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# Classes and Interfaces in #SpringData CouchDb - 67 results found.
AbstractAuditableAbstract base class for auditable CouchDbjavadoc CouchDbjavadoc
AbstractJpaQueryAbstract base class to implement CouchDbjavadoc
AbstractPersistableAbstract base class for CouchDbjavadoc CouchDbjavadoc
AuditingBeanDefinitionParserBeanDefinitionParser for the auditing CouchDbjavadoc
AuditingBeanFactoryPostProcessorBeanFactoryPostProcessor that ensures that the AnnotationBeanConfigurerAspect aspect is up andrunning before the EntityManagerFactory gets created as this already CouchDbjavadoc
AuditingEntityListenerJPA entity listener to capture auditing information on persiting and updating CouchDbjavadoc
BeanDefinitionUtilsUtility methods to work with BeanDefinition instances from CouchDbjavadoc
ClasspathScanningPersistenceUnitPostProcessorPersistenceUnitPostProcessor that will scan for classes annotated with Entity orMappedSuperclass and add them to the PersistenceUnit post CouchDbjavadoc
CrudMethodMetadataInterface to abstract CrudMethodMetadata that provide the LockModeType to be used for queryAuthor:Oliver Gierke, Thomas CouchDbjavadoc
DefaultJpaContextDefault implementation of CouchDbjavadoc
DefaultJpaEntityMetadataDefault implementation for CouchDbjavadoc
EnableJpaAuditingAnnotation to enable auditing in JPA via annotation CouchDbjavadoc
EnableJpaRepositoriesAnnotation to enable JPA CouchDbjavadoc
EntityGraphAnnotation to configure the JPA CouchDbjavadoc
EntityManagerBeanDefinitionRegistrarPostProcessorBeanFactoryPostProcessor to register a SharedEntityManagerCreator for everyEntityManagerFactory bean definition found in the application context to enable CouchDbjavadoc
InvalidJpaQueryMethodExceptionSignals that we encountered an invalid query CouchDbjavadoc
Jpa21UtilsUtils for bridging various JPA CouchDbjavadoc
JpaContextInterface for components to provide useful information about the current JPA setup within the CouchDbjavadoc
JpaCountQueryCreatorSpecial JpaQueryCreator that creates a count projecting CouchDbjavadoc
JpaEntityGraphEntityGraph configuration for JPA CouchDbjavadoc
JpaEntityInformationExtension of EntityInformation to capture additional JPA specific information about CouchDbjavadoc
JpaEntityInformationSupportBase class for JpaEntityInformation implementations to share common method CouchDbjavadoc

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JpaEntityMetadataJPA specific extension of CouchDbjavadoc
JpaMetamodelEntityInformationto find the domain class' id CouchDbjavadoc
JpaMetamodelMappingContextMappingContext implementation based on a Jpa CouchDbjavadoc
JpaParametersCustom extension of Parameters discovering additional query parameter CouchDbjavadoc
JpaPersistableEntityInformationExtension of JpaMetamodelEntityInformation that consideres methods of Persistable to lookup the CouchDbjavadoc
JpaPersistentEntityInterface for a JPA-specific CouchDbjavadoc
JpaPersistentPropertyInterface for a JPA-specific CouchDbjavadoc
JpaQueryCreatorQuery creator to create a CriteriaQuery from a CouchDbjavadoc
JpaQueryExecutionSet of classes to contain query execution CouchDbjavadoc
JpaQueryLookupStrategyQuery lookup strategy to execute CouchDbjavadoc
JpaQueryMethodJPA specific extension of CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryJPA specific extension of CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryConfigExtensionJPA specific configuration extension parsing custom attributes from the XML namespace andEnableJpaRepositories CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryExtensionA portable CDI extension which registers beans for Spring Data JPA CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryFactoryJPA specific generic repository CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryFactoryBeanSpecial adapter for Springs FactoryBean interface to allow easy setup ofrepository factories via Spring CouchDbjavadoc
JpaRepositoryNameSpaceHandlerSimple namespace handler for repositories CouchDbjavadoc
JpaSortSort option for queries that wraps JPA meta-model Attributes for CouchDbjavadoc
JpaSpecificationExecutorInterface to allow execution of Specifications based on the JPA criteria CouchDbjavadoc
Jsr310JpaConvertersJPA CouchDbjavadoc
LockAnnotation used to specify the LockModeType to be used when executing the CouchDbjavadoc CouchDbjavadoc
ModifyingIndicates a method should be regarded as modifying CouchDbjavadoc
ParameterBinderParameterBinder is used to bind method parameters to a CouchDbjavadoc
PartTreeJpaQueryA AbstractJpaQuery implementation based on a CouchDbjavadoc

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PersistenceProviderenum PersistenceProviderEnumeration representing persistence providers to be CouchDbjavadoc
ProcedureAnnotation to declare JPA CouchDbjavadoc
ProxyIdAccessorInterface for a persistence provider specific accessor of identifiers held in CouchDbjavadoc
QAbstractAuditableQAbstractAuditable is a Querydsl query type for AbstractAuditableSee Also:Serialized CouchDbjavadoc
QAbstractPersistableQAbstractPersistable is a Querydsl query type for AbstractPersistableSee Also:Serialized CouchDbjavadoc
QueryAnnotation to declare finder queries directly on repository CouchDbjavadoc
QuerydslHelper instance to ease access to Querydsl JPA query CouchDbjavadoc
QueryDslJpaRepositoryQueryDsl specific extension of SimpleJpaRepository which adds implementation CouchDbjavadoc
QueryDslRepositorySupportBase class for implementing repositories using QueryDsl CouchDbjavadoc
QueryExtractorInterface to hide different implementations to extract the original JPA query string from a CouchDbjavadoc
QueryHintsWrapper annotation to allow QueryHint annotations to be bound to CouchDbjavadoc
QueryUtilsSimple utility class to create JPA CouchDbjavadoc
SimpleJpaRepositoryDefault implementation of the CrudRepository CouchDbjavadoc
SpecificationSpecification in the sense of Domain Driven CouchDbjavadoc
SpecificationsHelper class to easily combine Specification CouchDbjavadoc
StringQueryParameterBinderParameterBinder that takes CouchDbjavadoc
TemporalAnnotation to declare an appropriate TemporalType on query method CouchDbjavadoc
ThreeTenBackPortJpaConvertersJPA CouchDbjavadoc

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