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# Classes and Interfaces in #XQuery - 25 results found.
ConnectionPoolXQDataSourceA factory for PooledXQConnection objects.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
PooledXQConnectionAn object that provides hooks for connection pool management.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQCancelledExceptionXQCancelledException is an exception to indicate that the current XQuery processing is cancelled by the application through aClassjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQConnectionA connection (session) with a specific XQuery engine.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQConnectionEventAn event object that provides information about the source of a connection-related event.Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQConnectionEventListenerAn object that registers to be notified of events generated by a PooledXQConnection object.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQConstantsXQConstants class provides constants that can be used in the XQJ API.Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQDataFactoryThis interface represents a factory to obtain sequences, item objects and types.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQDataSourceAn XQDataSource is a factory for XQConnection objects.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQDynamicContextXQDynamicContext provides access to the dynamic context as defined in Dynamic Context, XQuery 1.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQExceptionAn exception that provides information on XQJ, XQuery or other errors reported by an XQJ implementation.Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQExpressionThis interface describes the execute immediate functionality for expressions.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQItemThis interface represents an item in the XDM.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQItemAccessorThis interface represents a common interface for accessing the values of All the get functions raise an exception if the underlying sequence object Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQItemTypeThe XQItemType interface represents an item type as defined in XQuery 1.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQMetaDataXQMetaData interface provides information about the data source, in various aspects, such as the product name and version identification,Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQPreparedExpressionThis interface describes an expression that can be prepared for multiple subsequent executions.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQQueryExceptionAn exception that provides information on errors occurring during the evaluation of an xquery.Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQResultItemThis interface represents an immutable item object obtained from an XQResultSequence using the getItem method.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQResultSequenceThis interface represents a sequence of items obtained as a result of evaluation XQuery expressions.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQSequenceThis interface represents a sequence of items as defined in the XDM.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQSequenceTypeThe XQSequenceType interface represents a sequence type as XQuery 1.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQStackTraceElementThis class represents a frame in a stack trace, akin to the java.Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQStackTraceVariableThis class represents the list of variables and their valuesSee Also:XQStackTraceElement, Classjavax.xml.xqueryXQuery
XQStaticContextAn XQStaticContext represents default values for various XQuery Static Context Components.Interfacejavax.xml.xqueryXQuery