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# Classes and Interfaces in #Spring Social - 315 results found.
AbstractConnectionBase support class for Connection Social Social
AbstractOAuth1ApiBindingBase class for OAuth 1-based provider API Social
AbstractOAuth1ServiceProviderBase class for ServiceProviders that use the OAuth1 Social
AbstractOAuth2ApiBindingBase class for OAuth 2-based provider API Social
AbstractOAuth2ServiceProviderBase class for ServiceProviders that use the OAuth2 Social
AbstractProviderConfigBeanDefinitionParserAbstract bean definition parser for configuring provider-specific beans in a Spring application Social
AbstractProviderConfigNamespaceHandlerBase NamespaceHandler for Spring Social provider modules to create configuration Social Social
AccessGrantOAuth2 access Social
ApiAdapterAn adapter that bridges between the uniform Connection model and a specific provider API Social
ApiBindingBase interface that may be implemented by API bindings.Interfaceorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ApiExceptionIndicates that an error occurred while consuming a provider API.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social Social Social
AuthorizedRequestTokenA OAuth Social
BaseSocialConnectedTagSocialConnectedTag and SocialNotConnectedTag extend toprovide functionality within a JSP to determine if you are connected to Social Social
ClientHttpRequestFactorySelectorChooses a request Social
ConnectControllerGeneric UI controller for managing the account-to-service-provider connection Social
ConnectInterceptorListens for service provider connection Social
ConnectionA link to a service provider Social
ConnectionDataA data transfer object that allows the internal state of a Connection to be persisted and transferred between layers of an Social
ConnectionFactoryBase abstraction for factories that construct service provider Connection Social
ConnectionFactoryConfigurerStrategy interface for registering connection Social
ConnectionFactoryLocatorA ServiceLocator for ConnectionFactory Social
ConnectionFactoryRegistryA registry for service provider connection Social
ConnectionKeyThe unique business key for a Connection Social
ConnectionRepositoryData access interface for saving and restoring Connection objects from a persistent Social
ConnectionRepositoryExceptionBase exception class for ConnectionRepository Social
ConnectionSignUpA command that signs up a new user in the event no user id could be mapped from a Social
ConnectionValuesA configuration interface used to set values on a Connection from a specific service provider API Social
ConnectSupportProvides common connect support and utilities for Java web/servlet Social
DisconnectInterceptorListens for service provider disconnection Social
DuplicateConnectionExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to add a Connection and a connection already exists with the given Social
DuplicateStatusExceptionException thrown when a duplicate status is posted.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social Social
ExpiredAuthorizationExceptionException indicating that the authorization presented to the server has expired.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
FormMapHttpMessageConverterMessage converter that reads form-encoded data into a flat Social
GenericConnectionStatusViewGeneric View implementation that displays the connection statis for a Social
GenericOAuth1ConnectionFactoryGeneric implementation of an OAuth1ConnectionFactory that carries no intrinsic knowledge of the API it will be creating connections Social
GenericOAuth1ServiceProviderGeneric implementation of OAuth1ServiceProvider that carries no intrinsic knowledge of the API it will be creating connections Social
GenericOAuth2ConnectionFactoryGeneric implementation of an OAuth2ConnectionFactory that carries no intrinsic knowledge of the API it will be creating connections Social
GenericOAuth2ServiceProviderGeneric implementation of OAuth2ServiceProvider that carries no intrinsic knowledge of the API it will be creating connections Social
GrantTypeOAuth2 supports two types of authorization flow, typically referred to as "Client-side"and "Server-side" Social
HttpRequestDecoratorExtension of HttpRequestWrapper that supports adding new HttpHeaders to the wrapped Social Social
InMemoryConnectionRepositoryConfigSupportSupport class providing methods for configuring a singleton InMemoryUsersConnectionRepository bean and a request-scoped InMemoryConnectionRepository Social
InMemoryUsersConnectionRepositoryUsersConnectionRepository that stores connections in Social
InsufficientPermissionExceptionException thrown when attempting an operation that requires a permission not granted to the caller.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
InternalServerErrorExceptionException indicating an internal error occurred on the server.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
InvalidAuthorizationExceptionException indicating that the authorization used during an operation invocation is invalid.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
JdbcConnectionRepositoryConfigSupportSupport class providing methods for configuring a singleton JdbcUsersConnectionRepository bean and a request-scoped JdbcConnectionRepository Social
JdbcUsersConnectionRepositoryUsersConnectionRepository that uses the JDBC API to persist connection data to a relational Social Social
MissingAuthorizationExceptionException indicating that an operation requiring authorization was attempted without providing authorization.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
NoSuchConnectionExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to fetch a Connection and no such connection exists with the provided Social
NotAuthorizedExceptionIndicates the client is not authorized to invoke the API.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
NotConnectedExceptionThrown by a ConnectionRepository when attempting to fetch a "primary" connection and the user is not connected to the provider in Social Social
OAuth1ConnectionAn OAuth1-based Connection Social
OAuth1ConnectionFactoryFactory for creating OAuth1-based Social
OAuth1OperationsA service interface for the OAuth 1 Social
OAuth1ParametersParameters for building an OAuth1 authorize Social
OAuth1ServiceProviderA ServiceProvider that uses the OAuth Social
OAuth1TemplateOAuth10Operations implementation that uses REST-template to make the OAuth Social
OAuth1VersionVarious versions ofthe OAuth1 Core Social Social
OAuth2ConnectionAn OAuth2-based Connection Social
OAuth2ConnectionFactoryFactory for creating OAuth2-based Social
OAuth2OperationsA service interface for the OAuth2 Social
OAuth2ParametersParameters for building an OAuth2 authorize Social
OAuth2ServiceProviderA ServiceProvider that uses the OAuth Social
OAuth2TemplateOAuth2Operations implementation that uses REST-template to make the OAuth Social
OAuth2VersionEnum encapsulating the differences between the various versions of the OAuth2 Social
OAuthTokenHolds an OAuth token and Social
OperationNotPermittedExceptionIndicates an operation was attempted that is not permitted.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ParameterMapGenerally useful base class for creating MultiValueMaps that store HTTP query Social Social
ProviderSignInAttemptModels an attempt to sign-in to the application using a provider user Social
ProviderSignInControllerSpring MVC Controller for handling the provider user sign-in Social
ProviderSignInInterceptorListens for service provider sign in Social
ProviderSignInUtilsHelper methods that support provider user sign-in Social
RateLimitExceededExceptionException thrown when API calls are being rate-limited.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ReconnectFilterServlet filter that intercepts Spring Social ApiExceptions thrown in the course of a request and attempts to reconcile any connection-relatedproblems by deleting the stale/revoked connection and walking the user through the connection process to obtain a new Social
RejectedAuthorizationExceptionException indicating that the authorization used during an operation invocation is rejected by the server.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ResourceNotFoundExceptionIndicates that the requested provider API resource could not be found.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
RevokedAuthorizationExceptionException indicating that the authorization used during an operation invocation has been revoked.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ServerDownExceptionException indicating that the server is down or being upgraded.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ServerExceptionException thrown when a server error occurs.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ServerOverloadedExceptionException indicating that the server is experiencing high load.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
ServiceProviderTop-level marker interface defining a ServiceProvider.Interfaceorg.springframework.socialSpring Social Social
SessionUserIdSourceUserIdSource implementation that uses the session ID as the user Social
SignInAdapterAdapter that bridges between a ProviderSignInController and a application-specific user sign-in Social
SocialAuthenticationExceptionIndicates an error while authenticating against a social Social Social
SocialAuthenticationFilterFilter for handling the provider sign-in flow within the Spring Security filter Social Social
SocialAuthenticationRedirectExceptionIndicates the need to perform a redirect in the course of authenticating with a social Social Social Social Social
SocialAuthenticationTokenAuthentication token for social authentication, Social
SocialConfigurationConfiguration class imported by Social
SocialConfigurerDefines callback methods to customize Java-based configuration enabled by Social
SocialConfigurerAdapterAbstract implementation of SocialConfigurer with convenient default implementations of Social
SocialConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're connected to a Social
SocialExceptionException class indicating a problem occurred performing an operation against a service provider.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social Social
SocialNotConnectedTagJSP Tag to return true/false if you're NOT connected to a Social
SocialUsersimple utility class that uses Social Social Social
SpringSocialConfigurerConfigurer that adds SocialAuthenticationFilter to Spring Security's filter Social
SpringSocialDialectThymeleaf dialect offering Spring Social connectivity Social
TokenStrategyStrategy enumeration where each value carries an interceptor defining how an access token is carried on API Social
UncategorizedApiExceptionIndicates that an otherwise uncategorized error occurred while consuming a provider API.Classorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
URIBuilderBuilds up a URI from individual URI Social
URIBuilderExceptionException thrown when URIBuilder can't build the specified Social
UserIdSourceInterfaceorg.springframework.socialSpring Social
UserProfileA normalized model representing a service provider user Social
UserProfileBuilderBuilder for constructing a UserProfile instance returned by Social
UsersConnectionRepositoryA data access interface for managing a global store of users connections to service Social Social
AchievementModel class representing an Social
AchievementOperationsDefines operations for working with Facebook Social
AchievementTypeModel class representing an achievement Social Social Social
AgeRangeEnum representing a user's age Social
AlbumModel class representing a Facebook photo Social
ApplicationReferenceModel class representing a reference to an Social
BookActionsDefines operations for publishing OpenGraph actions pertaining to Social Social
CanvasSignInControllerSign in controller that uses the signed_request parameter that Facebook gives to Canvas applications to obtain an access Social
CommentModel class representing a Social
CommentOperationsDefines operations for reading and posting comments to Social Social
CoverPhotoModel class representing a user's or a page's cover Social Social Social
DisconnectControllerSpring MVC controller for handling deauthorization callbacks from Facebook as described at Social
EducationExperienceModel class representing an entry in a user's education Social Social
EventModel class representing an Social
EventInviteeModel class representing someone who has been invited to an Social
EventOperationsDefines operations for creating and reading event data as well as RSVP'ing to events on behalf of a Social
ExperienceModel class representing an Social
FacebookInterface specifying a basic set of operations for interacting with Social
FacebookAdapterFacebook ApiAdapter Social
FacebookApiHelperSupport class for JavaConfig and XML configuration Social Social
FacebookConnectionFactoryFacebook ConnectionFactory Social
FacebookCookieParserHelper class that helps extract data from a Facebook Social
FacebookCookieValueAnnotation that indicates to FacebookWebArgumentResolver that a controller method parameter should be boundto a value from the Facebook cookie written when the user signed in with Social
FacebookErrorRepresents an error returned from a bad Graph API Social
FacebookErrorsA set of constants for all of Facebook's error Social
FacebookInitTagJSP Tag for initializing Facebook's JavaScript Social
FacebookLinkModel class representing a link to be posted to a users Facebook Social
FacebookModuleJackson module for setting up mixin annotations on Facebook model Social Social
FacebookObjectBase class for all Facebook Social
FacebookServiceProviderFacebook ServiceProvider Social
FacebookTemplateThis is the central class for interacting with Social
FacebookWebArgumentResolverWeb argument resolver that resolves arguments annotated with Social Social
FeedOperationsInterface defining operations that can be performed on a Facebook Social
FitnessActionsDefines operations for publishing OpenGraph actions pertaining to Social Social
FqlExceptionException indicating a problem with performing an FQL Social
FqlResultRepresents a single result item from an FQL Social
FqlResultMapperAn interface used by FqlTemplate to map FQL results to objects of a specific type, on a per-object Social Social
FriendOperationsDefines operations for interacting with a user's friends and friend Social
GeneralActionsDefines operations for publishing general OpenGraph actions such as " Social Social Social
GroupModel class representing a Social
GroupMemberReferenceModel class representing a reference to a group Social Social
GroupOperationsDefines operations for retrieving data about groups and group Social
ImageSourceA domain type representing an image Social Social
InvitationModel class representing an invitation to an Social
LikeOperationsDefines operations for working with a user's likes and Social
ListAndCountContains a list of comments and a count of the total number of comments for a post or Social Social
LocationModel class representing a location of a place that a user may check into in Facebook Social
MailingAddressModel class representing a location of a place that a user may check into in Facebook Social
MediaOperationsDefines operations for working with albums, photos, and Social Social Social
MissingNamespaceExceptionException indicating that an attempt was made to publish an OpenGraph action without specifying an application Social
MusicActionsDefines operations for publishing OpenGraph actions pertaining to listening to Social Social
NotAFriendExceptionException thrown when attempting an operation that requires a target user to be a friend of the authenticated Social
OpenGraphOperationsDefines operations for working with Facebook OpenGraph Social
PageModel class representing a Facebook Social
PageAdministrationExceptionException thrown when attempting to perform an operation on a page by a user who is not a page Social Social Social
PageOperationsInterface defining operations that can be performed on a Facebook Social Social Social
PagePostDataAn object that represents a new post to be Social Social Social
PageUpdateAn object that captures data used to update a Social
PagingParametersCarries parameters to describe a paged set of Social
PaymentPricePointDomain type representing a payment price Social
PaymentPricePointsDomain type carrying lists payment price Social
PermissionRepresents a user permission, whether granted or Social
PhotoModel class representing a Social
PlaceDomain object representing a Social Social
PostModel class representing an entry in a Social
PostDataAn object that represents a new post to be Social Social Social
ProfilePictureSourceDomain type representing a profile Social
RatingActionMetadataCarries metadata related to a rating action (such as rating a book or a movie) Social
RealTimeUpdateRepresents a real-time update from Social
RealTimeUpdateControllerA Spring MVC controller that handles callbacks from Facebook's Real-Time Update Social
ReferenceA simple reference to another Facebook object without the complete set of object Social
ResourceOwnershipExceptionException thrown when attempting to perform operation on a resource that must be owned by the authenticated user,but is Social Social
RsvpStatusEnumeration of statuses that an invitee may have for an Social
SecuritySettingsDomain type representing security Social Social
SignedRequestArgumentResolverWeb argument resolver for controller handler method arguments that are annotated with Social
SignedRequestDecoderUtility class for extracting the payload of a signed request sent by Social
SignedRequestExceptionException thrown by SignedRequestDecoder when there is a problem in decoding the signed_request Social
SocialContextOperationsAPI Binding for Facebook social context Social
StoryAttachmentDomain type that represents an attachment to a story, post, comment, Social
TagModel class representing a tagged user in a video, photo, or Social Social Social Social
UpdateHandlerStrategy interface for handling real time Social
UserModel class containing a Facebook user's profile Social Social
UserInvitableFriendDomain type representing an invitable Social Social
UserTaggableFriendDomain type representing a taggable Social
VideoModel class representing a Social
VideoActionsDefines operations for publishing OpenGraph actions pertaining to listening to Social Social
VideoUploadLimitsDomain type describing limits on the time length and size of videos that can be Social Social Social
WorkEntryModel class representing an entry in the user's work Social
AccountSettingsModel class representing Twitter account Social
AccountSettingsDataBuilder for account settings data used to update a user's account Social Social
CursoredListList that includes previous and next cursors for paging through items returned from Twitter in cursored Social Social
DirectMessageRepresents a direct Social
DirectMessageOperationsInterface defining the Twitter operations for working with direct Social
EntitiesA json representation of entities found within twitter status Social
FilterStreamParametersDefines the parameters of a filtered Social
FriendOperationsInterface defining the operations for working with a user's friends and Social Social
GeoOperationsInterface defining the Twitter operations for working with Social Social
HashTagEntityA representation of tweet Social
ImageSizeenum ImageSizeextends EnumEnumeration of image sizes supported by Social
InvalidMessageRecipientExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to send a direct message to aninvalid recipient; that is, a recipient who is not following Social
ListOperationsInterface defining the operations for working with a user's Social
MediaEntityA representation of embedded media Social
MentionEntityA user mention Social
MessageTooLongExceptionException indicating that an attempt was made to post a status or send a direct message where the length exceeds Twitter's 140 character Social Social
OEmbedTweetRepresents an oEmbed Tweet Social
PlaceRepresents a place that a Twitter user may send a tweet Social
PlacePrototypeRepresents a new place that could be Social
PlaceTypeenum PlaceTypeextends EnumEnum Constant Social
RateLimitStatusCarries data concerning the rate limit Social Social Social
ResourceFamilyenum ResourceFamilyextends EnumAn enum to facilitate the use of the rate_limit_status endpoint by enumerating all of the Social
SavedSearchRepresents a saved Social
SearchMetadataRepresents the cursor metadata associated with a search query via the Twitter Search Social
SearchOperationsInterface defining the operations for searching Twitter and retrieving trending Social
SearchParametersTwitter search Social
SearchResultsRepresents the results of a Twitter search, including matching Tweetsand any metadata associated with that Social
SimilarPlacesRepresents the results of a similar places Social
StatusDetailsCarries optional metadata pertaining to a Twitter status Social Social
StreamDeleteEventA stream event indicating that a tweet should be removed from the Social
StreamingExceptionIndicates an error while setting up a stream with the Twitter streaming Social Social
StreamListenerListener interface for clients consuming data from a Twitter Social
StreamWarningEventA stream event warning that the client is stalling and is in danger of being Social
SuggestionCategoryRepresents a suggestion category; a category of users that Twitter may suggest that a user Social
TickerSymbolEntityA representation of embedded ticker symbol Social
TimelineOperationsInterface defining the operations for sending and retrieving Social
TrendRepresents a single trending Social
TrendsRepresents a list of trending topics at a specific point in Social
TweetRepresents a Twitter status update ( Social Social
TwitterInterface specifying a basic set of operations for interacting with Social
TwitterAdapterTwitter ApiAdapter Social
TwitterApiHelperMethods inherited from class Social
TwitterAuthenticationServiceNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from interface Social
TwitterConnectionFactoryTwitter ConnectionFactory Social
TwitterNamespaceHandlerNamespaceHandler for Spring SocialConstructor SummaryTwitterNamespaceHandler() Social
TwitterObjectBase class for all Twitter Social
TwitterProfileModel class representing a Twitter user's profile Social
TwitterServiceProviderTwitter ServiceProvider Social
TwitterTemplateThis is the central class for interacting with Social
UrlEntityA representation of a URL found within a tweet Social
UserListRepresents a user-defined Social
UserOperationsInterface defining the operations for retrieving information about Twitter Social
UserStreamParametersDefines the parameters of a user Social