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# Classes and Interfaces in #XMLUnit - 54 results found.
AbstractNodeTester Abstract interface implementation that performs Node-type checks and delegates testNode() processing to subclass.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
CaseInsensitiveDifferenceListenerIgnores case for all textual content.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
ComparisonControllerCallback interface used by DifferenceEngine to determine whether to halt the node-by-node comparison of two pieces of XMLInterfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ConfigurationExceptionException thrown when an XML parser-, transformer- or XPath-factory throws a configuration exception.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.exceptionsXMLUnit
CountingNodeTesterCounts the number of nodes in a document to allow assertions to be made Examples and more at xmlunit.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
CountingNodeTesterCounts the number of nodes in a document to allow assertions to be made Examples and more at xmlunit.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
DetailedDiffCompares and describes all the differences between two XML documents.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DiffCompares and describes any difference between XML documents.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DifferenceValue object that describes a difference between DOM Nodes using one of the DifferenceConstants ID values and a NodeDetail instance.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DifferenceConstantsConstants for describing differences between DOM Nodes.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DifferenceEngineClass that has responsibility for comparing Nodes and notifying a DifferenceListener of any differences or dissimilarities that are found.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DifferenceListenerListener for callbacks from a DifferenceEngine comparison.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DoctypeInputStreamAdapts the marked-up content in a source InputStream to specify that it conforms to a different DTD.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
DoctypeReaderAdapts the marked-up content in a source Reader to specify that it conforms to a different DTD.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ElementNameAndAttributeQualifierMore complex interface implementation that tests two elements for tag name and attribute name comparability.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ElementNameAndTextQualifierMore complex interface implementation that tests two elements for tag name and text content comparability.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ElementNameQualifierSimple interface implementation that tests two elements for name comparability.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ElementQualifierInterface used by the DifferenceEngine class to determine which elements can be compared within a NodeList of child nodes.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
FloatingPointTolerantDifferenceListenerExpects texts to be floating point numbers and treats them as identical if they only differ by a given tolerance value (or less).Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
HTMLDocumentBuilderBuild a DOM document from HTML content converting from 'plain' HTML into 'XHTML' along the way with the help of a TolerantSaxDocumentBuilder andClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
IgnoreTextAndAttributeValuesDifferenceListenerClass to use when performing a Diff that only compares the structure of 2 pieces of XML, i.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
IntegerBufferSimplistic dynamically growing buffer of integers used by DoctypeSupport.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.utilXMLUnit
Jaxp13XpathEngineXPath engine based on javax.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.jaxp13XMLUnit
JAXPConstantsUtility constant class for JAXP-defined constants.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
MatchTrackerListener for callbacks from a DifferenceEngine comparison that is notified on each and every comparision that resulted in a match.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
MultiLevelElementNameAndTextQualifierPer popular request an interface implementation that uses element names and the text node containes in the n'th child node to compareClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
NamespaceContextInterface used by XpathEngine in order to map prefixes to namespace URIs.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
NodeDetailParameter class for holding information about a Node within a Difference instanceClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
NodeInputStreamAdapter class to present the content of a DOM Node (e.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
NodeTestEncapsulation of the Node-by-Node testing of a DOM Document Uses a nodetype-specific NodeFilter to pass the DOM NodesClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
NodeTesterPerform Node-by-Node validation of a DOM Document.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
NodeTestExceptionThrown by a NodeTest that fails.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
QualifiedNameSince javax.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
RecursiveElementNameAndTextQualifierCompares all Element and Text nodes in two pieces of XML.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
SimpleXpathEngineSimple class for accessing the Nodes matched by an Xpath expression, or evaluating the String value of an Xpath expression.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
TextDifferenceListenerBaseBase class that delegates all differences to another DifferenceListener.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit
TolerantSaxDocumentBuilderUses Sax events from the ContentHandler and LexicalHandler interfaces to build a DOM document in a tolerantClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
TransformHandy wrapper for an XSLT transformation performed using JAXP/Trax.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
ValidatorValidator class based of javax.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.jaxp13XMLUnit
ValidatorValidates XML against its internal or external DOCTYPE, or a completely different DOCTYPE.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XMLAssertCollection of static methods so that XML assertion facilities are available in any class, not just test suites.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XMLTestCaseJUnit TestCase subclass: extend this to add XML assertion facilities to your Available assertions are provided by static methods of the XMLAssert class.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XMLUnitAllows access to project control parameters such as which Parser to use and provides some convenience methods for building Documents from Strings etc.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XMLUnitExceptionBase class of any checked exception that can be thrown withinSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.exceptionsXMLUnit
XMLUnitRuntimeExceptionBase class of any RuntimeException that can be thrown withinSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.exceptionsXMLUnit
XpathEngineAbstraction of an engine evaluating XPath expressions.Interfaceorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XpathExceptionException an XpathEngine is allowed to throw.Classorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.exceptionsXMLUnit
XpathNodeTrackerTracks Nodes visited by the DifferenceEngine and converts that information into an Xpath-String to supplyClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunitXMLUnit
XPathRegexAssertExample demonstrating how to use the XPath API of XMLUnit in conjunction with regular expressions (as provided by theClassorg.custommonkey.xmlunit.examplesXMLUnit