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ObservationPointFinderObservationPointFinder is the base class for finding observation points that enable an exhaustive search of an ( Analytical Graphics )
ObservationPointFinderOverheadObservationPointFinderOverhead finds observation points that enable the exhaustive search of an ( Analytical Graphics )
RoutePlannerRoutePlanner supports planning an efficient aircraft route from the launch point to the recovery point, visiting target points ( Analytical Graphics )
SearchPatternSearchPattern converts the unordered waypoint list into an ordered ( Analytical Graphics )
SearchPatternParallelSearchPatternParallel visits target area points using the parallel sweep algorithm and target points using the traveling salesman ( Analytical Graphics )
SearchPatternTravelingSalesmanSearchPatternOptimal uses the traveling salesman estimation algorithm to convert the unordered waypoint list into the ordered ( Analytical Graphics )
SectorTaskerAn abstract class for assigning geographic sectors to multiple aircraft cooperating to visit multiple ( Analytical Graphics )
SectorTaskerStripsSectorTaskerStrips divides the geographic area containing specified stops into north/south or east/west strips each ( Analytical Graphics )
StripGeometryThis enumeration specifies the format of the subregions created by ( Analytical Graphics )