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AbstractCaverphoneEncodes a string into a Caverphone Commons
BeiderMorseEncoderEncodes strings into their Beider-Morse phonetic Commons
CaverphoneEncodes a string into a Caverphone Commons
Caverphone1Encodes a string into a Caverphone Commons
Caverphone2Encodes a string into a Caverphone Commons
ColognePhoneticEncodes a string into a Cologne Phonetic Commons
DaitchMokotoffSoundexEncodes a string into a Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex Commons
DoubleMetaphoneEncodes a string into a double metaphone Commons
LangLanguage guessing Commons
Languages Language codes are typically loaded from resource Commons
Languages Commons
Languages .SomeLanguagesSome languages, explicitly Commons
MatchRatingApproachEncoderMatch Rating Approach Phonetic Algorithm Developed by Western Airlines in Commons
MetaphoneEncodes a string into a Metaphone Commons
NameTypeSupported types of Commons
NysiisEncodes a string into a NYSIIS Commons
PhoneticEngineConverts words into potential phonetic Commons
RefinedSoundexEncodes a string into a Refined Soundex Commons
Rule Rules have a pattern, left context, right context, output phoneme, set of languages for which they apply and a logical flag indicating if all languages must be in Commons
Rule Commons
Rule Commons
Rule .RPatternA minimal wrapper around the functionality of Pattern that we use, to allow for alternate Commons Commons
SoundexEncodes a string into a Soundex Commons