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AmplifierAbstract class for an amplifier signal ( Analytical Graphics )
AvalanchePhotodiodeRepresents an Avalanche type photodiode photodetector (APD) ( Analytical Graphics )
ConstantFrequencyMixerA signal processor which increases or decreases the frequency of the incoming signals by a constant ( Analytical Graphics )
ConstantGainAmplifierA signal processor which applies a gain to its ( Analytical Graphics )
DigitalDataSourceA digital data source which constructs a signal and adds a SignalDataRate ( Analytical Graphics )
DigitalDemodulatorA signal processor based on a modulation method which decodes the input signal by removing the modulation and producing a base-band signal which retains all ( Analytical Graphics )
DigitalModulationBase class for types defining methods for digital modulation of ( Analytical Graphics )
DigitalModulatorTakes an input signal and adds the specified ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedReferenceSignalThis is a type of IntendedSignalStrategy which simply returns a specified reference ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedSignalByFrequencyDefines a method for identifying the intended signal as the one with a frequency closest to the target ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedSignalByIdentifierDefines a method for identifying the intended signal using a user-specified object as an ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedSignalByModulationA strategy which identifies the intended signal based on its modulation and target ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedSignalByTransmitterDefines a strategy for identifying the intended signal by the transmitter sending the ( Analytical Graphics )
IntendedSignalStrategyA class which defines a strategy for producing a single Signal designated as the "intended" signal among the set of Signals from a given ( Analytical Graphics )
ISignalOutputServiceA service which identifies the SignalProcessor representing the output of an ( Analytical Graphics )
LowNoiseAmplifierA signal processor which applies several gains to its input, representing a low noise ( Analytical Graphics )
ModulationBpskDigital modulation representing "Binary Phase Shift Keying" with one bit per symbol and a spectral efficiency of ( Analytical Graphics )
ModulationFskA basic method of digital modulation using "Frequency Shift Keying" ( Analytical Graphics )
ModulationOokDigital modulation representing "Binary On-Off Keying" (OOK) ( Analytical Graphics )
ModulationPskA basic method of digital modulation using "Phase Shift Keying" ( Analytical Graphics )
ModulationQpskDigital modulation representing "Quadrature Phase Shift Keying" with two bits per symbol and a spectral efficiency of ( Analytical Graphics )
PhotodetectorBase class for a photodetector signal ( Analytical Graphics )
PhotodiodeBase class for a photodiode ( Analytical Graphics )
PinPhotodiodeRepresents a PIN type photodiode ( Analytical Graphics )
RectangularFilterA filter which constrains the incoming signals into a specified bandwidth range, ignoring power spectral ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalDataRateA data object to be added to a Signal which represents the data rate carried on the ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalFilterBase class for all signal ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalOutputExtensionAn extension which identifies the output of a receiver, after processing the signal, and just prior to demodulating the signal to obtain the encoded ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalProcessorBase class for all signal processors containing an input and an ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalSourceA data source which produces the given signal to ( Analytical Graphics )
TransmitterIdentifierThis class is used to identify a transmitter before it's added as data to a communication's ( Analytical Graphics )
VariableFrequencyMixerModel for a mixer where the output frequency is determined by a frequency in/frequency out ( Analytical Graphics )
VariableGainAmplifierModel of a non-linear amplifier where the output power is determined by an input back-off/output back-off (IBO/OBO) curve and intermodulation noise temperature can be added to the carrier using an input back-off/carrier to intermodulation noise spectral density ( Analytical Graphics )
VariableGainAmplifierBackoffCurvesRepresents a set of input back-off ( Analytical Graphics )
VariableGainAmplifierBackoffPolynomialRepresents a polynomial input back-off ( Analytical Graphics )