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AbstractGridAbstract superclass that implements the #getSize() and getDimension() methods of a
AbstractMetadataControllerController that handles all requests for non-standard metadata by the Godiva2
AbstractReferenceableAxisAbstract superclass for ReferenceableAxis
AbstractScalarLayerPartial implementation of the Layer interface, providing convenience methods and default implementations of some
AbstractWmsControllerThis Controller is the entry point for all standard WMS operations (GetMap, GetCapabilities, GetFeatureInfo)
AdminControllerDisplays the administrative pages of the ncWMS application (
AllLeapChronologyA Chronology in which each year has exactly 366 days (February is always 29 days long)
BenchmarkRectilinearGridBenchmarking for Rectilinear
BoundingBoxA bounding box in the horizontal
BoundingBoxImplImmutable implementation of a
CacheConfiguration for the
CdmUtilsContains static helper methods for reading data and metadata from NetCDF files, OPeNDAP servers and other data sources using the Unidata Common Data
ChartingCode to produce various types of
CollectionUtilsContains some useful utility methods for working with
ColorPaletteA palette of colours that is used by an ImageProducer to render data into a
ConfigConfiguration of the ncWMS
CoverageA Coverage is a data structure that holds measurement
CurrentUpdateSequenceException that is thrown when a user requests an updatesequence that is equal to the current
CurvilinearGridA horizontal (2D) grid that is defined by explicitly specifying the longitude and latitude coordinates of its
DataReaderAbstract superclass for classes that read data and metadata from
DataReadingStrategyenum DataReadingStrategyDefines different strategies for reading data from
DatasetA dataset object in the ncWMS configuration system: contains a number of Layer objects, which are held in memory and loaded periodically,
DatasetRepresents a Dataset,
DefaultDataReaderDefault data reading class for CF-compliant NetCDF
DirectPositionImpl the passed-in coordinate reference system is also immutable or
DiscreteCoverageA Coverage whose domain consists of a finite number of domain objects, each of which is associated with a single record of
DiscreteGridPointCoverageTo do:I guess we don't need a GridValuesMatrix class? Maybe we only need the high-level methods in this class for extracting different coverage types?
DomainA geospatial/temporal domain: defines the set of points for which a DiscreteCoverage is
FixedYearVariableMonthChronologyA Chronology in which each year has the same number of days but the lengths of the months may be
FrontPageControllerDisplays the front page of the ncWMS application (
FrontPageControllerDisplays the front page of the ncWMS application (
GetFeatureInfoDataRequestThe portion of a GetFeatureInfoRequest that pertains to extraction of data (rather than presentation)
GetFeatureInfoRequestObject representing a request to the GetFeatureInfo
GetMapDataRequestContains the parts of the GetMap request that pertain to data extraction,
GetMapRequestObject representing a request to the GetMap
GifFormatCreates (possibly animated)
GridA description of a multidimensional grid with integer
GridCoordinatesThe coordinates of a point within a
GridCoordinatesComparatorenum GridCoordinatesComparatorA Comparator for GridCoordinates objects that
GridCoordinatesImplImmutable implementation of
GridEnvelopeImplImmutable implementation of
GridSeriesDomainThe domain of a
GridValuesMatrixA Grid that contains
H2UsageLoggerUsageLogger that stores data in an H2
HorizontalDomainA list of HorizontalPositions in a certain coordinate reference
HorizontalGridA two-dimensional ReferenceableGrid in the horizontal
HorizontalPositionDefines the position of a point in the horizontal
HorizontalPositionImpl the provided CoordinateReferenceSystem is also
ImageFormatAbstract superclass for all image
ImageProducerAn object that is used to render data into
InvalidCrsExceptionException that is thrown when a user requests an unsupported coordinateSee Also:Serialized
InvalidDimensionValueExceptionException that is thrown when a user requests an invalid depth or time valueSee Also:Serialized
InvalidFormatExceptionException that is thrown when a user requests an unsupported image formatSee Also:Serialized
InvalidLineStringExceptionException that is thrown when a LineString is constructed with an invalid line string
InvalidPointExceptionException that is thrown when a user requests an unsupported coordinateSee Also:Serialized
InvalidUpdateSequenceException that is thrown when a user requests an updatesequence that is either invalid or higher than the current
JpegFormatWrites PNG images using the ImageIO
KmzFormatCreates KMZ files for importing into Google
LayerA displayable layer, contained within a
LayerNotDefinedExceptionException that is thrown when a client attempts to request a map layer that is not available from this
LayerNotQueryableExceptionException that is thrown when a user tries to perform GetFeatureInfo on a layer that is not
LineStringRepresents a path through a coordinate
LonLatPositionA two-dimensional DirectPosition that describes a point as longitude and latitude using the WGS84
LonLatPositionImplImmutable implementation of
MetadataExceptionException that is thrown from the
MissingDimensionValueExceptionException that is thrown when a user does not specify a value for a required axisSee Also:Serialized
NcDiagDiagnostic tool for testing CDM datasets without loading them into
NcImageGenDiagnostic tool for testing CDM datasets without loading them into
NcwmsContextSets up the working directory for ncWMS and the logging
NcwmsCredentialsProviderHandles authentication with OPeNDAP
NoLeapChronologyA Chronology in which each year has exactly 365 days (February is always 28 days long)
NSIDCSnowWaterDataReaderDataReader for NSIDC snow/water
OperationNotSupportedExceptionException that is thrown when a client requests an operation that is not supported by this
PhaveosDataReaderA DataReader that reads data from PHAVEOS L4 data
PhenomenonSimple immutable class consisting of a string and vocabulary that acts as a namespace for the
PhenomenonVocabularyenum PhenomenonVocabularyEnumeration of vocabularies for
PixelMapMaps real-world points to i and j indices of corresponding points within the source
Png32FormatWrites 32-bit (ARGB) PNG images using the ImageIO
PngFormatWrites PNG images using the ImageIO
RangeDescribes a range of values of a certain
RangesContains convenience methods for creating Range
RArrayAbstract superclass for resizeable integer
RecordEssentially a Map of member names to data values (Objects)
RecordTypeDescribes the content of a Coverage's
RectilinearGridA HorizontalGrid whose axes in the external CRS are aligned with the axes in grid
RectilinearGridImplImmutable implementation of a
ReferenceableAxisA one-dimensional axis of a Grid, which maps between integer indices along the axis and real-world
ReferenceableAxisImplImmutable implementation of a ReferenceableAxis, whose values are not necessarily regularly spaced along the
ReferenceableGridA Grid whose points are referenceable to an external coordinate Note that the number of dimensions in the external coordinate reference
RegularAxisImplImmutable implementation of a RegularAxis, whose values are regularly spaced along the
RegularGridA two-dimensional grid whose coordinate values are equally-spaced along each axis, and whose axes in real space are aligned with the axes in grid
RegularGridImplImmutable implementation of a
RequestParamsClass that contains the parameters of the user's
RLongArrayA resizeable array of signed long
RUByteArrayA resizeable array of unsigned
RUIntArrayA resizeable array of unsigned
RUShortArrayA resizeable array of unsigned short
ScalarLayerA Layer that contains a single data value at each point in its
ScreenshotControllerController for generating screenshots from the Godiva2
ServerThe part of the configuration file that pertains to the server
ServerConfigTop-level configuration object that contains metadata about the server itself and the set of Datasets that the server
SimpleFormatAbstract superclass for simple image formats that do not require information about the layer, time values, bounding box etc to render an
SimpleVectorLayer one for the eastward and one for the northward
StyleNotDefinedExceptionException that is raised when a client attempts to request a style that isSee Also:Serialized
ThreeSixtyDayChronologyA Chronology in which each year has exactly 360 days of 12 equal months (
TileCacheUses the EHCache software to cache arrays of data that have been
TileCacheKeyKey that is used to identify a particular data array (tile) in a
TiledLayerSimple class that stores a Layer object and associated top-level tiles, created by the WmsController and passed to
TimeUtilsUtility methods for dealing with dates and timesTo do:Does this belong in the cdm package? It's UDUNITS
TrajectoryDomainA trajectory is simply a list of direct
UnitSimple immutable class consisting of a unit string and the vocabulary that can be used to interpret the
UnitVocabularyEnumeration of vocabularies that can be used to interpret a Unit
UsageLogEntryObject that is passed to a UsageLogger to log usage of the ncWMS
UsageLoggerInterface describing a class that logs usage of the ncWMS
UsersContains details of the users that are allowed to access the ncWMS
UtilsContains some useful utility
VariableContains fields that can be filled in to override values that are automatically detected by
VectorLayerA displayable Layer that is made up of two vector components (
Wms1_1_1ExceptionThis wraps a WmsException to ensure that the correct JSP is used to render this exception
WmsExceptionException that will cause a ServiceException document to be returned to the
WmsUtilsCollection of static utility methods that are useful in the WMS