscriptions that are unsubscribed together.Classrx.subscriptionsRxJava
ConnectableObservableA ConnectableObservable resembles an ordinary Observable, except that it does not begin emitting items when it is subscribed to, but only when its connect() method is called.Classrx.observablesRxJava
ExceptionsUtility class with methods to wrap checked exceptions and manage fatal and regular exception delivery.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
Func5Represents a function with five arguments.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Func6Represents a function with six arguments.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Func7Represents a function with seven arguments.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Func8Represents a function with eight arguments.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
Func9Represents a function with nine arguments.Interfacerx.functionsRxJava
GroupedObservableAn Observable that has been grouped by key, the value of which can be obtained with getKey().Classrx.observablesRxJava
ImmediateSchedulerExecutes work immediately on the current thread.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
MissingBackpressureExceptionRepresents an exception that indicates that a Subscriber or operator attempted to apply reactive pull backpressure to an Observable that does not implement it.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
NewThreadSchedulerSchedules work on a new thread.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
NotificationAn object representing a notification sent to an Observable.ClassrxRxJava
ObservableThe Observable class that implements the Reactive Pattern.ClassrxRxJava
ObserverProvides a mechanism for receiving push-based notifications.InterfacerxRxJava
ObserversHelper methods and utilities for creating and working with Observer objects.Classrx.observersRxJava
OnCompletedFailedExceptionRepresents an exception used to re-throw errors thrown from Observer.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
OnErrorFailedExceptionRepresents an exception used to re-throw errors thrown from Observer.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
OnErrorNotImplementedExceptionRepresents an exception used to re-throw Observer.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
OnErrorThrowableRepresents a Throwable that an Observable might notify its subscribers of, but that then can be handled by an operator that is designed to recover from or react appropriately to such an error.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava
ProducerInterface that establishes a request-channel between an Observable and a Subscriber and allows the Subscriber to request a certain amount of items from the Observable (otherwise known asInterfacerxRxJava
PublishSubjectSubject that, once an Observer has subscribed, emits all subsequently observed items to the PublishSubject subject = PublishSubject.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
ReplaySubjectSubject that buffers all items it observes and replays them to any Observer that subscribes.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
RxJavaErrorHandlerAbstract class for defining error handling logic in addition to the normal Observer.Classrx.pluginsRxJava
RxJavaObservableExecutionHookAbstract ExecutionHook with invocations at different lifecycle points of Observable execution with a default no-op implementation.Classrx.pluginsRxJava
RxJavaPluginsRegistry for plugin implementations that allows global override and handles the retrieval of correct implementation based on order of precedence:Classrx.pluginsRxJava
RxJavaSchedulersHookThis plugin class provides 2 ways to customize Scheduler functionality 1.Classrx.pluginsRxJava
SafeSubscriberSafeSubscriber is a wrapper around Subscriber that ensures that the Subscriber complies with the Observable contract.Classrx.observersRxJava
SchedulerA Scheduler is an object that schedules units of work.ClassrxRxJava
SchedulersStatic factory methods for creating Schedulers.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
SerializedObserverEnforces single-threaded, serialized, ordered execution of onNext(T), onCompleted(), and onError(java.Classrx.observersRxJava
SerializedSubjectWraps a Subject so that it is safe to call its various on methods from different threads.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
SerializedSubscriberEnforces single-threaded, serialized, ordered execution of onNext(T), onCompleted(), and onError(java.Classrx.observersRxJava
SerialSubscriptionRepresents a subscription whose underlying subscription can be swapped for another subscription which causes the previous underlying subscription to be unsubscribed.Classrx.subscriptionsRxJava
SingleThe Single class implements the Reactive Pattern for a single value response.ClassrxRxJava
SingleSubscriberProvides a mechanism for receiving push-based notifications.ClassrxRxJava
SubjectRepresents an object that is both an Observable and an Observer.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
SubscriberProvides a mechanism for receiving push-based notifications from Observables, and permits manual unsubscribing from these Observables.ClassrxRxJava
SubscribersHelper methods and utilities for creating and working with Subscriber objects.Classrx.observersRxJava
SubscriptionSubscription returns from Observable.InterfacerxRxJava
SyncOnSubscribeA utility class to create OnSubscribe functions that respond correctly to back pressure requests from subscribers.Classrx.observablesRxJava
TestObserverObserver usable for unit testing to perform assertions, inspect received events or wrap a mocked Observer.Classrx.observersRxJava
TestSchedulerThe TestScheduler is useful for debugging.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
TestSubjectA variety of Subject that is useful for testing purposes.Classrx.subjectsRxJava
TestSubscriberA TestSubscriber is a variety of Subscriber that you can use for unit testing, to perform assertions, inspect received events, or wrap a mocked Subscriber.Classrx.observersRxJava
TimeIntervalA TimeInterval represents an item emitted by an Observable along with the amount of time that elapsed either since the emission of the previous item or (if there was no previous item) since theClassrx.schedulersRxJava
TimestampedComposite class that takes a value and a timestamp and wraps them.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
TrampolineSchedulerSchedules work on the current thread but does not execute immediately.Classrx.schedulersRxJava
UnsubscribeFailedExceptionRepresents an exception used to re-throw errors thrown from Subscriber.Classrx.exceptionsRxJava