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AsyncConditionsAlternative to class BlockingVariable(s) that allows to evaluate conditions in a thread other than the spec runner's thread(s).Classspock.util.concurrentSpockjavadoc
AutoCleanupAutomatically cleans up the object stored in the annotated field or property at the end of its life time.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
BlockingVariableA statically typed variable whose get() method will block until some other thread has set a value with the set() method, or a timeout expires.Classspock.util.concurrentSpockjavadoc
ConfigurationExceptionThrown to indicate that there is a problem with Spock's configuration (file).Classspock.configSpockjavadoc
ConfineMetaClassChangesConfines any changes made to the meta classes of the specified classes to the annotated scope.Classspock.util.mopSpockjavadoc
DetachedMockFactoryThis factory allows the creations of mocks outside of a Specification, e.Classspock.mockSpockjavadoc
FailsWithIndicates that a feature method is expected to fail with the given exception.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
IgnoreIndicates that a specification or feature method should not be run.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
IgnoreIfIgnores the annotated spec or feature if the given condition holds.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
IncludeExcludeCriteriaConfiguration indicating which specs and methods should be included/excluded from a spec run.Classspock.configSpockjavadoc
IssueIndicates that a feature method or specification relates to one or more issues in an external issue tracking system.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
JvmProvides information on the current JVM, such as its Java version.Classspock.util.environmentSpockjavadoc
MockFactoryBase interface for Java based mocks see MockingApi or DetachedMockFactory for more examples.Interfacespock.mockSpockjavadoc
MockingApiSpock's mocking API primarily consists of the following factory methods: Mock()Creates a general-purpose test double that supports both stubbing and mocking.Classspock.mockSpockjavadoc
OperatingSystemProvides information on the current operating system, such as its name, version, and family.Classspock.util.environmentSpockjavadoc
PendingFeatureIndicates that the feature is not fully implemented yet and should not be reported as error.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
PollingConditionsRepeatedly evaluates one or more conditions until they are satisfied or a timeout has elapsed.Classspock.util.concurrentSpockjavadoc
RequiresIgnores the annotated spec or feature unless the given condition holds.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
RestoreSystemPropertiesSaves system properties before the annotated feature method (including any setup and cleanup methods) gets run, and restores them afterwards.Classspock.util.environmentSpockjavadoc

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RunnerConfigurationConfiguration settings for the spec runner.Classspock.configSpockjavadoc
SeeOne or more references to external information related to a specification or feature.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
SpecificationBase class for Spock specifications.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
StepwiseIndicates that a spec's feature methods should be run sequentially in their declared order (even in the presence of a parallel spec runner),Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
SubjectIndicates which objects/classes are the subjects of a specification.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
TimeoutIndicates that the execution of a method should time out after the given duration has elapsed.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
UnrollIndicates that iterations of a data-driven feature should be made visible as separate features to the outside world (IDEs, reports, etc.Classspock.langSpockjavadoc
UseActivates one or more Groovy categories while the annotated spec method or class executes.Classspock.util.mopSpockjavadoc
UseModulesActivates Guice integration for a specification.Classspock.guiceSpockjavadoc

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