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# Classes and Interfaces in #TestNG - 101 results found.
AssertAssertion tool class.Classorg.testngTestNG
AssertJUnitA set of assert methods.Classorg.testngTestNG
ClassMethodMapThis class maintains a map of >.Classorg.testngTestNG
ConfigurationConfiguration information for a TestNG class.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
ConversionUtilsHelper methods used by the Eclipse plug-in when converting tests from JUnit.Classorg.testngTestNG
ConverterConvert XML files to YAML and vice versa.Classorg.testngTestNG
DataProviderMark a method as supplying data for a test method.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
DependencyMapHelper class to keep track of dependencies.Classorg.testngTestNG
ExpectedExceptionsList of exceptions that a test method is expected to throw.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
FactoryMarks a method as a factory that returns objects that will be used by TestNG as Test classes.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
FileAssertAssertion tool for File centric assertions.Classorg.testngTestNG
GuiceThis annotation specifies what Guice modules should be used to instantiateAuthor:Cedric Beust Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IAnnotationTransformer2Use this interface instead of IAnnotationTransformer if you want to modify any TestNG annotation besides @Test.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IClassIClass represents a test class and a collection of its instances.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IConfigurableIf a test class implements this interface, its run() method will be invoked instead of each configuration method found.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IConfigurationAnnotationEncapsulate the @Configuration / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IConfigurationListenerListener interface for events related to configuration methods.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IConfigureCallBackA parameter of this type will be passed to the run() method of a IConfigurable.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IDataProviderAnnotationEncapsulate the @DataProvider / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IExecutionListenerA listener used to monitor when a TestNG run starts and ends.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IExpectedExceptionsAnnotationEncapsulate the @ExpectedExceptions / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IExtraOutputThis class is used by Reporter to store the extra output to be later included in the HTML report:Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IFactoryAnnotationEncapsulate the @Factory / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IHookableIf a test class implements this interface, its run() method will be invoked instead of each @Test method found.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IHookCallBackA parameter of this type will be passed to the run() method of a IHookable.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IInstanceInfoThis class defines a pair of instance/class.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IInvokedMethodAn interface representing a method that has been invoked by TestNG.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IInvokedMethodListenerA listener that gets invoked before and after a method is invoked by TestNG.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IMethodInterceptorThis class is used to alter the list of test methods that TestNG is about to run.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IMethodSelectorThis interface is used to augment or replace TestNG's algorithm to decide whether a test method should be included in a test run.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IMethodSelectorContextAn implementation of this interface is passed to all the Method Selectors when their includeMethod() is invoked.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IModuleFactoryThis interface is used by the moduleFactory attribute of the @Guice annotation.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IObjectFactoryFactory used to create all test instances.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IObjectFactory2Factory used to create all test instances.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IParameterizableParent interface for annotations that can receive parameters.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IParametersAnnotationEncapsulate the @Parameters / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
IReporterThis interface can be implemented by clients to generate a report.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
IRetryAnalyzerInterface to implement to be able to have a chance to retry a failed test.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ISuiteInterface defining a Test Suite.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ISuiteListenerListener for test suites.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ISuiteResultThis class represents the result of a suite run.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestIf a test class implements this interface, it will receive a special treatment, such as having the test name displayedInterfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestAnnotationEncapsulate the @Test / @testng.Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
ITestClassThis class represents a test class: The configuration methods (test and method)Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestClassFinderThis class is used by TestNG to locate the test classes.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestContextThis class defines a test context which contains all the information for a given test run.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestListenerA listener for test running.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestMethodFinderThis interface allows to modify the strategy used by TestRunner to find its test methods.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestNGListenerFactoryA factory used to create instances of ITestNGListener.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestNGMethodDescribes a TestNG annotated method and the instance on which it will be invoked.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestOrConfigurationThis interface captures methods common to @Test and @Configuration Created on Dec 20, 2005Interfaceorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
ITestResultThis class describes the result of a test.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ITestRunnerFactoryA factory for TestRunners to be used by SuiteRunners.Interfaceorg.testngTestNG
ListenersThis annotation lets you define listeners directly on a test class instead of doing so in your testng.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
OptionalSpecifies that the current parameter is optional.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
ParametersDescribes how to pass parameters to a @Test method.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
ReporterThis class is used for test methods to log messages that will be included in the HTML reports generated by TestNG.Classorg.testngTestNG
ReporterConfigStores the information regarding the configuration of a pluggable report listener.Classorg.testngTestNG
SkipExceptionThe root exception for special skip handling.Classorg.testngTestNG
SuiteRunnerSuiteRunner is responsible for running all the tests included in one suite.Classorg.testngTestNG
SuiteRunnerWorkerAn IWorker that is used to encapsulate and run Suite RunnersAuthor:cbeust, nullinClassorg.testngTestNG
SuiteRunStateA state object that records the status of the suite run.Classorg.testngTestNG
TestMark a class or a method as part of the test.Classorg.testng.annotationsTestNG
TestExceptionException thrown when an exception happens while running a testAuthor:Cedric Beust, Apr 26, 2004See Also:Serialized FormClassorg.testngTestNG
TestListenerAdapterA simple ITestListener adapter that stores all the tests that were run.Classorg.testngTestNG
TestNGThis class is the main entry point for running tests in the TestNG framework.Classorg.testngTestNG
TestNGAntTask classfileset (inner)classfilesetref (attribute)xmlfileset (inner)xmlfilesetref (attribute)enableAssert (attribute)excludedGroups (attribute)groups (attribute)junit (attribute)listener (attribute)outputdir (attribute)parallel (attribute)reporter (attribute)sourcedir (attribute)sourcedirref (attribute)suitename (attribute)suiterunnerclass (attribute)target (attribute)testjar (attribute)testname (attribute)threadcount (attribClassorg.testngTestNG
TestNGExceptionThe base class for all exceptions thrown by TestNG.Classorg.testngTestNG
TestRunnerThis class takes care of running one Test.Classorg.testngTestNG
TimeBombSkipExceptionA SkipException extension that transforms a skipped method into a failed method based on a time trigger.Classorg.testngTestNG
XmlClassThis class describes the tag in testng.Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG
XmlIncludeSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryXmlInclude()Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG
XmlMethodSelectorThis class describes the tag in testng.Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG
XmlPackageThis class describes the tag in testng.Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG
XmlSuiteThis class describes the tag in testng.Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG
XmlTestThis class describes the tag in testng.Classorg.testng.xmlTestNG