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# Classes and Interfaces in #ZKoss (ZK - 1539 results found.
AClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
AThe same as HTML A tag.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AAudioRepresents an audio.Classorg.zkoss.soundZKoss (ZK)
AbbrClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
AbortByRemoveDesktopThe aborting reason when the remove-desktop command is received.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AbortBySendRedirectThe aborting reason for send-redirect.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AbortingReasonThe aborting reason used to abort the current execution.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
AbsolutechildrenA container component that can contain any other ZK component and can only be contained as direct child of Absolutelayout component.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbsolutelayoutAn Absolutelayout component can contain absolute positioned multiple absolutechildren components.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbstractActionA skeletal implementation to simplify the implementation of actions.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
AbstractAnnotatedMethodInvokerTo help calling a ViewModel annotated method with binding arguments.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractBindingHandlerto help implement BinderImplAuthor:dennisSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractChartConfigThe Fusionchart config lets you control a variety of functional elements on the chart.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
AbstractChartModelA skeletal implementation for ChartModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbstractCollectionProxyThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the CollectionSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
AbstractComponentA skeletal implementation of Component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
AbstractExecutionA skeletal implementation of Execution.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractExecutionInfoCollectorClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractForEachStatusThe Class AbstractForEachStatus.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractGroupA semi-implemented item for group.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractGroupsModelA skeletal implementation for GroupsModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbstractItemA semi-implemented item for leaf vertices.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractListModelA skeletal implementation for ListModel and SelectableAuthor:tomyehSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbstractListModelConverterThe abstract Converter implementation for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
AbstractLoaderA skeletal implementation that assumes the source is either URL or File.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
AbstractPageA skeletal implementation of Page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
AbstractRendererto handle the common task of resolver a template of a rendererSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
AbstractTagThe raw component used to generate raw HTML elements.Classorg.zkoss.zhtml.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractTextualRepresents a textual item.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractTreeModelA skeletal implementation for TreeModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AbstractUiFactoryThe skeletal implementation of UiFactory.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AbstractValidatorA abstract validator the handling validation messageSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.validatorZKoss (ZK)
AbstractWebAppA skeletal implementation of WebApp.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AccessInfoRepresent an load/save binding expression "load = property (before after) command"Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AcegiSecurityContextListenerListener to copy servlet thread ThreadLocal, securityContext, over to event thread ThreadLocal and handle Acegi Authentication Exception occurred inClassorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
AcronymClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ActionAn action that could be used with InterpreterServlet.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
ActionContextEncapsulates a portion of DSP page in an object that can be invoked as many times as needed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
ActivationTimeoutExceptionIndicates the activation of an execution is taking too long.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
AddBindingInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
AddCommandBindingInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
AddressClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
AfterCompose Marker annotation to identify a life-cycle method in View Model.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
AfterCompose If this interface is implemented, afterCompose() is called, after ZK loader creates this component,Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
AfterSizeEventRepresents an event that resize a component and provides the new size of the component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
AggregationListenerA listener to gather some non-predefined listenersSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
AImageRepresents an image.Classorg.zkoss.imageZKoss (ZK)
AjaxDeviceRepresents a Web browser with the Ajax support.Classorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
AllocUtilFor ZK-2289, Memory allocation utility.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AMediaA media object holding content such PDF, HTML, DOC or XLS content.Classorg.zkoss.util.mediaZKoss (ZK)
AnchorchildrenThe children of Anchorlayout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AnchorlayoutAn anchorlayout lays out a container which can resize it's children base on its width and heightClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateBinderZK Annotated Binder, it parse the component annotation and handles the binding of components and view model.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateBinderExFor ZK-2289, much less memory consumptionSince:7.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateBinderHelperHelper class to parse binding annotations and create bindings.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateDataBinderThe DataBinder that reads ZUML annotations to create binding info.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateDataBinderInitThis initiator class do following things: New an AnnotateDataBinder instance.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
AnnotateDataBindingComposerIt's another way to replace the Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
AnnotationThe common interface extended by all annotation types.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
AnnotationHelperA helper class used to parse annotations.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.implZKoss (ZK)
AnnotationMapA map of annotations used with ComponentDefinition and Note: it is not thread safe.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
AnnotationUtilAn internal utility to help processing component annotation, for internal using only.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
AnnoWarnInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
ApacheELFactoryAn implementation that is based on Apache commons-el: org.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.elZKoss (ZK)
ApacheELFactoryAn implementation based on org.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.el21ZKoss (ZK)
AppletA generic applet component.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ApplyThe apply tag allows you to choose which template to be applied.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
AreaClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
AreaAn area of a Imagemap.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ArithmeticNodeClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ArithmeticWrongValueExceptionFor ArithmeticException wrong value wrapper.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ArrayComparatorCompares the specified element of the array.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ArrayELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ArraysXUtilities for handling arrays.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
AstAndClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstAssignClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstBracketSuffixClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstChoiceClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstCompositeExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstConcatenationClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstDeferredExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstDivClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstDotSuffixClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstDynamicExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstEmptyClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstEqualClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstFalseClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstFloatingPointClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstFunctionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstGreaterThanClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstGreaterThanEqualClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstIdentifierClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstIntegerClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstLambdaExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstLambdaParametersClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstLessThanClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstLessThanEqualClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstListDataClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstLiteralExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstMapDataClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstMapEntryClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstMethodParametersClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstMinusClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstModClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstMultClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstNegativeClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstNotClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstNotEqualClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstNullClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstOrClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstPlusClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstSemicolonClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstSetDataClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstStringClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstTrueClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AstValueClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
AttributableRepresents a class that has attributes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
Attribute Design decision: Attribute is also a item.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
AttributeThe model representing an attribute in (ZK)
AttributesClassorg.zkoss.webZKoss (ZK)
AttributesAttributes used internally for implementation only.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
AttributesAttributes or library properties to customize the behaviors of ZK, such as page rending, fileupload and so on.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
AttributesCommon attributes used for implementation.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AttributesInfoRepresents a map of custom attributes of a component definition (ComponentDefinition).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
AttributesMapA skeletal implementation for Map to wrap something with enumeration of attributes, which must be String.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
AuAlertA response to ask client to show an (ZK)
AuAppendChildA response to insert an unparsed HTML as the last child of the specified component at the (ZK)
AuBookmarkA response to ask the client to bookmark the (ZK)
AuClearBusyA response to ask the client to clear the busy (ZK)
AuClearWrongValueA response to ask the client to close the error messages belonging the specified component, if (ZK)
AuClientInfoA response to ask the browser to send back its (ZK)
AuConfirmCloseA response to ask the client to show a confirm dialog when an user tries to close the browser (ZK)
AuDecoderUsed to decode the custom format of the AU requests.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AudioRepresents an audio.Interfaceorg.zkoss.soundZKoss (ZK)
Audio An extension to XUL.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AuDownloadA response to ask the client to download the specified (ZK)
AuDownloaderThe AU processor to handle the resumable (ZK)
AuDropUploaderThe AU extension to upload files with HTML5 (ZK)
AuDynaMediarThe AU processor used to response the content for (ZK)
AuEchoA response to ask client to send a dummy request back to the (ZK)
AuEchoGlobalA response to ask client to send the specified event for all qualified (ZK)
AuExtensionAn AU service is a small Java program that can be plugged into DHtmlUpdateServlet to extend its (ZK)
AuExtensionRequestRepresents a request for an AU extension (AuExtension) (ZK)
AuFocusA response to set focus to the specified component at the (ZK)
AuInsertAfterA response to insert an unparsed HTML after the specified component data[0]: the uuid of the component after which the HTML will (ZK)
AuInsertBeforeA response to insert an unparsed HTML before the specified component data[0]: the uuid of the component before which the HTML will (ZK)
AuInvokeA response to ask the client to invoke a (ZK)
AuLoadCSSLoads a CSS file to (ZK)
AuLoadScriptLoads a JavaScript file to client and execute (ZK)
AuLogLogs the message to the (ZK)
AuMoveByA response to ask the client to move the desktop ( (ZK)
AuMoveToA response to ask the client to move the desktop ( (ZK)
AuNotificationThe au object for (ZK)
AuObsoleteA response to denote the desktop might become (ZK)
AuOuterA response to ask client to 'outer' the widgets and all its descendants of the associate specified component or (ZK)
AuPrintA response to ask the client to print the desktop ( (ZK)
AuRedirectThe AU processor to handle the HTTP redirect via status (ZK)
AuRemoveA response to remove the specified component at the (ZK)
AuRequestA request sent from the client to the server.Classorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuRequestsUtilities to convert AuRequest to Event or its deriving classes.Classorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuResizeByA response to ask the client to resize the desktop ( (ZK)
AuResizeToA response to ask the client to resize the desktop ( (ZK)
AuResizeWidgetUsed to force ZK Client re-calculate the size of the widget at the (ZK)
AuResponseA response sent from the server to the client via Application developers rarely need access this class and its derivedClassorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuScriptA response to ask the client to execute the specified client (ZK)
AuScrollByA response to ask the client to scroll the desktop ( (ZK)
AuScrollIntoViewScrolls the ancestors to make the component (ZK)
AuScrollToA response to ask the client to scroll the desktop ( (ZK)
AuSelectA response to select a portion of the specified component at the (ZK)
AuSendRedirectA response to send a temporary redirect response to the client using the specified redirect location (ZK)
AuServiceAn AU request service used to handle the AU requests (AuRequest).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuSetAttributeA response to set the attribute of the specified component at the (ZK)
AuSetTitleA response to ask the client to set the title (of window) (ZK)
AuShowBusyA response to ask the client to show the busy message such that the user knows the system is (ZK)
AuSubmitFormA response to ask the client to submit the form with the specified ID, data[0]: the form's (ZK)
AuUploaderThe AU extension to upload (ZK) (ZK)
AuWriterRepresents a writer that is used to send the output back to the client, when processing AuRequest.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuWritersUtilities to instantiate an implementation of AuWriter.Classorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
AuWrongValueA response to tell the client a component's value is (ZK)
AuxheadUsed to define a collection of auxiliary headers (Auxheader).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
AuxheaderAn auxiliary header.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
BClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BandboxA band box.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
BandpopupThe popup that belongs to a Bandbox instance.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
BaseClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BasicPseudoClassDefsThe default set of pseudo classes in (ZK)
BeanELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
BeanNameELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
BeanNameResolverBase implementation that provides a minimal default implementation that is intended to be extended by application developers.Classorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
BeanProxyHandlerA bean proxy handlerSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
BeanValidationsA utility class to help jsr 303 validation.Classorg.zkoss.bind.validatorZKoss (ZK)
BeanValidatorA JSR 303 compatible validator for a property-binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.validatorZKoss (ZK)
BeanValidatorA JSR 303 compatible validator for a property-binding.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bindZKoss (ZK)
BeforeCompose If this interface is implemented, beforeCompose() is called before ZK loader sets any property or creates any child components.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
BigClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BigDecimalsUtilities and constants of big decimals.Classorg.zkoss.mathZKoss (ZK)
BigIntegersBigInteger utilities.Classorg.zkoss.mathZKoss (ZK)
BiglistboxA component to handle a huge data sets and provides the same and as many as the functionalities of Listbox including selection,Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
BiglistboxSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BiglistboxSelectedObjectConverterConvert biglistbox selection.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BinableRepresent a class that allows any type of objects, not just String.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
BinaryThe binary item.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
BindChildRendererto renderer children of componentSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindChosenboxRendererClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindComboitemRenderercomboitem renderer for binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindComposerBase composer to apply ZK Bind.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
BindContextInterfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
BindContextImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindContextUtilto help handling BindContext, internal use only,Since:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindELContextELContext for Binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
BindELContextExAn extension of BindELContext to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindELResolverELResolver for Binding; handle Form bean.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
BindELResolverExAn extension of BindELResolver to do a lazy initiating EL expressionSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BinderThe Binder that do the data binding things.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
BinderCtrlAn addition interface to Binder that is used for implementation or tools.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
BinderImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BinderPropertiesRendererA BinderPropertiesRenderer is used to add extra properties for client widget.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BinderUtilClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindEvaluatorXAn extension of Evaluator to have more control to handle Binding via EL.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
BindEvaluatorXImplA simple implementation of BindEvaluatorX.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindEvaluatorXImplExAn extension of BindEvaluatorXImpl to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindEvaluatorXUtilan internal utility to help doing evaluation.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindExpressionBuilderHandle value dot series script for Binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
BindExpressionBuilderExAn extension of BindExpressionBuilder to do a lazy initiating EL expressionSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindExpressionFactoryImplHandle dot series script.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
BindExpressionFactoryImplExAn extension of BindExpressionFactoryImpl to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindingA Binding represent a relation between a source object (usually an UI component) and a target object(usually a backing bean).Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
BindingA Data Binding that associate component+attr to an bean expression.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingAnnotationInfoCheckerthe checker to check runtime binding annotation and show warn by BindingExecutionInfoCollectorSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debuggerZKoss (ZK)
BindingExecutionInfoCollectorthe collector to collect runtime binding execution informationSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debuggerZKoss (ZK)
BindingGroupsListModelThis is the BindingListModel as a GroupsListModel to be used with Add or remove the contents of this model as a GroupListModel would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingImplBase implementation for implementing a BindingSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindingKeyClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelThis interface defines the methods used by DataBinder.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelArrayThis is the BindingListModel as a Object array to be used with Modify the contents of this model as an Object array would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelExtSupport same object in multiple items of a ListModel.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelListThis is the BindingListModel as a List to be used with Add or remove the contents of this model as a List would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelListModelThis is the BindingListModel as a ListModel to be used with Add or remove the contents of this model as a ListModel would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelMapThis is the BindingListModel as a Map to be used with Add or remove the contents of this model as a Map would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingListModelSetThis is the BindingListModel as a Set to be used with Add or remove the contents of this model as a Set would cause the associated Listbox or Grid to change accordingly.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
BindingRendererUtilClassorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingSaveEventEvent used when DataBinder send "onBindingSave" events.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindingValidateEventEvent used when DataBinder send "onBindingValidate" events.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
BindListitemRendererListitem renderer for binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindRadioRendererradio renderer for binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindRowRendererRow renderer for binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindSelectboxRendererClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindTabboxRendererClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindTreeitemRendererTreeitem renderer for binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindUiLifeCycleTrack Binding CRUD and dependent tracking management.Classorg.zkoss.bind.tracker.implZKoss (ZK)
BindUiLifeCycleExtensionAn implementation of BindUiLifeCycle.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindUtilsClassorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
BindXelExpressionClassorg.zkoss.bind.xelZKoss (ZK)
BindXelExpressionExAn extension of BindXelExpression to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BindXelFactoryXel Factory for Binding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xelZKoss (ZK)
BindXelFactoryExAn extension of BindXelFactory to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
BlockableAn interface that allows a Component to specify when to block an AuRequest from client, for security control.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
BlockquoteClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BodyClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BookmarkEventThe bookmark update event used with onBookmarkChange to notify that user pressed BACK, FORWARD or othersClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
BooleanNodeClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
BooleanPropertyAccessA Boolean property access class.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
BorderlayoutA border layout is a layout container for arranging and resizing child components to fit in five regions: north, south, east, west, and center.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
BoxGenerates a box that has a caption and a border enclosing other tags.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.action.htmlZKoss (ZK)
BoxDefault getZclass(): z-vbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
BrClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
BridgeUtilities to allow developers to start an execution in foreign Ajax channel.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.embedZKoss (ZK)
BSHInterpreterThe interpreter that uses BeanShell to interpret zscript codes.Classorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.bshZKoss (ZK)
BufferedResponseClassorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
ButtonClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Button Default getZclass(): z-button.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Cache The interface is similar to java.Interfaceorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
CacheMapThe cache map.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
Calendar Default getZclass(): z-calendar.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CallbackA callback interface to execute in some circumstance.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
CaptchaThe generic captcha component.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CaptchaEngineInterfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
CaptionClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
CaptionA header for a Groupbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CardlayoutA layout allow end user change view like change card.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
CategoriesPropertiesMapClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
CategoryChartConfigThe categories chart property lets you control a variety of functional elements on the chart with {link CategoryModel}.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
CategoryModelA catetory chart data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CDataClassorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
CDIUtilSome generic utility for use with CDI.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.cdiZKoss (ZK)
CellThe generic cell component to be embedded into Row or Vbox or Hbox for fully control style and layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CellClickEventRepresents an event that indicates a clicking on a cell data for a matrix data component like Biglistbox, and provides more information aboutClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
CenterClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
CenterA center region of a borderlayout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CharSequenceIteratorA char Iterator implementation for Selector (ZK)
CharsetFilterThe filter to correct character encoding and to prepare Locale for the current request.Classorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
CharsetFinderRepresents a class that decides the character set based on the content type and the real content.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
CharsetsClassorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
ChartThe generic chart component.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ChartAreaListenerIdentifies area inside a chart that can be customized.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ChartColorClass to extend the number of Colors available to the charts.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.renderZKoss (ZK)
ChartDataEventDefines an event that encapsulates changes to a chart's data model.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ChartDataListenerDefines the methods used in listener when the content of ChartModel is changed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ChartEngineChart engine is an engine that do the real chart rendering.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ChartInfoNotifierInterfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
ChartModelChart Model is used to hold the data model for the chart.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ChartPropertiesInterfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
ChartPropertiesMapA properties with a addition properties map.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
Checkbox org.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CheckEventRepresents an event cause by user's check a state at the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ChecksumsChecksum relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
ChildrenBindingA binding tells how to deal with Load children of a source object (usually an UI component) and a property of a target object(usually a backing bean).Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
ChildrenBindingConverterTo converter items to ListSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ChildrenBindingImplA base implementation of ChildrenBinding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ChildrenBindingListDataListenerlisten the model data onChange event (support list model in children binding)Since:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ChildrenBindingListModelDataEventserializable event in children binding (support list model in children binding)Since:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ChooseProvides the context for mutually exclusive conditional execution.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
ChooseThe choose tag works like a Java switch statement in that it lets you choose between a number of alternatives.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ChosenboxA component that similar to Combobox but handle the multi-selection and the select order.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
ChosenboxModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the Chosenbox for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
CiteClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ClassesUtilities to handle java.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ClassLocatorThe locator searches the current thread's context class loader, and then this class's class loader.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ClassReflectThe implementation for using ZEL.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ClassReflectThe implementation of ClassUtil.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
ClassResolverA resolver that can resolve the class of the given name.Interfaceorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ClassUtilClass related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
ClassWebResourceUsed to access resources located in class path and under /web.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
CleanupsUtilities to clean up resources when the application is stopping.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
ClientBinderCommandParserA client binder command parser for @command and @global-commandSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ClientBinderPhaseListenerA client command binding phase listener.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ClientConstraintAddition interface implemented with Constraint to handle the validation at the client.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ClientInfoEventThe onClientInfo event is used to notify the client's information, such as time zone and screen resolutions.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ClientsUtilities to send AuResponse to the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
CloneableEventListenerA cloneable event listener that will be notified when an event occurs, if it is registered to Component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ClusterSessionPatch This listener is used with Weblogic clustering server or cloud environment (such as Google App Engine).Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.clusterZKoss (ZK)
CodeClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ColClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ColgroupClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
CollectionItemThe CollectionItem is used by DataBinder and provides an interface for collection component to interact with the DataBinderInterfaceorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
CollectionItemExtThis interface is an enhanced version of the original CollectionItem interface that Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
CollectionsXThe collection related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
CollectionTemplateA utility to let developers to apply shadow elements in Java class.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
CollectionTemplateResolverInterfaceorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ColorClassorg.zkoss.web.fnZKoss (ZK)
ColorboxA Colorbox used to retrieve an input that the user can select a color.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
ColSizeEventUsed to notify that the width of a column is changed.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ColumnA single column in a Columns element.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ColumnchildrenThe column of Columnlayout.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
ColumnlayoutA columnlayout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more component.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
ColumnsDefines the columns of a grid.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CombboxListModelConverterThe TypeConverter implementation for converting collection to ListModel of a gridSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
Combobox Non-XUL extension.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ComboboxModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the combobox for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ComboboxSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ComboboxSelectedItemConverterConvert combobox selected comboitem to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
CombobuttonA combo button.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ComboitemAn item of a combo box.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ComboitemRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Combobox.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ComboitemRendererExtProvides additional control to ComboitemRenderer.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
CometAsyncServletThe synchronous servlet for supporting comet.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.cometZKoss (ZK)
CometServerPushA server-push implementation that is based on comet.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.ui.cometZKoss (ZK)
CometServerPushZK Comet that supports Servlet 3 asynchronous processing.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.cometZKoss (ZK)
CommandMarker annotation to identify a Command method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
CommandMarker annotation to identify a Command method for ComposerSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.annotationZKoss (ZK)
CommandBindingA binding tells which command to call(usually used with UI event).Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
CommandBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
CommandInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
CommentClassorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
CommonExceptionThe most fundamental non-runtime exception of Potix classes.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
CommonFnsCommon functions used with EL.Classorg.zkoss.xel.fnZKoss (ZK)
ComparablesUtilities regarding Comparable type objects.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
Component There are two kind of life-cycles: one is page creations and the other is asynchronous updates.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ComponentActivationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a component, when the session is going to be deactivated or has been activated.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ComponentAnnotationAnnotation for specifying ZK component's annotations (ComponentCtrl.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ComponentCloneListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a component, when the component is cloned.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ComponentCtrlAn addition interface to Component that is used for implementation or tools.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ComponentDefinitionA component definition.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ComponentDefinitionImplAn implementation of ComponentDefinition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.implZKoss (ZK)
ComponentDefinitionMapA map of component definitions.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ComponentInfoRepresents a component instance defined in a ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ComponentIteratorAn implementation of Iterator that realizes the selector matching (ZK)
ComponentLocalPropertiesA collection of utilities that check local properties of (ZK)
ComponentMatchCtxA wrapper of Component, providing a context for selector matching (ZK)
ComponentNotFoundExceptionDenotes a component cannot be found.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ComponentRedrawsUtilities to implement ComponentCtrl.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ComponentsUtilities to access Component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ComponentsCtrlUtilities for implementing components.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ComponentSerializationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a component, when the component is going to be serialized or has been deserialized.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ComposerRepresents a composer to initialize a component (or a component of tree) when ZK loader is composing a component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ComposerExtAn addition interface implemented with Composer to provide Note: any class that implements ComposerExt must implementInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
CompositeELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
CompositeValidatorA composite validator that contains multiple validators and forward the validation to them.Classorg.zkoss.bind.validatorZKoss (ZK)
CompositionComposition manager that compose the given components into a whole page per the "insert" components and "define" components annotations.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConcurrentCacheClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConditionA condition to test with.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConditionImplAn utility to simplify the implementation of Condition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConditionTypethis enum represent the load/save condition typeSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
ConfigParserUsed to parse WEB-INF/zk.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ConfigParserA configuration parser is an application-specific parser to parse the configurations in zk.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConfigurationThe ZK configuration.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
Constraint Instead of implementing this interface, you may use SimpleConstraint if applicable.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ConstraintedInterfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
ContainerFactoryContainer factory for creating containers for JSON object and JSON array.Interfaceorg.zkoss.json.parserZKoss (ZK)
ContentLoaderA Loader that loads the resource by use URL.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ContentRendererUsed with AbstractComponent.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ContentTagRepresents a tag that shall generate the child elements directly.Classorg.zkoss.zhtml.implZKoss (ZK)
ContentTypesUtilities relevant to content types.Classorg.zkoss.util.mediaZKoss (ZK)
ContextParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ContextTypeTo define the context object type for ContextParamSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ConventionWiresUtilities to wire variables by name conventions.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ConverterGeneric binding conversion interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
ConverterA converter used to convert a value to another.Interfaceorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
CookieParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
CookieThemeResolverA standard implementation of ThemeResolver Retrieves and stores theme names via cookieClassorg.zkoss.zul.themeZKoss (ZK)
CreateEventUsed to notify a window that all its children are created and initialized.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
Cropper if not all of the children of a component are available at the client.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.renderZKoss (ZK)
CustomConstraintAdditional interface implemented with Constraint to denote a constraint supports a custom way to display the error message.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DataBinderThe DataBinder used for binding ZK UI component and the backend data bean.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
DataHandlerInfoA data handler info for Configuration to use.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DataLoaderDataLoader is used with Grid, Listbox to handle data loading from model to server and then to client side.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
DataLoadingEventRepresent onDataLoading event.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
DateboxAn edit box for holding a date.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DateFormatConverterConvert a Date or a Timestamp to a formated date String.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
DateFormatInfoThe format information for date/time.Interfaceorg.zkoss.textZKoss (ZK)
DateFormatsDateFormat relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.textZKoss (ZK)
DatesUtilities for java.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
DdClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DebuggerFactoryThe factory to provide DebuggerFactory instance.Classorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debuggerZKoss (ZK)
DecimalboxAn edit box for holding BigDecimal.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DefaultMarker annotation to identify default value of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
DefaultAnnotationInfoCheckerClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.implZKoss (ZK)
DefaultBinderZK default Binder, use this class if you want to new a binder and control components though Binder API.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
DefaultChartPropertiesClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
DefaultCommandMarker annotation to identify a default command method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
DefaultDebuggerFactoryThe default implementation of DebuggerFactory it is execution scope implementation and provides client-log and system-out implementationClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.implZKoss (ZK)
DefaultExecutionInfoCollectorClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.implZKoss (ZK)
DefaultGlobalCommandMarker annotation to identify a global command method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
DefaultIDOMFactoryThe default iDOM factory.Classorg.zkoss.idom.inputZKoss (ZK)
DefaultJSONBindingParamConverterA default JSON binding parameter converterSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
DefaultTreeModelA simple tree data model that uses TreeNode to represent a tree.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DefaultTreeNodeA general-purpose node in a tree data structure.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DeferrableUsed to decorate EventListener to denote whether the event for the listener can be deferred.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
DeferredValidatorA deferred validator that defers the initialization of the real validator, a validator needs 3-party jar files could still be installed if user doesn't provide it (ex, BeanValidator of JSR 303).Classorg.zkoss.bind.validatorZKoss (ZK)
DeferredValueUsed with AbstractComponent.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
DefinitionLoadersUtilities to load language definitions.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
DefinitionNotFoundExceptionDenotes a definition cannot be found.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
DelClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DelegatingVariableResolverGeneric CDI EL named managed bean resolver.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.cdiZKoss (ZK)
DelegatingVariableResolverDelegatingVariableResolver, a seasar2 bean variable resolver.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.seasarZKoss (ZK)
DelegatingVariableResolver DelegatingVariableResolver for resolving Spring beans, Spring Security variables and Spring Webflow variables.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.springZKoss (ZK)
DependsOnSpecify variable dependency.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
DesktopRepresents a desktop.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
DesktopActivationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a desktop, when the session is going to be deactivated or has been activated.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopCacheThe cache used to store desktops.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
DesktopCacheProviderUsed to retrieve a desktop cache (DesktopCache).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
DesktopCleanupUsed to clean up a desktop.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopCtrlAn addition interface to Desktop for implementation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
DesktopEventQueueThe default implementation of the desktop-scoped event queue (EventQueue).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
DesktopImplThe implementation of Desktop.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
DesktopInitUsed to initialize a desktop when it is created.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopRecycleUsed to recycle the desktop (Desktop).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopRecycleUsed to recycle the desktop if possible.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopRecyclesUtilities to handle DesktopRecycle.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
DesktopRecyclesUtilities to handle DesktopRecycle.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
DesktopSerializationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a desktop, when the desktop is going to be serialized or has been deserialized.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
DesktopThemeRegistryA standard implementation of ThemeRegistry, used in ZK CE/PE Used to keep track of a list of available desktop themes to applyClassorg.zkoss.zul.themeZKoss (ZK)
DesktopUnavailableExceptionDenotes the desktop being accessed is no longer available.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
DetailThe detail component is used to display a detailed section where a master row and multiple detail rows are on the same row.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DeviceRepresents a client device.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
DeviceConfigUsed to initialize a device (Device).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
DeviceNotFoundExceptionDenotes the interpreter of the requested device type is not found.Classorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
DevicesA manager of devices (Device).Classorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
DfnClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DHtmlLayoutFilterUsed to post-process the response into a ZK page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
DHtmlLayoutPortletThe portlet used to process the request for a ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
DHtmlLayoutServletUsed to process the request for a ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
DHtmlUpdateServletUsed to receive command from the server and send result back to (ZK)
DialChartDataEventA dial chart data event to handle the property changed.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
DialModelA data model to be used with dial chart.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DialModelRangeColor range to be marked in DialModelScale.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DialModelScaleA set of information of a scale in a Dial chart.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DirClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DirectContent if the component is able to generate the content directly.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.renderZKoss (ZK)
Disable that a component can be disabled.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
DivClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DivThe same as HTML DIV tag.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DlClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DocTypeClassorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
DocumentRepresents Document which is also W3C/DOM's document, i.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
DOMExceptionDenotes an operation is not supported.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
DOMImplementationThe iDOM's implementation of DOMImplementation.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
DoubleboxAn edit box for holding an float point value (double).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DoublespinnerAn edit box for holding a constrained double.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
DragControlDecorates Component to denote that the component will control the default drag-and-drop behaviorInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
DropEventRepresents an event cause by user's dragging and dropping a component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
DropuploadA component can handle drag files into it, and upload files to server.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
DropuploadNativeConverterconverter for ZK-1691 Dropupload has "native" property (reserved identifier in EL)Since:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
DspContextThe context used with Interpreter.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
DspExceptionRepresents a DSP exception.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
DspExtendletThe DSP resource processor (Extendlet) used to parse DSP files loaded from the classpath.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
DspFnsUtilities to generate ZK related information in DSP pages.Classorg.zkoss.zk.fnZKoss (ZK)
DtClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
DualCollectionA combination of two collections into a collection.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
DualFunctionMapperCombine two function mappers into one function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
DynamicMedia if a component might have viewable parts other than HTML (WML, XAML or any client language).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.renderZKoss (ZK)
DynamicPropertiedRepresents a component that supports a range of properties.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
DynamicPropertiedELResolverA resolver to resolve value base on BeanELResolver and DynamicPropertied.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
DynamicTagRepresents a component is used to represent a broad range of tags.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
EastAn east region of a border layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ELArithmeticA helper class of Arithmetic defined by the EL SpecificationAuthor:Jacob Hookom [jacob@hookom.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
ELClassClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELContextClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELContextEventClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELContextListenerInterfaceorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ElementClassorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
ELExceptionRepresents any of the exception conditions that can arise during expressionSince:2.Classorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELFactoryAn implementation based on ZK Commons EL (zcommons-el.Classorg.zkoss.xel.elZKoss (ZK)
ELFactoryAn XEL ExpressionFactory implementation based on ZEL ExpressionFactory.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELManagerClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELParserClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ELParserConstantsToken literal values and constants.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ELParserTokenManagerClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ELParserTreeConstantsInterfaceorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ELProcessorClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELSupportA helper class that implements the EL SpecificationAuthor:Jacob Hookom [jacob@hookom.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
ELXelExpressionAn XEL Expression that is based on ZEL ValueExpression.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELXelExpressionA XEL expression that is based on a EL expression.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.elZKoss (ZK)
EmClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
EmbedClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
EmptyNamedNodeMapAn empty NamedNodeMap.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
EncodesEncoding utilities for servlets.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.httpZKoss (ZK)
EntityReferenceThe iDOM entity reference.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
ErrorEventRepresents an event cause by user's entering a wrong data or clearing the last wrong data.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ErrorMessageConverterA internal converter that shows a error message on any component.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
EvaluationContextClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
EvaluationListenerClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
EvaluatorA ZK specific expression builder that is based on XEL.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.xelZKoss (ZK)
EvaluatorRefA reference to Evaluator.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.xelZKoss (ZK)
EvaluatorsIt maps a name with an evaluator implementation.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
EvaluatorsUtilities of evaluation.Classorg.zkoss.zk.xelZKoss (ZK)
EventAn event sent to the event handler of a component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventHandlerAn event handler of a component definition (ComponentDefinition).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
EventHandlerMapA map of instances of EventHandler.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
EventInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
EventInterceptorThe event interceptor used to intercept the processing of events.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
EventInterceptorsUtilities used to handle EventInterceptor.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
EventListenerAn event listener that will be notified when an event occurs, if it is registered to Component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventListenerMapRepresents a map of event handlers and listeners.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
EventProcessingThreadRepresents an event processing thread.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
EventProcessingThreadImplThread to handle events.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
EventProcessorA utility class that simplify the implementation of EventProcessingThread.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
EventQueue An event queue is a many-to-many 'channel' to publish events and to subscribe event listeners (EventListener).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventQueueProviderUsed to instantiate an event queue.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
EventQueueProviderImplA simple implementation of EventQueueProvider.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
EventQueueProviderImplEnhance the default implementation to support EventQueues.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
EventQueuesUtilities to access the event queue.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventsUtilities to handle events.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventsUtilities to access events for ZkMax.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventThreadCleanupUsed to clean the event processing thread.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventThreadInitUsed to initialize the event processing thread.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventThreadResumeUsed to listen after the event processing thread is resumed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
EventThreadSuspendUsed to listen when the event processing thread is going to suspend.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ExceptionsUtilities for Exceptions.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionAn execution of a client request (e.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionArgParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionCarryOverA utility to carry over the execution to a server-push thread.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionCleanupUsed to clean up an execution.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionCtrlAdditional interface to Execution for implementation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionImplClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionInfoInterfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debuggerZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionInfoThe information about the event being served by the current execution.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionInfoBaseClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionInitUsed to initialize an execution when it is created.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionMonitorAn application-level listener to know when an execution is activated, deactivated, or waiting for activation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionResolverA variable resolver that is based on the specified execution.Classorg.zkoss.zk.xel.implZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionsUtilities to access Execution.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ExecutionsCtrlAdditional utilities for Execution.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ExpectableA special interface to denote an exception is expectable -- it means the exception is not caused by programming error.Interfaceorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionRepresent a prepared (a.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionBuilderClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionFactoryUsed to prepare expressions (Expression).Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionFactoryClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionFactoryImplClassorg.zkoss.zel.implZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionFragmentRepresents an expression fragment of an expression.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionsUtilities to use XEL.Classorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
ExpressionXAn extension of Expression to have more control to handle Expression Language EL 2.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
ExtendletA plugin of ClassWebResource to process particular To add a resource processor to ClassWebResource, useInterfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ExtendletConfigThe configuration information used to initialize an Extendlet (a.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ExtendletContextThis interface defines an extended context that Servlets.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ExtendletDspContextClassorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
ExtendletLoaderA skeletal implementation of the loader used to implement an extendlet.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ExValueUsed to represent a string value that might contain an expression.Classorg.zkoss.zk.xelZKoss (ZK)
FacadeInvokerThe facade invocation handler.Classorg.zkoss.lang.reflectZKoss (ZK)
FacadeNodeListThe NodeList which is a facade of another java List.Classorg.zkoss.idom.implZKoss (ZK)
FailoverManagerRepresents a class that is able to handle fail-over in the application specific way.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
FastReadArrayAn array of objects that are fast to read but a bit slower to add and Object[] ary = fra.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
FastReadCacheA CacheMap that the possibility to have cache hit is much more than not.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
FieldComparatorBased on the the given field names to compare the field value of the object that is passed in compare(java.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FieldsUtilities to access fields.Classorg.zkoss.lang.reflectZKoss (ZK)
FieldsetClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
FiledownloadFile download utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
FiledownloadMore filedownload utilities, such as resumable filedownload.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
FiledownloadFile download utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FiledownloadListenerThe listener used with Filedownload.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
FileReaderConvenience class for reading character files.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
FilesFile related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
FileuploadA fileupload dialog used to let user upload a file.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
FileuploadA fileupload dialog used to let user upload a file.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FileuploadDlgUsed with Fileupload to implement the upload feature.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
FileWriterConvenience class for writing character files.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
FilterA filter is an object that performs filtering task on a request toSince:3.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
FilterChainA FilterChain is an object provided by ZK to the developer giving a view into the invocation chain of a filtered request.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
FilterConfigA filter configuration object used by a servlet container to pass information to a filter during initialization.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
FilterMapA map that allows the value to be evaluated before returning (so called For example, if you allow the value to have EL expressions and want toClassorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
Fisheye Available in ZK PE and ZK EE.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
FisheyebarA fisheye bar is a bar of Fisheye that is a menu similar to the fish eye menu on the Mac OS.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
FlashA generic flash component.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FontClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
FootDefines a set of footers (Footer) for a grid (Grid).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FooterA column of the footer of a grid (Grid).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FooterElementA skeletal implementation for a footer.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ForEachIterators thru a collection/array of items.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
ForEachUsed to denote a collection of elements.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ForEachThe basic iteration tag, accepting many different collection types and supporting sub-setting and other functionality like JSTL's forEachClassorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ForEachConverterconvert items in ForEach to ArrayListSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ForEachImplAn implementation of ForEach.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ForEachListDataListenerlisten the model data onChange event (support list model in ForEach)Since:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ForEachListModelDataEventserializable event in children binding (support list model in children binding)Since:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ForEachRendererRender data in ForEach itemsSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ForEachStatusRepresents the runtime information of each iteration caused by The main use is to get the object in the outer iteration:Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
FormVirtual Bean that associated with a form.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
FormClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
FormatedDateConverterConverter to convert String to Date.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converterZKoss (ZK)
FormatedNumberConverterConverter to convert String to Number.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converterZKoss (ZK)
FormatInputElementA skeletal implementation for an input box with format.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
FormattedTimeConverterConverter to convert String to Time (Date Object).Classorg.zkoss.bind.converterZKoss (ZK)
FormBeanValidatorA JSR 303 compatible validator for a form-binding.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bindZKoss (ZK)
FormBindingA binding tells how to deal with Load and Save between a form and a bean.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
FormBindingImplBase implementation of FormBinding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
FormFieldCleanerA helper interface for form filed data to clean up.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
FormProxyHandlerA form proxy handlerAuthor:jumperchenSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
FormProxyObjectThe interface implemented by proxy classes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
FormProxyObjectListenerThe interface implemented by form proxy classes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
FormStatusRepresents the runtime information of the FormSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
ForwardEventRepresents the event forwarded by the forward condition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ForwardInfoThe forward directive in the ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ForwardingCollectionA collection which forwards all its method calls to another collection.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.extZKoss (ZK)
ForwardingMapA map which forwards all its method calls to another map.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.extZKoss (ZK)
FramableIndicates a component that can be built-in collapsible, closable, maximizable, and minimizable behavior, along with a variety of pre-built tool Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
FrozenA frozen component to represent a frozen column or row in grid, like MS Excel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
FulfillEventRepresents the fulfill condition has been applied.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
FullComposerA decorative interface used with Composer (and/or ComposerExt) to indicate that it requires the full control.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
FunctionRepresents a XEL function.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
FunctionDefinitionRepresents a function defined in a taglib.Classorg.zkoss.xel.taglibZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperUsed to customize the way to map between the XEL function names and the Function methods.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperExt The default evaluator ignores this interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperFactoryClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperImplClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
FunctionMapperInfoA definition of the function mapper (FunctionMapper).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
FunnelChartConfigThe funnel chart property lets you control a variety of functional elements on the chart with {link SingleValueCategoryModel}.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
FusionchartThe Fusionchart component.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
FusionchartEngineFusionchart engine is an engine that do the fusionchart XML building.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchartZKoss (ZK)
FusionInvokerThe fusion invocation handler.Classorg.zkoss.lang.reflectZKoss (ZK)
GanttChartCategoriesPropertiesListClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
GanttChartConfigThe GanttFusionchartProperty lets you control a variety of functional elements on the chart.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
GanttChartHeaderPropertiesMapClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
GanttChartSeriesPropertiesMapClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
GanttModelA data model for Gantt chart.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GanttTableConfigA table config for gnatt chart table.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
GanttTableRendererThe GanttTableRenderer was used to render the Fusionchart XML String with GanttTableModel (ListModel).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchartZKoss (ZK)
GenericAutowireComposerA skeletal composer that you can extend and write intuitive onXxx event handler methods with "auto-wired" accessible variable objects suchClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
GenericComposerA skeletal composer that you can extend and write intuitive onXxx event handler methods; this class will registers onXxx events to the supervised component automatically.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
GenericDeviceA skeletal implementation of Device.Classorg.zkoss.zk.deviceZKoss (ZK)
GenericEventListenerAn abstract event listener that you can extend and write intuitive onXxx event handler methods; this class dispatch event to the implemented onXxx event handler methodsClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
GenericFilterA generic class to help implementing servlet filter.Classorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
GenericForwardComposerA skeletal composer that you can extend and write intuitive onXxx$myid event handler methods with auto event forwarding and "auto-wired" accessible Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
GenericInitiatorA skeletal implementation that provides does-nothing for all methods, such that the deriving class needs only to implement the required method.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
GenericInterpreterA skeletal class for implementing a interpreter (Interpreter).Classorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.utilZKoss (ZK)
GenericRichletDefines a generic richlet.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
GenericsUtilities to handle generic types, such as converting a non-type object to a generic type without warning.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
GlobalCommandMarker annotation to identify a Global Command method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
GlobalCommandEventThe global-command eventSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
GlobalDesktopCacheProviderA implementation of DesktopCacheProvider that stores all desktops from the same Web application into one desktop cache.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
GridA grid is an element that contains both rows and columns elements.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GridDataLoaderGeneric Grid data loader.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
GridModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the grid for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
GroovyInterpreterClassorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.groovyZKoss (ZK)
GroupRepresents an item might have children.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
GroupAdds the ability for single level grouping to the Grid.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupboxGroups a set of child elements to have a visual effect.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupComparatorA comparison function used to compare the group order of two objects, and the order of them in the group if they belongs to the same group.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupEventQueueThe implementation of the group-scoped event queue.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
GroupfootGroupfoot serves as a summary row of group.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupingInfoRepresents the runtime information of each iteration caused by GroupsModelSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
GroupRendererExtProvides additional control to RowRenderer for instantiating Group and Groupfoot.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupsDataEventDefines an event that encapsulates changes to a list of groups.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
GroupsDataListenerDefines the methods used to listener when the content of GroupsModel is changed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
GroupsListModelEncapsulates GroupsModel as an instance of ListModel such that it is easier to handle by Listbox and Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
GroupsModelThe interface defines a suitable data model for grouping Listbox H: the class representing a group header,Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupsModelArrayAn array implementation of GroupsModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
GroupsSelectableModelIndicate a groups model that supports selection.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
GroupsSortableModelAn extra interface that can be implemented with GroupsModel to control the sorting and grouping of the data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
GsonConverterA Gson converter for Binding ParameterSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bindZKoss (ZK)
GsonConverterA Gson converter for Service ParameterSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.uiZKoss (ZK)
H1Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
H2Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
H3Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
H4Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Hbox Default Box.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
HeadClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
HeaderElementA skeletal implementation for a header.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
HeaderInfoRepresents a header element, such as and directives on the ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
HeaderParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
HeadersElementA skeletal implementation for headers, the parent of a group of HeaderElement.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
HibernateSessionContextListenerListener to make sure each ZK thread got the same hibernate session context; used with Hibernate's "thread" session context (org.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.hibernateZKoss (ZK)
HibernateSessionFactoryListenerListener to init and cleanup the hibernate session factory automatically.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.hibernateZKoss (ZK)
HibernateUtilUtility to access Hibernate Session.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.hibernateZKoss (ZK)
HierachicalAwareAn extra interface implemented by an interpreter (Interpreter) if it supports the hierarchical scopes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.scriptingZKoss (ZK)
HiLoModelA HiLo chart data model (date, open, close, high, low, volumn) usually used inAuthor:henrichenSee Also:Chart, Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
HlayoutDefault getZclass(): z-hlayout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
HrClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
HtmlClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
HtmlA component used to embed the browser native content (i.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
HtmlBasedComponentA skeletal implementation for HTML based components.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
HtmlMacroComponentThe implementation of a macro component for HTML-based clients.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
HtmlNativeComponentA component used to represent XML elements that are associated with the native namespace (http://www.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
HtmlPageRendersUtilities for implementing HTML-based PageRenderer.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
HTMLsUtilities for HTML attributes and styles.Classorg.zkoss.htmlZKoss (ZK)
HtmlShadowElementA skeleton of shadow element that represents as a shadow tree.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
HtmlTreeBuilderA HTML tree builder for parsing a content of a page into a idom tree.Classorg.zkoss.zhtml.implZKoss (ZK)
HttpAuWriterThe writer used to write the output back to the (ZK)
HttpBufferedResponseClassorg.zkoss.web.servlet.httpZKoss (ZK)
HttpsThe Servlet-related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.httpZKoss (ZK)
HttpSessionListenerUsed to clean up desktops that a session owns.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
HttpSessionListener23The listener works with Servlet 2.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
IClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
I18NsInternationalization utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
IdentityComparatorThe comparator uses == and System.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
IdentityHashSetLike java.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
IdGeneratorUsed to generate UUID of components and pages and ID of desktops.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
IDOMFactoryA DOM factory.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idom.inputZKoss (ZK)
IDOMsThe iDOM relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.idom.utilZKoss (ZK)
IdSpace to denote that all its descendant and itself forms an independent ID space.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
IdspaceJust like DIV tag but implements IdSpace.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
IfTests whether an condition is true and render the child only if the condition is true.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
IfThe conditional execution of its body according to the value of theSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
IframeClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
IframeIncludes an inline frame.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
IllegalSyntaxExceptionRepresents a syntax error.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
ImageRepresents an image.Interfaceorg.zkoss.imageZKoss (ZK)
Image To turn on the preload image function for this component, you have to specify the component's attribute map with key "org.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ImageContentConverterClassorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ImageEncoderRepresents an image encoder used to encode an AWT image into a particular format, such as PNG.Interfaceorg.zkoss.image.encoderZKoss (ZK)
ImageEncodersThe factory of the image encodes.Classorg.zkoss.image.encoderZKoss (ZK)
Imagemap There are two ways to use Imagemap: Listen to the onClick event, which is an instance ofClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ImagesUtilities to handle images.Classorg.zkoss.imageZKoss (ZK)
ImgClassorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.action.htmlZKoss (ZK)
ImgClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ImmutableFieldsMarker annotation to indicate all of the fields returned from the given class are immutable (no setter).Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ImplicitObjectContributorInterfaceorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ImplicitObjectContributorImplcontribute implicit object of zkbind ELSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ImplicitObjectELResolverELResolver for implicit object that is not supported in zk elSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ImportedClassResolverThe class resolve that allows to import classes and packages, like Java's import statement does.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ImportHandlerClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
InaccessibleWidgetBlockServiceInaccessible Widget Block Service (IWBS) used to block the request sent by an inaccessible widget (at the client).Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.auZKoss (ZK)
IncludeIncludes another URL.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
IncludeIncludes the result generated by any servlet, not limited to a ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Includer it might include another ZUML page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
IndirectBindingAn indirect binding, a kind of reference binding, but it won't create a sub-tracking tree to get two way bindings, and it is used for children binding internally.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
Init Marker annotation to identify a initial method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
InitClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
InitChildrenBindingChildrenBinding for init-loading into children component from backing bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
InitChildrenBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
InitFormBindingBinding for init a form.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
InitFormBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
Initiator in the init directive.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
InitiatorExtAn extra interface that can be implemented with Initiator to have the better control.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
InitiatorInfoThe init directive in the ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
InitPropertyBindingPropertyBinding for init-loading into component attribute from backing bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
InitPropertyBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
InputClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
InputElementA skeletal implementation of an input box.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
InputEventRepresents an event cause by user's input something at the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
InsClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
IntboxAn edit box for holding an integer.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
IntegerPropertyAccessAn Integer property class.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
IntegersClassorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
InterpretationDefines an interpretation of a DSP page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
InterpreterThe interpreter of the DSP file.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
InterpreterRepresents an interpreter that can interpret the scripting codes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.scriptingZKoss (ZK)
InterpreterNotFoundExceptionDenotes the interpreter of the requested scripting language not found.Classorg.zkoss.zk.scriptingZKoss (ZK)
InterpretersThe utilities to access interpreters (Interpreter).Classorg.zkoss.zk.scriptingZKoss (ZK)
InterpreterServletThe servlet used to interpret the DSP file (Potix Dynamic Script Page).Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
IntPropertyAccessAn int property class.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
IsindexClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ItemRepresents an item (a.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
ItemRendererUsed to generated the HTML fragment for the data associated with a component, such as Selectbox.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
JacksonConverterA Jackson Converter for Binding ParameterSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bindZKoss (ZK)
JacksonConverterA Jackson Converter for Service ParameterSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.uiZKoss (ZK)
JasperreportThe JasperReport component.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
JasperreportExporterFactoryThe factory for Jasper Reports.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
JavaScriptValueUsed to generate a snippet of the JavaScript code.Classorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JFreeChartEngineA chart engine implemented with JFreeChart.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
JHLabsCaptchaEngineA captcha engine implemented with JH Labs libraries.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
JJTELParserStateClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
JndiVariableResolverClassorg.zkoss.zkplus.jndiZKoss (ZK)
JpaUtilThis class is used to create and hold open EntityManagerFactory objects within a Java EE environment.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.jpaZKoss (ZK)
JPEGEncoderThe encoder for encoding an image into the JPEG formatSince:3.Classorg.zkoss.image.encoderZKoss (ZK)
JQueryRenderCachedPatchUsed to patch the rendering result of a ZK portlet for Liferay.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.liferayZKoss (ZK)
JQueryRenderPatchUsed to patch the rendering result of a ZK portlet for Liferay.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.liferayZKoss (ZK)
JRubyInterpreterClassorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.jrubyZKoss (ZK)
JsContentRendererAn implementation of ContentRenderer that renders the content as a JavaScript property (i.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
JSCumulativeContentRendererAn implementation of ContentRenderer that renders the content as a JavaScript property (i.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
JSONArrayA JSON array.Classorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JSONAwareBeans that support customized output of JSON text shall implement this interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JSONObjectA JSON object.Classorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JSONParserParser for JSON text.Classorg.zkoss.json.parserZKoss (ZK)
JSONsUtilities to JSON-ize objects that JSON is not aware, such as Date.Classorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JSONValueUtilities to encode and decode data in JSON format.Classorg.zkoss.jsonZKoss (ZK)
JspFnsUtilities to generate ZK related information in JSP pages.Classorg.zkoss.zk.fnZKoss (ZK)
JVMsUtilities of Java Virtual Machine.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
JythonInterpreterThe Python interpreter based on jython.Classorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.jythonZKoss (ZK)
KbdClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
KeyEventRepresents a key pressed by the user.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
LabelClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Label Default getZclass(): z-label.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
LabelElementA XUL element with a label.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
LabelImageElementA XUL element with a label (LabelElement.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
LabelLoaderThe label loader interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resource.implZKoss (ZK)
LabelLoaderImplThe label loader (implementation only).Classorg.zkoss.util.resource.implZKoss (ZK)
LabelLocatorA locater used to locate extra resource for Labels.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LabelLocator2A locater used to locate extra resource for Labels into Once registered (by Labels.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LabelsUtilities to access labels.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LambdaExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
LanguageDefinitionA definition of a language, such as xul.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
LayoutClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
LayoutRegionA layout region in a border layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
LegendClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
LiClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
LibraryRepresent the scope of ZK libraries.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
LinkClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Listbox SelectEvent is sent when user changes the selection.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListboxDataLoaderGeneric Listbox data loader.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ListboxListModelConverterThe TypeConverter implementation for converting collection to ListModel of a listboxSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
ListboxModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the listbox for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ListboxSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ListboxSelectedItemConverterConvert listbox selected listitem to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
ListboxSelectedItemsConverterConvert listbox selected listitems to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
Listcell Default getZclass(): z-listcell (since 5.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListDataEventDefines an event that encapsulates changes to a list.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ListDataListenerDefines the methods used to listener when the content of ListModel is changed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ListELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ListenAnnotation for specifying Event handling in (ZK)
ListfootA row of Listfooter.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListfooterA column of the footer of a list box (Listbox).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListgroupAdds the ability for single level grouping to the Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListgroupfootListgroupfoot serves as a summary listitem of listgroup.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListgroupRendererExtProvides additional control to ListitemRenderer for instantiating Listgroup and Listgroupfoot.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListheadA list headers used to define multi-columns and/or headers.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListheaderThe list header which defines the attributes and header of a column Its parent must be Listhead.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Listitem Default getZclass(): z-listitem (since 5.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListitemComparatorA comparator used to compare Listitem, if not live data, or the data themselves, if live data.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListitemRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Listbox.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListitemRendererExtProvides additional control to ListitemRenderer.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelThis interface defines the methods that components like Listbox and Grid use to get the content of items.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelArrayThis is the ListModel as an Object array to be used with Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelConverterThe TypeConverter implementation for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
ListModelELResolverELResolver for ListModel.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ListModelListThis is the ListModel as a List to be used with Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelMapThis is the ListModel as a Map to be used with Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelsA utility for handling ListModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelSetThis is the ListModel as a Set to be used with Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListModelSharerThis interface is created for sharing model to different desktop's component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
ListProxyClassorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
ListSubModelAn extra interface that can be implemented with ListModel to control the extract of the combobox.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
LiveGridDataLoaderData Loader that handle the live data loading into Grid.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
LiveListboxDataLoaderData Loader that handle the live data loading into Listbox.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
LoadBindingBinding for loading.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
LoadChildrenBindingChildrenBinding for loading children of component from backing bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
LoadChildrenBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
LoaderA loader that could load a resource to another format.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LoadFormBindingBinding for load a form.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
LoadFormBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
LoadInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
LoadPropertyBindingPropertyBinding for load into component attribute from backing bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
LoadPropertyBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
LoadStatusDenote the status whether a on-demand-loading item is loaded.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
LoadTemplateBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
LocalesThe locale relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
LocationRepresents a location information inside a document.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LocatorA locator that is able to locate a resource.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LocatorThe interface represents the source locator.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xmlZKoss (ZK)
LocatorsUtilities to load and locate resources.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
LocatorsUtilities to handle Locator.Classorg.zkoss.xmlZKoss (ZK)
Log private static final Log log = Log.Classorg.zkoss.util.loggingZKoss (ZK)
LongboxAn edit box for holding an integer.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
LongsLong relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
LoopStatusExposes the current status of an iteration.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
MacroInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
MacroDefinitionThe macro component definition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.implZKoss (ZK)
MacroStateCtxThe real power of StateMachine.Classorg.zkoss.fsmZKoss (ZK)
MapClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
MapELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
MapProxyA proxy object to implement MapSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
MapsUtilities for process Map.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
MatrixComparatorProviderInterfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
MatrixModelThe interface defines the methods that components like Biglistbox to get the content of cells and headers from the matrix data.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
MatrixRendererUsed to generated the HTML fragment for the data associated with a matrix component, such as BiglistboxInterfaceorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
MaximizeEventRepresents an event caused by a component being maximized.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
MCommonInterfaceorg.zkoss.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MediaRepresents any multi-media, such as a voice, a pdf file, an excel file, an image and so on.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.mediaZKoss (ZK)
MediaTypeResolverThe MediaTypeResolver interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.mediaZKoss (ZK)
MenuClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
MenuAn element, much like a button, that is placed on a menu bar.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
MenubarA container that usually contains menu elements.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
MenuitemA single choice in a Menupopup element.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
MenupopupA container used to display menus.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
MenuseparatorUsed to create a separator between menu items.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Merger to indicate a component is capable to merge with its sibling and children.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.renderZKoss (ZK)
MeshElementThe fundamental class for mesh elements such as Grid, Listbox, and Tree.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
MessageableInterfaceorg.zkoss.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MessageboxRepresents the message box.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
MessageboxRepresents the message box.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
MessageboxDlgUsed with Messagebox to implement a message box.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
MessageConstDefines the constants of message codes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MessageFactoryClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
MessageFormatsThe message formatting relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.textZKoss (ZK)
MessageLoaderThe interface for loading messages as String output.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
MessagesThe message manager.Classorg.zkoss.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MetaClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
MethodExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
MethodExpressionImplAn Expression that refers to a method on an object.Classorg.zkoss.zel.implZKoss (ZK)
MethodExpressionLiteralClassorg.zkoss.zel.implZKoss (ZK)
MethodFunctionA XEL function based on java.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
MethodInfoClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
MethodNotFoundExceptionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
MilestonePropertiesListClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
MinimizeEventRepresents an event caused by a component being minimized.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
MiscUtilClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
MonitorA listener to monitor the status of ZK engine.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
MouseEventRepresents an event cause by mouse activity.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
MoveEventRepresents an event caused by a component being moved.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
MultiCacheA CacheMap that uses multiple instanceof CacheMap to speed up It creates multiple instances of CacheMap, calledClassorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
MultiComposerTo proxy a collection of composers.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
MutableIntegerRepresents an integer that can be modified.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
MVELFactoryAn implementation based on MVEL.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.mvelZKoss (ZK)
MWebInterfaceorg.zkoss.web.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MZkInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.mesgZKoss (ZK)
MZulInterfaceorg.zkoss.zul.mesgZKoss (ZK)
NamesUtilities about variable's names.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
NamespaceRepresents the namespace.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
NamespaceableRepresents a class that supports namespace.Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
NamespaceParserA namespace parser to handle the different namespace for the attributesSince:7.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
Native a native component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
NativeHelpersUtilities for implementing Native.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
NativeInfoRepresents the component information about the native components.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
NavA container is used to display navitems, it should be placed inside a Supported event: onOpen.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
NavbarA container that usually contains nav elements.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
NavitemA single choice in a Navbar or Nav element.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
NavseparatorUsed to create a separator between menu items.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
NobrClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
NodeInterfaceorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
NodeInfoRepresent a node in a ZUML metainfo tree.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
NodesNode related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.xmlZKoss (ZK)
NodeVisitorInterfaceorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
NonFellowDecorates Component to denote that the component won't become a fellow of the ID space it belongs.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
NonRootContextJQueryRenderPatchUsed to patch the rendering result of a ZK portlet for Liferay.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.liferayZKoss (ZK)
NorthA north region of a border layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
NotableLinkedListLinked list implementation of the List interface that provides the callback methods such as onAdd(E, E), onSet(E, E)Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
NotifyChangeNotify value change.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
NotifyChangeInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
NotifyCommandNotify a command to either server or client.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
NotifyCommandsNotify a set of commands to either server or client.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
NullInputStreamAn input stream that returns nothing, a.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
NullReaderA reader that returns nothing, a.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
NullWriterA writer that drops all output.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
NumberInputElementA skeletal implementation for number-type input box.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ObjectClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ObjectBooleanConverterConverter to convert boolean to Object.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converterZKoss (ZK)
ObjectPropertyAccessAn Object proeprty typeSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ObjectsUtilities related to the Object class.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
OGNLFactoryAn implementation based on OGNL.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.ognlZKoss (ZK)
OlClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
OpenableIndicate an openable collection.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
OpenEntityManagerInViewListenerListener to init and cleanup the JPA entityManager automatically In WEB-INF/zk.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.jpaZKoss (ZK)
OpenEventRepresents an event cause by user's opening or closing something at the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
OpenSessionInViewListenerListener to init and cleanup the hibernate session automatically, implement the Hibernate's "Open Session In View" pattern without JTA support.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.hibernateZKoss (ZK)
OperationThis interface is for model sharer developer only, you rarely need to use this interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
OperationExceptionThe expectable system exception denoting user's operation errors.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
OperationExceptionThe operation exception is a special UI exception that happens 'reasonably' -- usually caused by user rather than by programming error.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
OperationQueueA queue for storing Operation and is thread-safe.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
OperationQueueListenerThis class is for model sharer developer only, you rarely need to use this class.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
OperationThreadThis class is for model sharer developer only, you rarely need to use this class.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
OptgroupClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
OptionClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
OptionalClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.streamZKoss (ZK)
OtherwiseRepresents the last alternative within a Choose action.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
OtherwiseA switch statement has default clause to specify a default action and similar way choose has otherwise as default clause.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
OutGenerates the specified value into a string.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
PClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
PaddingControl the padding height of a component(Used mainly for component developing).Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
PageThe page action used to set the page info, such as the content type.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
PageA page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
PageableRepresents a component that can be displayed in multiple pages but cannot be controlled by an external paging controller.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
PageActivationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a page, when the session is going to be deactivated or has been activated.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
PageConfigRepresents the info used to initialize a page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PageContextRepresents a page context.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
PageCtrlAddition interface to Page for implementation purpose.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PageDefinition It represents a ZUL page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
PageDefinitionsUtilities to retrieve page definitions.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
PageImplAn implementation of Page and PageCtrl.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
PageRendererThe page render for ZHTML pages.Classorg.zkoss.zhtml.implZKoss (ZK)
PageRendererThe page render used to render a page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PageRendererThe page render for XML pages.Classorg.zkoss.zml.implZKoss (ZK)
PageRendererThe page render for ZUL pages.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
PageRenderPatchA patch that is used to process the rendering result of a page.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PageSerializationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a page, when the page is going to be serialized or has been deserialized.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
PageSizeEventUsed to notify the paging size has been changed when the autopaging (MeshElement.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
PaginalRepresents a component that is used to control how to display other components in multiple pages.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
PaginatedIndicates a component that can be controller by an external paging controller (i.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
PagingPaging of long content.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PagingEventUsed to notify that a new page is selected by the user, or by Paginal (such as Paging).Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
PagingEventPublisherProvide methods to manage PagingListenersSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PagingListenerProvide a shortcut for PagingEventListenerSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
PairA pair of keys.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
PanelPanel is a container that has specific functionality and structural components that make it the perfect building block for application-oriented user interfaces.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PanelchildrenPanelchildren is used for Panel component to manage each child who will be shown in the body of Panel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ParamCallTo help invoke a method with BindingParam etc.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ParameterMapRepresents a parameter map.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
ParseExceptionParseException explains why and where the error occurs in source JSON text.Classorg.zkoss.json.parserZKoss (ZK)
ParseExceptionThis exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
ParseExceptionException thrown for illegal selector (ZK)
ParserClassorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.implZKoss (ZK)
ParserClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ParserA parser that parses selector string and generates selector (ZK)
PathClass that holding a dot series path and process Form field name.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
PathA representation of a component path.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
PathELResolverHandle dot series path when evaluating expression.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
PerformanceMeterAn application-level listener to measure the performance of the processing of client Note: ZK doesn't fork another low-priority thread to call theInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
PhaseThe Phase of PhaseListener when doing binding.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
PhaseListenerA call back listener that allow user to intervene the execution life cycle.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
PieChartConfigThe pie chart property lets you control a variety of functional elements on the chart with {link org.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
PieModelA Pie chart data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PNGEncoderThe encoder for encoding an image into the PNG formatSince:3.Classorg.zkoss.image.encoderZKoss (ZK)
PollingServerPushA server-push implementation that is based on client-polling.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
PopupA container that is displayed as a popup.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PortalchildrenThe column of Portallayout.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
PortallayoutA portal layout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more panel.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
PortalMoveEventRepresents an event caused by a portal being moved.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
PortletHttpSessionA facade of PortletSession for implementing HttpSession.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
PortletModesUtilities to handles PortletMode.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
PortletsUtilities to handle portlet.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
PortletServletContextA facade servlet context based on a given portlet context.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
PortletServletDispatcherA facade of a PortletRequestDispatch for implementing RequestDispatcher.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
PotentialDeadLockExceptionDenote a potential dead lock might occur.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
PreClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
PrimitivesUtilities regarding primitive type and its wrapper class.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
ProcessingInstructionThe iDOM processing instruction.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
ProcessPropertiesMapClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
ProgressmeterA progress meter is a bar that indicates how much of a task has been completed.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
PrologAllowed if it is able to generate the specified prolog before its real content.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.ext.renderZKoss (ZK)
PropertiesProxyClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
PropertiesRendererA renderer used to render custom properties for particular components.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PropertyRepresent a property of a base object in the binding.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
PropertyInformation about how to initialize a property (a.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
PropertyAccessA property access interface to speed up Java reflection performance.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
PropertyBindingA binding tells how to deal with Load or Save a field of a source object (usually an UI component) and a property of a target object(usually a backing bean).Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
PropertyBindingImplA base implementation of PropertyBinding.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
PropertyBundleThe property bundle.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
PropertyChangeEventThe property-change eventSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
PropertyExpressionAn implementation of component property expression to evaluate it with a reflection method call instead of EL resolving.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
PropertyImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
PropertyNotFoundExceptionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
PropertyNotFoundExceptionRepresents the a property (a.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
PropertyNotWritableExceptionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ProxyEventUsed to proxy another event.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
ProxyHelperA proxy helper class to create a proxy cache mechanism for Set, List, Collection,Since:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
PseudoClassThe model representing a pseudo class in (ZK)
PseudoClassDefThe model of pseudo class (ZK)
PseudoElementThe model representing a pseudo element in (ZK)
QClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
QueryParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
Radio Radio buttons without a ancestor Radiogroup is considered The nearest ancestor Radiogroup is the group that the radioClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Radiogroup Note: To support the versatile layout, a radio group accepts any kind of children, including Radio.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RadiogroupModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the radiogroup for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
RadiogroupSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
RadiogroupSelectedItemConverterConvert Radiogroup selected item to radio value and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
RadiogroupSelectedItemConverterConvert Radiogroup selected item to radio value and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
RadioRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Radiogroup.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RawThe raw component used to generate raw HTML elements.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
RawIdDecorates Component to denote that the UUID (Component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
Readonly that a component can be set to readonly.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
ReferenceBindingA reference to an expression.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
ReferenceBindingHandlerInterfaceorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ReferenceBindingHandlerImplClassorg.zkoss.zkex.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ReferenceBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ReflectionsA collection of reflection (ZK)
ReflectionUtilUtilities for Managing Serialization and ReflectionAuthor:Jacob Hookom [jacob@hookom.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
RemoveThe remove action used to remove an attribute.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
RendererCtrlThis interface defines the methods components like Listbox use to notify the renderer for several circumstance.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RenderEventRepresents the onRender event.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
RenderHttpServletRequestA facade of RenderRequest that implements HttpServletRequest.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
RenderHttpServletResponseA facade of RenderResponse that implements HttpServletRespose.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
RendersUtilities to embed ZK component(s) as a native JSF component, a JSP tag, Zimlet or others.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.embedZKoss (ZK)
RenderUtilsClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.renderZKoss (ZK)
RepeatableUsed to decorate java.Interfaceorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
RepeatableInputStreamRepeatableInputStream adds functionality to another input stream, the ability to read repeatedly.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
RepeatableMediaRepeatableMedia adds functionality to another media, the ability to read repeatedly.Classorg.zkoss.util.mediaZKoss (ZK)
RepeatableReaderRepeatableReader adds functionality to another reader, the ability to read repeatedly.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
RequestContextThe context used to simplify the signatures of XEL function.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
RequestContextsRequestContexts maintains a stack of RequestContext to simplify the signatures of the XEL function.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
RequestInfoThe request information used with UiFactory.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
RequestInfoImplAn implementation of RequestInfo.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
RequestInterceptorUsed to intercept the requests for the ZK Loader and Update Engine.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
RequestOutOfSequenceExceptionIndicates a request is out-of-sequence, and the request shall be ignored.Classorg.zkoss.zk.auZKoss (ZK)
RequestQueueA queue of AuRequest.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
RequestQueueImplAn implementation of RequestQueue behaving as a queue of AuRequest.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
RequestScopeRepresents the request scope.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
RequestXelResolverA XEL variable resolver that is based on Servlet request, response,Since:3.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
ResolverMapA Map interface on top of VariableResolver.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
ResolverProxyA proxy used to access VariableResolver andSince:5.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.ognlZKoss (ZK)
ResourceBundleELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ResourceCacheUsed to cache resources.Classorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ResourceCacheUsed to cache Servlet resources.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ResourceCachesUtilities to load (and parse) the Servlet resource.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ResourceHttpServletRequestA facade of ResourceRequest that implements HttpServletRequest.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
ResourceHttpServletResponseA facade of ResourceResponse that implements HttpServletResponse.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
ResourceLoaderA semi-implemented loader to used with ResourceCaches.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ResponseHeaderInfoRepresents a setting of a response header.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ResponsiveThemeRegistryA standard implementation of ThemeRegistry, used in ZK EE Used to keep track of a separate list of available tablet themes.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.themeZKoss (ZK)
RhinoInterpreterRhino-based JavaScript interpreter.Classorg.zkoss.zk.scripting.rhinoZKoss (ZK)
RichletDefines methods that all richlets must implement.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
RichletConfigA richlet configuration object used by a richlet container to pass information to a richlet during initialization.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
RichletConfigImplAn implementation of RichletConfig.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
RichletFilterA filter used for ZK Richlet To enable this filter, you can specify the following statement into web.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
RoundingModesUtilities to handle the rounding mode.Classorg.zkoss.mathZKoss (ZK)
RowA single row in a Rows element.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowchildrenRowchildren component is used for placing components inside the grid created by rowlayout component.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowComparatorA comparator used to compare Row, if not live data, or the data themselves, if live data.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowlayoutDivide the parent container into a row of equal-width columns separated by spacings.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Grid.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowRendererExtProvides additional control to RowRenderer.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
RowsDefines the rows of a grid.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SampClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SaveBindingInterfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
SaveFormBindingBinding for saving a form.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
SaveFormBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
SaveInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
SavePropertyBindingPropertyBinding for save from component attribute into backing bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
SavePropertyBindingImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
SAXBuilderThe builder based on SAX parsers.Classorg.zkoss.idom.inputZKoss (ZK)
SAXHandler It implements ContentHandler, LexicalHandler and DeclHandler.Classorg.zkoss.idom.inputZKoss (ZK)
SchedulerA scheduler that is able to schedule a task to execute asynchronously.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ScopeThe implicit scopes of zk for ScopeParam.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ScopeRepresents a scope of attributes.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
ScopeListenerA listener used to listen whether a scope (Scope) is changed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
ScopeListenersUtilities to implement Scope.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
ScopeParamMarker annotation to identify the name of a parameter of a method.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
ScopesUtilities to manage the current scope (Scope).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.extZKoss (ZK)
ScriptManagerA manager to manage the script of WPD.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ScriptManagerImplThe default implementation of the script manager (ScriptManager).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ScriptManagerImplThe implementation of the script manager (ScriptManager).Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ScrollEventRepresents an event caused by that user is scrolling or has scrolled at the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ScrollEventExtRepresents an event caused by that user is scrolling or has scrolled at the client for Biglistbox component and provides more informationClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ScrollviewA container that can scroll containing elements on touch devices.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
SelectClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SelectableIndicate a selectable collection or component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
SelectboxA light weight dropdown list.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SelectboxListModelConverterThe TypeConverter implementation for converting collection to ListModel of a gridSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
SelectboxModelConverterThe Converter implementation of the selectbox for converting collection to ListModel and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
SelectboxSelectedIndexConverterConvert selected index to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
SelectboxSelectedItemConverterConvert listbox selected listitem to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
SelectedComboitemConverterConvert the selected item of combobox to bean.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
SelectedItemConverterConvert selected item to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
SelectEventRepresents an event cause by user's the list selection is changedAuthor:tomyehSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
SelectionControlIndicate a selection control for SelectableSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
SelectionEventRepresents an event cause by user's the active selection which is a highlighted block of text.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
SelectorThe model representing a (ZK)
SelectorComposerA composer analogous to GenericForwardComposer.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.selectZKoss (ZK)
SelectorParamMarker annotation to identify the component of a parameter of a method The value() is the selector to find components.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
SelectorsA collection of selector related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.selectZKoss (ZK)
SelectorsExtClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.selectZKoss (ZK)
SEORendererA plugin that an application could add to generate application-specific SEO content.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
Separator Default getZclass() is "z-separator".Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SerializableAwareAn extra interface implemented by an interpreter (Interpreter) if it supports serialization.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.scriptingZKoss (ZK)
SerializableEventListenerA serializable event listener that will be notified when an event occurs, if it is registered to Component.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
SerializableMethodA wrapper of java.Classorg.zkoss.lang.reflectZKoss (ZK)
SerializablesUtilities to handle java.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
SerializableSessionSerializable Session.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SerializableUiFactoryThe serializable implementation of UiFactory.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SeriesPropertiesMapClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
ServerPushRepresents a server-push controller.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ServerPushEventQueueThe default implementation of the server-push based event queueSince:5.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.event.implZKoss (ZK)
ServletContextLocatorLocator based on ServletContext.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ServletDspContextA DSP context based on HTTP servlet request and response.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dspZKoss (ZK)
ServletFnsProviding servlet relevant functions for EL.Classorg.zkoss.web.fnZKoss (ZK)
ServletLabelLocatorUsed by Labels to load labels from a servlet context.Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ServletOutputStreamWrapperA facade of OutputStream for implementing ServletOutputStream.Classorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
ServletPortletDispatcherA facade of a RequestDispatch for implementing PortletRequestDispatcher.Classorg.zkoss.web.portletZKoss (ZK)
ServletRequestResolverUsed to resolve the variables defined in the request (such as DSP context and ZK's execution).Classorg.zkoss.web.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
ServletsThe servlet relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.web.servletZKoss (ZK)
Session To get the current session, use Sessions.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
SessionActivationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a session, when the session is going to be deactivated or has been activated.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
SessionCacheThe cache for storing ZK sessions.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
SessionCleanupUsed to clean up a session.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
SessionCtrlAdditional interface of Session for implementation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
SessionDesktopCacheProviderA implementation of DesktopCacheProvider that stores all desktops from the same session in one desktop cache.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
SessionInitUsed to initialize a session when it is created.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
SessionResolverUsed with SessionsCtrl.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
SessionResolverImplAn implementation of session resolver (SessionResolver) based on HTTP request.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SessionsUtilities to access Session.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
SessionsCtrlAn additional utilities for implementation related to Session.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
SessionSerializationListenerUsed to notify an object stored in a session, when the session is going to be serialized or has been deserialized.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
SetThe set action used to set an attribute.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
SetProxyThis class provides a proxy implementation of the Set interface.Classorg.zkoss.bind.proxyZKoss (ZK)
ShadowDefinitionImplA shadow element definition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.implZKoss (ZK)
ShadowElementA shadow element can allow to have a set of shadow elements to work with a component tree and it can also support with ZK MVVM to dynamically change theInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ShadowElementCtrlAn addition interface to ShadowElementSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
ShadowElementsCtrlUtilities for implementing components.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
ShadowInfoRepresent a shadow element.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ShadowTemplateA utility to let developers to apply shadow elements in Java class.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
ShowWindowEventListenerThe default listener to show a modal window for login and other things.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
SimpleBindXelContext This implementation is used to boost the resolver's lookup time, as long as the resolving variable matches self or the name of the VM's ID.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
SimpleCategoryModelA Category data model implementation of CategoryModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleCharStreamAn implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
SimpleClassResolverA simple resolver that depends on Classes.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
SimpleConstraintThe default constraint supporting no empty, regular expressions and so on.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleDateConstraintA simple date constraint.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleDesktopCacheA simple implementation of DesktopCache.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraintA simple double spinner constraint.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleEvaluatorA simple implementation of Evaluator.Classorg.zkoss.zk.xel.implZKoss (ZK)
SimpleFusionchartEngineClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.implZKoss (ZK)
SimpleGroupsModelA simple implementation of GroupsModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleHiLoModelA HiLo data model implementation of HiLoModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleListModelA simple implementation of ListModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleListModelSharerSimpleListModelSharer is a simple implementation of ListModelSharer Available in ZK PE and ZK EE.Classorg.zkoss.zkex.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleMapperA simple function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
SimpleNodeClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
SimplePieModelA Pie chart data model implementation of PieModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleResolverA simple resolver that retrieve variable from a map.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
SimpleScopeA simple implementation of Scope.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
SimpleSelectorSequenceThe model representing a sequence of simple (ZK)
SimpleSessionA non-serializable implementation of Session.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SimpleSessionCacheA simple implementation of SessionCache.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SimpleSingleValueCategoryModelA Pie chart data model implementation of SingleValueCategoryModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleSpinnerConstraintA simple spinner constraint.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleUiFactoryThe default implementation of UiFactory.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SimpleWebAppA servlet-based Web application.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
SimpleXelContextA simple implementation of XelContext.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
SimpleXYModelA XY data model implementation of XYModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SimpleXYZModelA XYZ data model implementation of XYZModel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SingleValueCategoryChartConfigThe chartPropery and categoryPropertiesMap property let you control a variety of functional elements on the chart (or a single category) Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
SingleValueCategoryModelA Pie chart data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SizeEventRepresents an event caused by a component being re-sized.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
Slider Default getZclass(): z-slider.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SmallClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SmartNotifyChangeNotify value change once it changed, unlike NotifyChange.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
SortableIndicate a data model that supports sorting.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
SortEventRepresents an event that indicates a sorting request to data.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
SortEventExtRepresents an event that indicates a sorting request to data for Biglistbox, and provides more information about the column index.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
SouthA south region of a border layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SpaceSpace is a Separator with the orient default to "vertical".Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SpanClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SpanThe same as HTML SPAN tag.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SpinnerAn edit box for holding a constrained integer.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SplitterAn element which should appear before or after an element inside a box (Box, Vbox and Hbox).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
SpringTransactionSynchronizationListenerListener to make sure each ZK thread got the same ThreadLocal value of the spring's org.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.springZKoss (ZK)
SpringUtilSpringUtil, a Spring utility.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.springZKoss (ZK)
StackInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
StandardBiMapA general-purpose bimap implementation using any two backing MapAuthor:Kevin Bourrillion, Mike BostockSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.extZKoss (ZK)
StandardELContextClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
StandardThemeA standard implementation of Theme.Classorg.zkoss.web.themeZKoss (ZK)
StandardThemeProviderA standard implementation of ThemeProvider for ZK PE, which works with the Breeze series themesClassorg.zkoss.zkex.themeZKoss (ZK)
StandardThemeProviderA standard implementation of ThemeProvider for ZK EE, which works with the Breeze series themes, and also supports standard-derived tablet themesClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.themeZKoss (ZK)
StandardThemeProviderClassorg.zkoss.zkplus.themeZKoss (ZK)
StandardThemeProviderA standard implementation of ThemeProvider for ZK CE, which works with the Breeze series themesClassorg.zkoss.zul.themeZKoss (ZK)
StateCtxA context for a State in a StateMachine, holding returning and transitionSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.fsmZKoss (ZK)
StateMachineA Finite State Machine implementation.Classorg.zkoss.fsmZKoss (ZK)
StaticFieldELResolverClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
StaticIdGeneratorUse this generator will generate fixed uuid for each component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
StatisticAn implementation of Monitor to accumulate statistic data It has no effect until you specify it in WEB-INF/zk.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
StorageA storage interface is used for ZK web application to store application data with a string key and a data type value.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
StreamClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.streamZKoss (ZK)
StreamELResolverImplClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.streamZKoss (ZK)
StringFnsFunctions to manipulate strings in EL.Classorg.zkoss.xel.fnZKoss (ZK)
StringKeysMapA skeletal implementation for Map to wrap something with enumeration of keys, which must be String.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.xelZKoss (ZK)
StringPropertyAccessA String property class.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
StringsClassorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
StrongClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
StubComponentA stub component is a 'degenerated' component that does not maintain the states at the server.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
StubEventThe event sent from a stub component (StubComponent.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
StubsComponentRepresents a tree of StubComponent that are merged into a single component.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
StyleClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
StyleThe style component used to specify CSS styles for the owner desktop.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
StyleSheetRepresents a style sheet.Classorg.zkoss.htmlZKoss (ZK)
SubClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SubscribeAnnotation for subscribing an EventQueue with the annotated (ZK)
SupClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
SuspendNotAllowedExceptionDenotes the current event processing thread cannot be suspended because there are too many suspended threads.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
SwipeEventRepresents an event that indicates swipe on a component and provides information about the swipe displacement, duration and direction.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
SynchronizedScopeA synchronized scope.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
SystemConvertersTo keep system level converters, the built-in converters are initialized when first accessing.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
SystemExceptionIndicates a system exception.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
SystemValidatorsTo keep system level validators, the built-in validators are initialized when first accessing.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
Tab Default getZclass(): z-tab.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Tabbox org.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TabboxEngineTabbox engine is an engine that do the model rendering for ListModelSince:7.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
TabboxEngineImplAn implementation engine for tabbox with model.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
TabboxModelConverterClassorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TabboxRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the tab and tabpanel in a Tabbox.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TabboxSelectedIndexConverterClassorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TabboxSelectedTabConverterConvert tabbox selected tab and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TabboxSelectedTabConverterConvert Tabbox selected Tab to Tab label and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
TableClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TablechildrenThe cell of Tablelayout.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
TablelayoutTablelayout lay outs a container as an HTML table whose columns can be specified, and rowspan and colspan of its child can also be specified toClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
TabletThemeProviderA Tablet Theme ProviderSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.initZKoss (ZK)
Tabpanel Default getZclass(): z-tabpanel.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TabpanelsA collection of tab panels.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TabsA collection of tabs (Tab).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TaglibRepresents a taglib.Classorg.zkoss.xel.taglibZKoss (ZK)
TaglibDefinitionRepresents the content of a taglib.Classorg.zkoss.xel.taglibZKoss (ZK)
TaglibMapperA function mapper that is capable to load function and class definitionsSince:3.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
TaglibsUtilities to handle taglib.Classorg.zkoss.xel.taglibZKoss (ZK)
TagRenderContextThe render context used to render the additional part (JavaScriptSince:5.Classorg.zkoss.zhtml.implZKoss (ZK)
TbeditorA component which is similar to ckeditor but is lightweight and efficient.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
TbodyClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TdClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TemplateRepresents a UI template that is used to create components.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
TemplateBasedShadowElementA template based skeleton classSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
TemplateInfoRepresent a template element.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
TemplateResolverResolver for TemplateSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
TemplateResolverImplThe resolver resolves template and handles template changesSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
TemplateResolverImplThe resolver resolves template and handles template changesSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
TemplatesUtils for looking up template.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
TextClassorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
TextRepresents a piece of text (of DOM).Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Textarea If you instantiate Textarea directly, you shall use Input.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
Textbox Default getZclass(): z-textbox.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TextInfoClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
TextualRepresents an object that is mainly for storing "text".Interfaceorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
TfootClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ThClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TheadClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ThemeA Theme encapsulates theme-specific attributes.Classorg.zkoss.web.themeZKoss (ZK)
ThemeFnsProviding theme relevant functions for EL.Classorg.zkoss.web.fnZKoss (ZK)
ThemePropertiesA utility theme properties loaderSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.web.fnZKoss (ZK)
ThemeProviderUsed to replace the theme defined in the language definitions (lang.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
ThemeRegistryUsed to store a list of themes available to the web application.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.themeZKoss (ZK)
ThemeResolverInterface for web-based theme resolution strategies that allows for both theme resolution via the request and theme selection via request and response.Interfaceorg.zkoss.web.themeZKoss (ZK)
ThemesUtilities for managing standard theme.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.themeZKoss (ZK)
ThemesFacade for accessing internal theming subsystem In most cases, users need not use the underlying theme registry andClassorg.zkoss.zul.themeZKoss (ZK)
ThreadLocalListenerListener to make sure servlet thread and ZK event thread got the same ThreadLocal values.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.utilZKoss (ZK)
ThreadLocalsThreadLocal related utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.utilZKoss (ZK)
ThreadsThread relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.langZKoss (ZK)
TimeboxAn input box for holding a time (a java.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TimepickerA combobox for holding a time (a java.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.zulZKoss (ZK)
TimerFires one or more Event after Timer is a special component that is invisible.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TimeZonesUtilities to access time-zone.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
TitleClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ToClientCommandNotify a command to client.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
TokenDescribes the input token stream.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
TokenThe model of Selector (ZK)
TokenizerA tokenizer of selector (ZK)
TokenMgrErrorToken Manager Error.Classorg.zkoss.zel.impl.parserZKoss (ZK)
Toolbar defaultpanel: since 3.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Toolbarbutton Non-xul extension: Toolbarbutton supports Button.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ToServerCommandNotify a command to server.Classorg.zkoss.bind.annotationZKoss (ZK)
TrClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TrackerBind tracker to maintain a binding dependency graph.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sys.trackerZKoss (ZK)
TrackerImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.tracker.implZKoss (ZK)
TrackerImplExClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
TrackerNodeTracker Node in a binding dependency graph.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sys.trackerZKoss (ZK)
TrackerNodeImplClassorg.zkoss.bind.tracker.implZKoss (ZK)
TransformerTransforms an iDOM Document.Classorg.zkoss.idom.transformZKoss (ZK)
TransformerClassorg.zkoss.zmlZKoss (ZK)
TreeA container which can be used to hold a tabular or hierarchical set of rows of elements.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeBuilderA tree builder for parsing a page to DocumentSince:8.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
TreeBuilderFactoryA tree builder factory to load a parser dynamicallySince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
Treecell In XUL, treecell cannot have any child, but ZUL allows it.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreechildrenClassorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Treecol Default getZclass(): z-treecol (since 5.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Treecols Default getZclass(): z-treecols (since 5.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeDataEventDefines an event that encapsulates changes to a tree.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
TreeDataListenerDefines the methods used to listener when the content of TreeModel is changed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
TreefootA row of Treefooter.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreefooterA column of the footer of a tree (Tree).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
Treeitem onOpen is sent when a tree item is opened or closed by user.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeitemComparatorA comparator used to compare Treeitem, if not live data, or the data themselves, if live data.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeitemRendererIdentifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Tree.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeModelThis interface defines the methods that component like Tree use to get the content of items.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeModelConverterClassorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TreeModelELResolverELResolver for TreeModel.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
TreeNodeDefines the requirements for a tree node object that can change -- by adding or removing child nodes, or by changing the contents ofInterfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeOpenableModelIndicate an openable collection or components.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
Treerow Default getZclass(): z-treerow (since 5.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
TreeSelectableModelIndicate a tree model that supports selection.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zul.extZKoss (ZK)
TreeSelectedItemConverterConvert tree selected treeitem to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TreeSelectedItemsConverterConvert tree selected treeitem to bean and vice versa.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converter.sysZKoss (ZK)
TrendLinePropertiesListClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
TtClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
TypeConverterClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
TypeConverterConverter to cast object class between UI Component attribute and backend data bean property.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zkplus.databindZKoss (ZK)
UiEngineUI engine is responsible to process requests from the client, sends the response back to the client with the assistance ofInterfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
UiEngineExtensionAn implementation of UiEngineImpl.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
UiEngineImplAn implementation of UiEngine to create and update components.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
UiExceptionRepresents a UI-relevant runtime exception.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
UiFactoryUsed to create Session, Desktop, Page, Component, Composer, and ServerPush.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
UiLifeCycleUsed to intercept the life cycle of UI, such as ComponentSince:3.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
UlClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
UploadEventRepresents that user has uploaded one or several files from the client to the server.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
UploadInfoService and post events if the upload is (ZK)
UriConverterConvert String into UriSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.converterZKoss (ZK)
URIEventThe URI update event used with onURIChange to notify that the associated URIClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
URIInfoRepresents an URI and how to use the URI.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
URIInterceptorUsed to intercept the loading of ZUML pages associated with the specified URI.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
URLReaderConvenience class for reading character files.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
UtilsClassorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
UtilsA collection of utilities for this package.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
UtilsUtilities to implement ZK.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
UtilsUtilities to handle the metainfo.Classorg.zkoss.zk.xel.implZKoss (ZK)
UtilsClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.implZKoss (ZK)
UtilsA collection of utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ValidationClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.utilZKoss (ZK)
ValidationContextThe context for validationSince:6.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
ValidationContextImplthe default implementation of validation contextSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ValidationInfoClassorg.zkoss.bind.sys.debugger.impl.infoZKoss (ZK)
ValidationMessagesTo provide the message binding between validator and binder.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bind.sysZKoss (ZK)
ValidationMessagesELResolverELResolver for ValidationMessages.Classorg.zkoss.bind.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ValidationMessagesImplCollection base implementation of ValidationMessagesSince:6.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ValidatorGeneric binding validation interface.Interfaceorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
ValueExpressionClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
ValueExpressionImplAn Expression that can get or set a value.Classorg.zkoss.zel.implZKoss (ZK)
ValueExpressionImplExAn extension of ValueExpressionImpl to do a lazy initiating EL expression construction.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
ValueExpressionLiteralClassorg.zkoss.zel.implZKoss (ZK)
ValueReferenceThis represents a base model object and one of its properties (EL 2.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
ValueReferenceClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
VarClassorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
VariableMapperClassorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
VariableMapperFactoryClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
VariableMapperImplClassorg.zkoss.zel.impl.langZKoss (ZK)
VariableResolverUsed to customize the way an Expression resolves variable references at evaluation time.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
VariableResolverAnnotation for adding variable resolvers to a (ZK)
VariableResolverInfoA definition of the variable resolver (VariableResolver).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
VariableResolverXAn extension of VariableResolver to have more control to resolve the variables.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
VariablesInfoThe information about the variables element in the ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
Vbox Default Box.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
VerifierThe verifier to verify W3C/DOM related constraints.Classorg.zkoss.idomZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK Binding.Classorg.zkoss.bindZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version info of the Potix Common Library.Classorg.zkossZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK Web Library.Classorg.zkoss.webZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version info of the ZK EL Library.Classorg.zkoss.zelZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK ZHTML component set.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe ZK version info.Classorg.zkoss.zkZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZUL extension.Classorg.zkoss.zkexZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK Performance Maximization Addon.Classorg.zkoss.zkmaxZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK Plus utilities.Classorg.zkoss.zkplusZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK XML component set.Classorg.zkoss.zmlZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK XUL component set.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
VersionThe version of the ZK UI Template Injection Addon.Classorg.zkoss.zutiZKoss (ZK)
VisibilityChangeEventThe VisibilityChangeEvent is used to notify current page/tab's visibility state.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
VisualizerA part of Execution for visualizing the components whose visual parts are modified.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
VlayoutDefault getZclass(): z-vlayout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
VolatilePageA page that does not really exist at the client.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
WaferMapModelA semiconductor wafer map data model to be used with wafermap chart.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
WaitLockA simple lock used to implement load-on-demand mechanism.Classorg.zkoss.utilZKoss (ZK)
WcsExtendletThe extendlet to handle WCS (widget CSS).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
WeakIdentityMapWeakIdentityMap is like WeakHashMap, except it uses a key's identity hashcode and equals methods.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
WebAppRepresents a Web application.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
WebAppCleanupUsed to initialize a ZK application when it about to be destroyed.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
WebAppCtrlAdditional interface of WebApp for implementation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
WebAppFactoryThe factory used to instantiate the instance of WebApp.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
WebAppFactoryImplA web app factory implementation.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
WebAppInitUsed to initialize a ZK application when it is created.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.utilZKoss (ZK)
WebAppInitThe initialization of zkmax.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.initZKoss (ZK)
WebAppsUtilities related to the Web application.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
WebAppsCtrlAn additional utilities for implementation related to WebApp.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
WebManagerA bridge between Web server and ZK.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
WebManagerActivationListenerA listener that will be invoked when the Web manager is created (a.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
WestA west region of a border layout.Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
WhenRepresents an alternative within a Choose action.Classorg.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.actionZKoss (ZK)
WhenA when tag is used for choose like a Java switch statement in that it lets you between a number of alternatives.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.zulZKoss (ZK)
WidgetAttributeRepresents a DOM attribute of the peer widget.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
WidgetDefinitionA widget definition.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
WidgetDefinitionImplAn implementation of WidgetDefinition.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.implZKoss (ZK)
WidgetListenerRepresents a client-side event listener for the peer widget.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
WidgetOverrideRepresents a method of the peer widget.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
Window Unlike other elements, each Window is an independent ID space (by implementing IdSpace).Classorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
WireAnnotation for specifying components to (ZK)
WireVariableAnnotation for specifying variables to wire, from XEL, implicit objects, or custom variable (ZK)
WpdExtendletThe extendlet to handle WPD (Widget Package Descriptor).Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
WpdsUtilities to used with WPD files.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
WriterOutputStreamAn output stream that is on top of a writer.Classorg.zkoss.ioZKoss (ZK)
WrongValueExceptionDenotes the value passed to a setter (a.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
WrongValuePropertyImpl// ZK-878 Exception if binding a form with errorMessage To handle wrong value exception when getting a component value.Classorg.zkoss.bind.implZKoss (ZK)
WrongValuesExceptionDenotes an exception that is an aggregation of multiple WrongValueException.Classorg.zkoss.zk.uiZKoss (ZK)
XelContextContext information for XEL evaluation.Interfaceorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
XelContextProxyA proxy to replace the variable resolver of a given XEL context.Classorg.zkoss.xel.utilZKoss (ZK)
XelELContextAn ZEL context that is based on XEL context.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELMapperAn ZEL function mapper that is based on a XEL function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELMapperAn EL function mapper that is based on a XEL function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.elZKoss (ZK)
XelELMapperAn EL function mapper that is based on a XEL function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.el21ZKoss (ZK)
XelELResolverAn XEL implementation of ZEL ELResolver.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELResolverAn EL variable resolver that is based on a XEL variable resolver.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.elZKoss (ZK)
XelELResolverA simple implementation of ELResolver.Classorg.zkoss.zkmax.xel.el21ZKoss (ZK)
XelExceptionRepresents a XEL exception.Classorg.zkoss.xelZKoss (ZK)
XmlContentRendererAn implementation of ContentRenderer that renders the content as a Xml attribute (i.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.sysZKoss (ZK)
XmlDeviceRepresents the XML output.Classorg.zkoss.zml.deviceZKoss (ZK)
XmlFnsFunctions to manipulate XML/HTML for EL.Classorg.zkoss.xel.fnZKoss (ZK)
XmlMacroComponentThe implementation of a macro component for XML output.Classorg.zkoss.zmlZKoss (ZK)
XmlNativeComponentA comonent used to represent XML elements that are associated with the inline namespace (http://www.Classorg.zkoss.zmlZKoss (ZK)
XMLResourcesLocatorRepresents a locator used to locate XML resources.Interfaceorg.zkoss.util.resourceZKoss (ZK)
XMLsThe XML relevant utilities.Classorg.zkoss.xmlZKoss (ZK)
XmlTreeBuilderA tree builder for parsing XML formatSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
XulElementThe fundamental class for XUL elements.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
XYChartConfigClassorg.zkoss.zkmax.zul.fusionchart.configZKoss (ZK)
XYModelA XY chart data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
XYZModelA XYZ chart data model.Interfaceorg.zkoss.zulZKoss (ZK)
ZIndexEventRepresents an event caused by a component whose z-index is modifiedAuthor:tomyehSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.zkoss.zk.ui.eventZKoss (ZK)
ZkAccessDeniedHandlerUsed by ExceptionTranslationFilter to handle an AccessDeniedException.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
ZkAuthenticationEntryPointThis implementation would forward to onAcegiLogin event and popup a login page.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
ZkAuthenticationProcessingFilterThis implementation process zk specific popup login page.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
ZKBinderPhaseListenersAn aggregating phase listenersSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.bind.initZKoss (ZK)
ZkEventExceptionFilterUsed to fire exception in the ZK's event processing queue (Used with MethodSecurityInterceptor).Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
ZkFnsUtilities for using XEL in ZUL.Classorg.zkoss.zk.fnZKoss (ZK)
ZkheadThe component used to generate CSS and JavaScrpt declarations.Classorg.zkoss.zhtmlZKoss (ZK)
ZkInfoRepresents the zk element in a ZUML page.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ZkTokenBasedRememberMeServicesget rememberme from request's attribute rather than request's parameter.Classorg.zkoss.zkplus.acegiZKoss (ZK)
ZKWebSocketA web socket util classSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ZScriptRepresents a zscript content.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ZScriptInfoRepresents a zscript element.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfoZKoss (ZK)
ZScriptInitiatorAn initiator used to evaluate a zscript file.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.implZKoss (ZK)
ZulEventsUtilities to access events for ZK and ZUL.Classorg.zkoss.zul.eventZKoss (ZK)
ZulMessageLoaderZUL implementation of MessageLoaderSince:5.Classorg.zkoss.zul.implZKoss (ZK)
ZumlExtendletThe ZUML resource processor used to parse the ZUML files loaded from the classpath.Classorg.zkoss.zk.ui.httpZKoss (ZK)
ZutiPhaseListenerA bind phase listener for Zuti addonSince:8.Classorg.zkoss.zuti.bindZKoss (ZK)