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AbstractResultAn abstract result that implements all shortcut methods in
ApplicationConfigurationBasic implementation of an application
ApplicationLogicExceptionWhen a controller or JSP throws an exception, we use this one to wrap it, so we can unwrap after it leaves the interceptor
BeanClassRepresents a web accessible Controller
BeanValidatorContextCreate a personalized implementation for
BigDecimalConverterLocalized version of VRaptor's BigDecimal
BigIntegerConverterVRaptor's BigInteger
BooleanConverterVRaptor's Boolean
ByteConverterVRaptor's Byte
CalendarConverterLocale based calendar
CalendarConverterConverter for Calendar using
CalendarGsonConverterDeserialize Calendar using ISO8601
CDIProxiesUtility class to work with CDI proxies, allowing us to get objects without weld
CharacterConverterVRaptor's Character
CommonsUploadMultipartObserverA multipart observer based on Apache Commons
ConfigurationAllows you to configure extra settings related to your
ConsumesIndicates that the controller method expects the specified MIME
ContainerClass responsible to get instances for
ControllerHandlerCalled when a controller is discovered, registering routes for
ControllerInstanceWrapper for controller instanceAuthor:Alberto
ControllerMethodAn identifier for a controller accesible web
ControllerNotFoundEvent fired when a controller is not found in
ControllerNotFoundExceptionException thrown when no routes matching URI are
ControllerNotFoundHandlerA component capable of handling not found
ConversionExceptionA conversion
ConvertRegisters a class as a
ConverterConverts a string value to an
ConverterHandlerCalled when a converter is discovered, registers
ConvertersRepresents a collection of
DateConverterLocale based date
DateGsonConverterDeserialize Date using ISO8601
DefaultAcceptHeaderToFormatThe default AcceptHeaderToFormat implementation searches for registered mime
DefaultControllerNotFoundHandlerDefault 404
DefaultControllerTranslatorBasic url to controller method
DefaultDeserializersA set of
DefaultEnvironmentA default Environment based on
DefaultExceptionMapperDefault implementation of
DefaultFormatResolverDefault implementation for
DefaultInterceptorStackDefault implementation of an InterceptorStackAuthor:guilherme silveira,
DefaultLogicResultThe default implementation of
DefaultMethodNotAllowedHandlerDefault implementation which sets the header and send an error
DefaultMultipartConfigDefault implementation for
DefaultPageResultDefault page result
DefaultParametersControlDefault implementation of parameters control on
DefaultPathResolverThe default vraptor3 path resolver uses the type and method name as "/typeName/
DefaultRepresentationResultDefault implementation for RepresentationResult that uses request Accept format to decide which representation will be
DefaultResultA basic implementation of a ResultAuthor:guilherme
DefaultRouteBuilderShould be used in one of two ways, either configure the type and invoke the method or pass the method (java reflection)
DefaultRouterThe default implementation of controller localization
DefaultStaticContentHandlerHandles default content if the request corresponds to static
DefaultStatusAllows header related
DefaultTypeFinderDiscover parameter typesAuthor:Lucas
DefaultTypeNameExtractorDefault implementation for
DefaultUploadedFileDefault implementation for
DefaultValidationExceptionDefault implementation of a
DefaultValidationViewsFactoryDefault implementation for ValidationViewsFactory If you want to extend this behavior
DefaultValidatorThe default validator
DeleteSupports the DELETE http
DeserializerDeserializes request body according to a given content
DeserializesIndicates that annotated class will deserialize specified content
DeserializesHandlerHandles classes annotated with
DeserializingObserverImportant: this class must observe MethodReady because it is fired just before ExecuteMethod
DoubleConverterLocalized version of VRaptor's Double
DownloadObserverObserver that return a File or an InputStream when method return type is a download
DownloadViewA view implementation that writes a download into
EmptyBundleRepresenting an empty resource
EncodingHandlerEncodingHandler that uses Encoding from
EnumConverterAccepts either the ordinal value or
EnvironmentAn environment has a set of key/value properties to be used within your applicationAuthor:Alexandre Atoji, Guilherme
EnvironmentPropertyProducerA producer that allows us to inject environment
EnvironmentTypeAn class to represent usual Environment
ErrorListClass that represents an error
ExceptionHandlerInterceptorIntercept all requests to handling uncaught
ExceptionMapperStore the exception mapping for exception
ExceptionRecorderCreate proxies to store state of exception
ExecuteMethodInterceptor that executes the logic
FileDownloadReads bytes from a file into the
FixedMethodStrategyA route strategy which invokes a fixed type's
FlashInterceptorInterceptor that handles flash
FlashScopeComponent responsible to allow redirects with the same passed
FloatConverterLocalized version of VRaptor's Float
FormatResolverDecides which format the request
ForwardToDefaultViewObserves MethodExecuted event, and forwards to the default view if no view was rendered so
GetSupports the GET http
GraphA set that orders interceptors topologically based on before and after from
GsonBuilderWrapperBuilder Wrapper for JSON using
GsonDeserializationA GSON
GsonJSONPSerializationGson implementation for
GsonJSONSerializationGson implementation for JSONSerializationAuthor:Renan Reis, Guilherme
GsonSerializerA SerializerBuilder based on
GuavaServiceProducerClass to avoid erros when using in CDI
HeaderParamInject an HTTP header into a method
HTMLSerializationdelegates the serialization for the default
HttpResultA view that deals with HTTP protocol, sending status and error codes and adding
I18nMessageIn this Message implementation, the message is i18n'ed while the category is
I18nMessageSerializationBasic i18n messsage json serialization
I18nParamRepresents a lazy i18n parameter I18nMessage message = new I18nMessage("category", "key", new I18nParam("
IgnoringSerializerDoesn't serialize
IllegalRouteExceptionIllegal routes might be created under different
InputStreamDownloadHandles download by reading from a input stream byte by
InstantiateObserverInstantiates the current instance of controller
IntegerConverterVRaptor's Integer
InterceptorWhenever an interceptor accepts a controller method, its intercept method is invoked to intercept the process of request parsing in order to allow
InterceptorExecutorSimple executor for interceptor methods containing annotations: BeforeCall, AroundCall or
InterceptorHandlerAn interceptor handler is a wrapper to either an interceptor instance or a interceptor
InterceptorHandlerFactoryFactory for
InterceptorsExecutedEvent fired just after of all InterceptorStack executionAuthor:Rodrigo Turini, Victor
InterceptorsReadyEvent fired by RequestHandlerObserver just after start InterceptorStack
InterceptorStackThe interceptors
InterceptorStackHandlersCacheCache all instances of InterceptorHandler when application
InterceptorStereotypeHandlerCalled when a interceptor is discovered, registers
InterceptsNotifies vraptor to use this interceptor in the interceptor
InvalidParameterExceptionSome parameters sent by http were
JavaEvaluatorEvaluates expressions in order to access
JavassistProxifierJavassist implementation for
JSONPSerializationBasic jsonp serialization support using the Json
JSONSerializationBasic json serialization support using a Json
JstlLocalizationThe default implementation of bundle provider uses JSTL's api to access user information on the bundle to be
LinkToHandlerView helper for generating
LoggerFactoryProduces an instance of
LogicResultLogic result allows logics to redirect to another logic by invoking the method itself, in a very typesafe
LongConverterVRaptor's Long
LRUUsed to mark an cache implementation as
LRUCacheStoreA LRU cache based on
MessageConverterConverter for normalizing Message
MessageGsonConverterSerializes Message
MessageInterpolatorFactoryFactory for
MethodExecutedEvent fired by ExecuteMethod when it has fully completed it's
MethodInfoHolder for method being invoked and parameters being
MethodInvocationCallback for method invocations on
MethodNotAllowedExceptionException thrown when no routes matching given URI allow given HTTP
MethodNotAllowedHandlerHandler for Method Not Allowed Http Status (405)
MethodReadyEvent fired by ExecuteMethod just before its
MethodValidatorValidate method parameters using Bean
MockHttpResultA mocked Result for testing the http body, content type and character
MockHttpServletResponseA simple mock for
MockInstanceImplFake implementation for Instance to test injection with list of
MockResourceBundleMocked resource bundle that only returns the own
MockResultA mocked Result for testing your
MockSerializationResultA mocked Result for testing your serialized objects
MockValidatorMocked Validator for testing your
MultipartConfigBasic multi part interceptor
MutableRequestA request capable of receiving extra
MutableResponseA response that can add listeners to RedirectsAuthor:Lucas Cavalcanti, Caires Vinicius, Adriano
NoRootSerializationCreates a serializer of a given format with out ROOT
NoStrategyA route strategy which is basically invalid in order to force users to not forget to decide a route
NullEnvironmentEnvironment implementation that doesn't'
NullMultipartObserverThis observer will warn a message in console when no commons-fileupload was found in classpath and application try to upload any
OptionsSupports the OPTIONS http
OutjectorThis class is responsible for outjecting request parameter to the next
OutjectResultOutjects the result of the method invocation to the desired resultAuthor:guilherme silveira, Rodrigo
PageResultA common forward/redirect/include page
ParameterClass that represents a method or constructor
ParameterIncluderIncludes all the parameters on the view of a method annotated with IncludeParameters
ParameterNameProviderProvides all parameter names for an specific java
ParametersInstantiatorAn observer which instantiates parameters and provide them to the
ParametersProviderProvides all parameters required to invoke an specific java
ParanamerNameProviderParanamer implementation for ParameterNameProvider, that reads parameter info using Named annotation on each parameter, or read bytecode to find parameter information, in this
PatchSupports the PATCH http
PathSets a custom path to allow web requisitions to access this
PathAnnotationRoutesParserThe default parser routes creator uses the path annotation to create
PathResolverDecides the url to forward after a request was
PostSupports the POST http
PrimitiveBooleanConverterVRaptor's primitive boolean
PrimitiveByteConverterVRaptor's primitive byte
PrimitiveCharConverterVRaptor's primitive char
PrimitiveDoubleConverterLocalized version of VRaptor's Double
PrimitiveFloatConverterLocalized version of VRaptor's Float
PrimitiveIntConverterVRaptor's primitive int
PrimitiveLongConverterVRaptor's primitive long
PrimitiveShortConverterVRaptor's primitive short
PriorityRoutesListOrder Routes by priorityAuthor:Lucas
PropertyA Qualifier to help injection of Environment
ProxifierReturn true if the object is a proxy, false
ProxyCreationExceptionThrown when proxy creation
ProxyInvocationExceptionThrown when proxy invocation
PutSupports the PUT http
RefererResultRedirects or forwards to the
RegisterStrategyDefines strategies for registering custom serialization or deserialization inOptional Element
RegisterTypeDefines strategies for registering custom serialization or deserialization inEnum Constant
ReplicatorOutjectorOutjector implementation that replicates logic parameters to next
RepresentationResultChooses a serializer to serialize an
RequestHandlerObserverLooks up the ControllerMethod for a specific request and start InterceptorStack if it was found, otherwise delegates for the 404
RequestStartedSimple wrapper for request, response and servlet
RequestStartedFactorySimple factory for request started event
ResultA controller requisition
ResultsSome common results for most web based
RouteAn specific route
RouteNotFoundExceptionA route was not found for the specified
RouterHandles different rules in order to translate urls into Controller
RoutesParserExtracts all possible routes for this specific
RulesRules for controller
SafeResourceBundleA Resource bundle that doesn't throw exception when there is no resource of given
SerializationCreates a serializer of a given
SerializerSerializes given object, including and excluding
SerializerBuilderSerializerBuilder used on internal API to build a Serializer
ServletBasedEnvironmentA default Environment implementation which loads the environment file based on VRAPTOR_ENV system property or
SessionFlashScopeFlashScope that uses the HttpSession to hold the
SetInstantiatorAn instantiator that supports
ShortConverterVRaptor's Short
SimpleInterceptorStackJust a easier way to interact with
SimpleMessageA simple validation
StaticContentHandlerHandles the content if the request corresponds to static content (like images, CSS, JS and so on)
StatusAllows status + header related
StringUtilsUtility methods to handle stringsAuthor:Lucas
SuperMethodDefines calls to the overriden original
ToInstantiateInterceptorHandlerInstantiates the interceptor on the fly and executes its
TopologicalSortedInterceptorRegistryAn interceptor registry that sorts interceptors based on their before and after
TwoWayConverterA converter that also converts an object to a safe
TypeFinderDiscover Types from parameter pathsAuthor:Lucas
TypeNameExtractorComponent that Extract the name of a generic
UploadedFileAn interface which represents the information of an uploaded
UploadedFileConverterA converter capable of setting UploadedFiles based on files parsed by the multipart
UrlToControllerTranslatorTranslates requests into controller
ValidationExceptionA marked annotation to indicate that a certain exception class should be used as a Validation Exception by VRaptor
ValidationExceptionIf some validation error occur, its encapsulated within an instance of ValidationException, which is then throw and
ValidationRuleA validation rule interface for new
ValidationViewsFactoryComponent responsible for instantiating corresponding validation form of given
ValidatorA validator interface for
ValuedParameterRepresents a parameter with
VRaptorVRaptor entry
VRaptorDependencyProvideran adapter for IOGI's dependency provider based on VRaptor's containerSince:Author:Lucas
VRaptorExceptionThe base Exception type for
VRaptorParameterNamesProviderAn adapter for iogi's parameterNamesProviderSince:Author:Lucas
VRaptorRequestA request capable of adding new
VRaptorRequestStartedSimple wrapper for request, response and servlet
VRaptorResponseDefault implementation of MutableResponseAuthor:Lucas Cavalcanti, Caires Vinicius, Adriano
WithAnnotationAcceptorVerify if certain annotations are presents in class or
XMLSerializationBasic xml serialization support using a xml
XStreamBuilderInterface that defines needed methods to create a configured XStream
XStreamConvertersComponent used to scan all XStream
XStreamSerializerA SerializerBuilder based on
XStreamXMLDeserializerXStream based Xml
XStreamXMLSerializationXStream implementation for