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AtmosphereModelItuRP835ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
AtmosphericAttenuationModelItuRP676ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
BeerLambertLawAtmosphericAttenuationModelAn atmospheric absorption model based on the Beer-Lambert Law The receive power is modeled using the equation Pr = Pt * exp(-alpha * L) ( Analytical Graphics )
CloudFogAttenuationModelItuRP840ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
CraneRainAttenuationModelCrane rain attenuation propagation model ( Analytical Graphics )
DopplerShiftModelA model of the doppler shift for a signal along the propagation ( Analytical Graphics )
FreeSpacePathLossModelA model of the path loss of a signal propagating in free ( Analytical Graphics )
HufnagelValleyRefractiveIndexStructureParameterModelRepresents the Hufnagel-Valley (H-V) model for the refractive index structure ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP618RainAttenVersionenum ItuRP618RainAttenVersionEnum Constant ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP618TropoScintVersionenum ItuRP618TropoScintVersionITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP676Versionenum ItuRP676VersionEnum Constant ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP835ComputedValuesContains the values computed by the ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP835Versionenum ItuRP835VersionEnum Constant ( Analytical Graphics )
ItuRP840Versionenum ItuRP840VersionEnum Constant ( Analytical Graphics )
RainAttenuationModelItuRP618ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
RefractiveIndexStructureParameterModelBase class for a modeling the refractive index structure parameter Cn^ ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalPropagationGraphDefines the configuration of the graph of communication links which are used to propagate ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalPropagationModelBase class for a signal propagation model which takes a set of signals and modifies them based on propagation ( Analytical Graphics )
SignalPropagatorAn abstract base class which defines an object which propagates a set of ( Analytical Graphics )
SimpleSatcomAtmosphericAttenuationModelSimple SATCOM atmospheric attenuation propagation model ( Analytical Graphics )
TiremPropagationDataContains the values returned from the TIREM ( Analytical Graphics )
TiremPropagationModeenum TiremPropagationModeThe different modes of propagation TIREM ( Analytical Graphics )
TiremPropagationModel3_18TIREM calculates the propagation loss between antennas on or up to 30 km above the surface of the Earth for frequencies from 1 to 40000 ( Analytical Graphics )
TropoScintAttenuationModelItuRP1814ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )
TropoScintAttenuationModelItuRP618ITU-R ( Analytical Graphics )