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# Classes and Interfaces in #SpringData MongoDb - 205 results found.
AbstractDeleteEventBase class for delete MongoDb
AbstractMongoConfigurationBase class for Spring Data MongoDB configuration using MongoDb
AbstractMongoConverterBase class for MongoConverter MongoDb
AbstractMongoEventListenerBase class to implement domain class specific MongoDb
AbstractMongoQueryBase class for RepositoryQuery implementations for MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
AfterDeleteEventEvent being thrown after a single or a set of documents has/have been MongoDb
AfterLoadEventEvent to be triggered after loading DBObjects to be mapped onto a given MongoDb MongoDb
AggregationAn Aggregation is a representation of a list of aggregation steps to be performed by the MongoDB MongoDb
AggregationFunctionExpressionsenum AggregationFunctionExpressionsAn enum of supported AggregationExpressions in aggregation pipeline MongoDb
AggregationOperationRepresents one single operation in an aggregation MongoDb
AggregationOperationContextThe context for an MongoDb
AggregationOptionsHolds a set of configurable aggregation options that can be used within an aggregation MongoDb
AggregationResultsCollects the results of executing an aggregation MongoDb MongoDb
AuditingEventListenerEvent listener to populate auditing related fields on an entity about to be MongoDb MongoDb
BasicMongoPersistentEntityMongoDB specific MongoPersistentEntity implementation that adds Mongo specific meta-data such as thecollection name and the MongoDb
BasicMongoPersistentPropertyMongoDB specific MongoPersistentProperty MongoDb
BasicQueryCustom Query implementation to setup a basic query from some arbitrary JSON query MongoDb MongoDb
BeanNamesConstants to declare bean names used by the namespace MongoDb
BeforeConvertEventEvent being thrown before a domain object is converted to be MongoDb
BeforeDeleteEventEvent being thrown before a document is MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
CachingMongoPersistentPropertyMongoPersistentProperty caching access to isIdProperty() and getFieldName() MongoDb
CannotGetMongoDbConnectionExceptionException being thrown in case we cannot connect to a MongoDB MongoDb MongoDb
CollectionOptionsProvides a simple wrapper to encapsulate the variety of settings you can use when creating a MongoDb
CompoundIndexMark a class to use compound MongoDb
CompoundIndexDefinitionIndex definition to span multiple MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
ConvertingParameterAccessorCustom ParameterAccessor that uses a MongoWriter to serialize parameters into Mongo MongoDb
CriteriaCentral class for creating MongoDb MongoDb
CustomConversionsValue object to capture custom MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
DBRefAn annotation that indicates the annotated field is to be stored using a MongoDb MongoDb
DbRefResolverUsed to resolve associations annotated with MongoDb
DbRefResolverCallbackCallback interface to be used in conjunction with MongoDb
DefaultDbRefResolverA DbRefResolver that resolves DBRefs by delegating to aDbRefResolverCallback than is able to generate lazy loading MongoDb
DefaultIndexOperationsDefault implementation of MongoDb
DefaultMongoTypeMapperDefault implementation of MongoTypeMapper allowing configuration of the key to lookup and store typeinformation in MongoDb
DocumentIdentifies a domain object to be persisted to MongoDb
DocumentCallbackHandlerAn interface used by MongoTemplate for processing documents returned from a MongoDB query on a MongoDb
EnableMongoAuditingAnnotation to enable auditing in MongoDB via annotation MongoDb
EnableMongoRepositoriesAnnotation to activate MongoDB MongoDb
ExecutableMongoScriptValue object for MongoDB JavaScript functions implementation that can be saved or directly MongoDb
ExposedFieldsValue object to capture the fields exposed by an MongoDb
ExpressionNodeA value object for nodes in an MongoDb
ExpressionTransformationContextSupportThe context for an ExpressionNode MongoDb
ExpressionTransformerSPI interface to implement components that can transfrom an ExpressionTransformationContextSupport into anAuthor:Oliver MongoDb
FieldAbstraction for a MongoDb
FieldAnnotation to define custom metadata for document MongoDb MongoDb
FieldsValue object to capture a list of Field MongoDb
FieldsExposingAggregationOperationAggregationOperation that exposes new ExposedFields that can be used for later aggregation MongoDb MongoDb
GeoCommandWrapper around a Shape to allow appropriate query MongoDb
GeoJsonInterface definition for structures defined in GeoJSON ( MongoDb
GeoJsonConfigurationConfiguration class to expose GeoJsonModule as a Spring MongoDb
GeoJsonGeometryCollectionDefines a GeoJsonGeometryCollection that consists of a List of GeoJson MongoDb
GeoJsonLineStringGeoJsonLineString is defined as list of at least 2 MongoDb
GeoJsonModuleA Jackson Module to register custom JsonSerializer and JsonDeserializers for GeoJSON MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiLineStringGeoJsonMultiLineString is defined as list of MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiPointGeoJsonMultiPoint is defined as list of MongoDb
GeoJsonMultiPolygonGeoJsonMultiPolygon is defined as a list of MongoDb
GeoJsonPointGeoJson representation of MongoDb
GeoJsonPolygonGeoJson representation of MongoDb
GeoNearOperationRepresents a geoNear aggregation MongoDb
GeospatialIndexValue object to capture data to create a geo MongoDb
GeoSpatialIndexedMark a field to be indexed using MongoDB's geospatial indexing MongoDb
GeoSpatialIndexTypeenum GeoSpatialIndexTypeGeoposatial index MongoDb MongoDb
GridFsCriteriaGridFs-specific helper class to define MongoDb
GridFsOperationsCollection of operations to store and read files from MongoDB MongoDb
GridFsResourceGridFSDBFile based Resource MongoDb
GridFsTemplateGridFsOperations implementation to store content into MongoDB MongoDb
GroupByCollects the parameters required to perform a group operation on a MongoDb
GroupByResultsCollects the results of executing a group MongoDb
GroupOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
IndexedMark a field to be indexed using MongoDB's indexing MongoDb
IndexFieldValue object for an index MongoDb MongoDb
IndexOperationsIndex operations on a MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb MongoDb
LazyLoadingProxyAllows direct interaction with the underlying MongoDb
LimitOperationEncapsulates the $ MongoDb
LiteralNodeA node representing a literal in an MongoDb
LoggingEventListenerApplicationListener for Mongo mapping events logging the MongoDb
MappingMongoConverterMongoConverter that uses a MappingContext to do sophisticated mapping of domain objects toAuthor:Oliver Gierke, Jon Brisbin, Patrik Wasik, Thomas Darimont, Christoph MongoDb
MappingMongoConverterParserBean definition parser for the mapping-converter MongoDb
MappingMongoEntityInformationMongoEntityInformation implementation using a MongoPersistentEntity instance to lookup the MongoDb
MapReduceCountsValue object to encapsulate results of a map-reduce MongoDb MongoDb
MapReduceResultsCollects the results of performing a MapReduce MongoDb MongoDb
MatchOperationEncapsulates the $ MongoDb MongoDb
MetaMeta-data for Query MongoDb MongoDb
MethodReferenceNodeAn ExpressionNode representing a method MongoDb
MongoActionRepresents an action taken against the MongoDb
MongoActionOperationenum MongoActionOperationEnumeration for operations on a MongoDb
MongoAdminMongo server administration exposed via JMX annotationsAuthor:Mark Pollack, Thomas MongoDb MongoDb
MongoAnnotationProcessorAnnotation processor to create Querydsl query types for QueryDsl annotated MongoDb
MongoAuditingBeanDefinitionParserBeanDefinitionParser to register a AuditingEventListener to transparently set auditing information onAuthor:Oliver MongoDb MongoDb
MongoClientFactoryBeanConvenient factory for configuring MongoDb
MongoClientOptionsFactoryBeanA factory bean for construction of a MongoClientOptions MongoDb
MongoClientParserParser for mongo-client MongoDb
MongoClientVersionMongoClientVersion holds information about the used mongo-java client and is used to distinguish MongoDb
MongoCollectionUtilsHelper class featuring helper methods for working with MongoDb MongoDb
MongoConverterCentral Mongo specific converter interface which combines MongoWriter and MongoDb
MongoCredentialPropertyEditorParse a String to a Collection of MongoDb
MongoDataIntegrityViolationExceptionMongo-specific MongoDb
MongoDbFactoryInterface for factories creating DB MongoDb
MongoDbFactoryParserBeanDefinitionParser to parse db-factory elements into MongoDb
MongoDbUtilsHelper class featuring helper methods for internal MongoDb MongoDb
MongoEntityInformationMongo specific MongoDb
MongoEntityMetadataExtension of EntityMetadata to additionally expose the collection name an entity shall be persisted MongoDb
MongoExceptionTranslatorSimple PersistenceExceptionTranslator for MongoDb
MongoFactoryBeanConvenient factory for configuring MongoDb MongoDb
MongoLog4jAppenderLog4j appender writing log entries into a MongoDB MongoDb
MongoMappingContextDefault implementation of a MappingContext for MongoDB using BasicMongoPersistentEntity andBasicMongoPersistentProperty as primary MongoDb MongoDb
MongoMappingEventPublisherAn implementation of ApplicationEventPublisher that will only fire MappingContextEvents for use by the indexcreator when MongoTemplate is used 'stand-alone', that is not declared inside a Spring MongoDb
MongoNamespaceHandlerNamespaceHandler for Mongo DB MongoDb
MongoOperationsInterface that specifies a basic set of MongoDB MongoDb
MongoOptionsFactoryBeanA factory bean for construction of a MongoOptions MongoDb
MongoParameterAccessorMongo-specific ParameterAccessor exposing a maximum distance MongoDb
MongoParametersCustom extension of Parameters discovering additionalAuthor:Oliver Gierke, Christoph MongoDb
MongoParametersParameterAccessorMongo-specific ParametersParameterAccessor to allow access to the Distance MongoDb
MongoParserParser for MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityMongoDB specific PersistentEntity MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexCreatorComponent that inspects MongoPersistentEntity instances contained in the given MongoMappingContextfor indexing metadata and ensures the indexes to be MongoDb
MongoPersistentEntityIndexResolverIndexResolver implementation inspecting MongoPersistentEntity for MongoPersistentEntity to beAll MongoPersistentProperty of the MongoPersistentEntity are inspected for potential indexes MongoDb
MongoPersistentPropertyMongoDB specific PersistentProperty MongoDb
MongoQueryMethodMongo specific implementation of MongoDb
MongoRepositoryMongo specific Repository MongoDb
MongoRepositoryBeanCdiRepositoryBean to create Mongo repository MongoDb
MongoRepositoryConfigNamespaceHandlerNamespaceHandler to register repository MongoDb
MongoRepositoryConfigurationExtensionRepositoryConfigurationExtension for MongoDb
MongoRepositoryExtensionCDI extension to export Mongo MongoDb
MongoRepositoryFactoryFactory to create MongoRepository MongoDb
MongoRepositoryFactoryBeanFactoryBean to create MongoRepository MongoDb
MongoSimpleTypesSimple constant holder for a SimpleTypeHolder enriched with Mongo specific simple MongoDb
MongoTemplatePrimary implementation of MongoDb
MongoTypeMapperMongo-specific TypeMapper exposing that DBObjects might contain a type MongoDb
MongoWriterA MongoWriter is responsible for converting an object of type T to the native MongoDB representation MongoDb
NamedMongoScriptAn ExecutableMongoScript assigned to a name that allows calling the function by its name once ithas been saved to the DB MongoDb
NearAnnotation to be used for disambiguing method parameters that shall be used to trigger geo near MongoDb
NearQueryBuilder class to build MongoDb MongoDb
OperatorNodeAn ExpressionNode representing an MongoDb
OrderAn enum that specifies the ordering for sort or index specificationsAuthor:Thomas Risberg, Oliver MongoDb
PartTreeMongoQueryRepositoryQuery implementation for MongoDb
ProjectionOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb MongoDb
QueryAnnotation to declare finder queries directly on repository MongoDb
QueryDslMongoRepositorySpecial QueryDsl based repository implementation that allows execution Predicates in various MongoDb
QuerydslRepositorySupportBase class to create repository implementations based on MongoDb
QueryMapperA helper class to encapsulate any modifications of a Query object before it gets submitted to the MongoDb
QueryUtilsCollection of utility methods to apply sorting and pagination to a MongoDb
ReadPreferencePropertyEditorParse a String to a MongoDb
ScriptOperationsScript operations on DB MongoDb
SerializationUtilsUtility methods for JSON MongoDb
ServerAddressPropertyEditorParse a String to a ServerAddress MongoDb
ServerInfoExpose basic server information via JMXAuthor:Mark Pollack, Thomas Darimont, Christoph MongoDb
SimpleMongoDbFactoryFactory to create DB instances from a Mongo MongoDb
SimpleMongoRepositoryRepository base implementation for MongoDb
SkipOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
SortOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
SphereRepresents a geospatial sphere MongoDb
StringBasedMongoQueryQuery to use a plain JSON String to create the Query to actually MongoDb
StringToWriteConcernConverterConverter to create WriteConcern instances from String MongoDb
TermA Term defines one or multiple words MongoDb MongoDb
TextIndexDefinitionIndexDefinition to span multiple keys for text MongoDb
TextIndexedTextIndexed marks a field to be part of the text MongoDb
TextQueryQuery implementation to be used to for performing full text MongoDb
TextScoreTextScore marks the property to be considered as the on server calculated textScore when doingNOTE Property will not be written when saving MongoDb
TypeBasedAggregationOperationContextAggregationOperationContext aware of a particular type and a MappingContext to potentially translateproperty references into document field MongoDb
TypedAggregationA TypedAggregation is a special Aggregation that holds information of the input aggregation MongoDb MongoDb
UnwindOperationEncapsulates the aggregation framework $ MongoDb
UpdateClass to easily construct MongoDB update MongoDb
UpdateMapperA subclass of QueryMapper that retains type information on the mongo MongoDb MongoDb
WriteConcernPropertyEditorParse a string to a MongoDb
WriteConcernResolverA strategy interface to determine the WriteConcern to use for a given MongoDb
WriteResultCheckingenum WriteResultCheckingEnum to represent how strict the check of WriteResult shall MongoDb