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AGIProcessedImageGlobeOverlayA GlobeImageOverlay for handling AGI Processed Image (PDTTX) ( Analytical Graphics )
AGIProcessedTerrainOverlayA TerrainOverlay for handling AGI Processed Terrain (PDTT) ( Analytical Graphics )
AGIRoamImageGlobeOverlayA GlobeImageOverlay for handling ROAM (TXM/TXB) ( Analytical Graphics )
BlendingEquationenum BlendingEquationThe operation that will be used when combining the source and destination values during ( Analytical Graphics )
BlendingFunctionenum BlendingFunctionThe operation that will be used when computing the source and destination values that will be used during ( Analytical Graphics )
BoundingRectangleA BoundingRectangle with four parameters of type ( Analytical Graphics )
BoundingSphereA sphere that encapsulates an ( Analytical Graphics )
CameraSnapshotTakes snapshots of the 3D ( Analytical Graphics )
CameraSnapshotFileFormatenum CameraSnapshotFileFormatWhen using CameraSnapshot ( Analytical Graphics )
CameraVideoRecordingRecords the 3D window to either a movie file or to consecutively ordered image files each time the Scene is ( Analytical Graphics )
CentralBodyGraphicsIndexerAn indexer into the CentralBodyGraphics for a particular CentralBody, which provides ( Analytical Graphics )
ConstrainedUpAxisenum ConstrainedUpAxisWhen setting the Camera's Axes (get / set), ( Analytical Graphics )
CustomImageGlobeOverlayA GlobeImageOverlay that allows for a user defined image to be ( Analytical Graphics )
DragDropOptionsOptions for configuring automatic handling of supported files when they are dragged and dropped onto the Insight3D ( Analytical Graphics )
ForwardAndBackwardAnimationThe base class for animation classes that can animate both forward and ( Analytical Graphics )
ForwardAnimationThe base class for animation classes that can animate in the forward ( Analytical Graphics )
ForwardAnimation ( Analytical Graphics )
GeospatialImageGlobeOverlayA GlobeImageOverlay for handling JPEG 2000 ( ( Analytical Graphics )
GlobeOverlayThe base class of all TerrainOverlay and GlobeImageOverlay ( Analytical Graphics )
GlobeOverlayRoleenum GlobeOverlayRoleThe role of a ( Analytical Graphics )
GlobeOverlaySettingsSettings used by GlobeOverlay ( Analytical Graphics )
IndicesOrderHintenum IndicesOrderHintAn optimization hint optionally provided to a primitive' ( Analytical Graphics )
IScreenOverlayContainerThe interface for screen overlays that contain a collection of other ( Analytical Graphics )
LightingLighting in the 3D ( Analytical Graphics )
MaintainAspectRatioenum MaintainAspectRatioSpecifies whether the aspect ratio of a texture will be maintained during sizing of a screen ( Analytical Graphics )
MapProjectionThe projection of the pixel data returned from a ( Analytical Graphics )
MarkerBatchRenderingMethodenum MarkerBatchRenderingMethodRendering methods available for use by the marker batch ( Analytical Graphics )
MarkerBatchRenderPassenum MarkerBatchRenderPassThe pass during which the marker batch is ( Analytical Graphics )
MarkerBatchSizeSourceenum MarkerBatchSizeSourceDetermines which marker batch property is used to size each marker in a marker ( Analytical Graphics )
MarkerBatchSortOrderenum MarkerBatchSortOrderThe order in which markers in a marker batch are sorted before ( Analytical Graphics )
MarkerBatchUnitenum MarkerBatchUnitThe unit for marker sizes in a marker ( Analytical Graphics )
MessageLoopTypeenum MessageLoopTypeIndicates the type of message loop in use by the ( Analytical Graphics )
MinimalForwardAnimationA minimalistic animation ( Analytical Graphics )
ModelTransformationTypeenum ModelTransformationTypeTransformation types that define the way a ( Analytical Graphics )
MouseOptionsOptions for configuring automatic handling of mouse input for controlling the scene's ( Analytical Graphics )
OriginVertical and horizontal ( Analytical Graphics )
PathPrimitiveRemoveLocationenum PathPrimitiveRemoveLocationRepresents the location of a point to be ( Analytical Graphics )
PathPrimitiveUpdatePolicyA class that encapsulates the update logic for a Derived classes must implement the ( Analytical Graphics )
PrimitivesSortOrderenum PrimitivesSortOrderThe order in which primitives are sorted before ( Analytical Graphics )
ProjectedRasterRenderPassenum ProjectedRasterRenderPassThe pass during which the projected raster is ( Analytical Graphics )
ProjectionA Projection represents a simplified camera with a Position (get / set), Orientation (get / set), and FieldOfViewHorizontal (get / set) and FieldOfViewVertical (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
ProjectionStreamA Projection that is updated dynamically at the specified UpdateDelta (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
RefreshRateThe rate at which animation frames will ( Analytical Graphics )
RenderPassDescribes when a primitive will be ( Analytical Graphics )
RenderPassHintAn optimization hint optionally provided to a primitive's Set method to enhance performance when per-position colors are ( Analytical Graphics )
SceneGlobeOverlaySettingsSettings used by GlobeOverlay ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayCollectionBaseThe common base class for collections of overlays held by ScreenOverlay and by ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayOriginenum ScreenOverlayOriginSpecifies the origin of a screen overlay, as well as the direction of the horizontal ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayPaddingThe padding by which all child overlays will be offset from the edges of the ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayPinningOriginenum ScreenOverlayPinningOriginSpecifies the origin of the PinningPosition (get / set) of the screen overlay, as well as the direction of the horizontal ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayPointDescribes the position of a screen ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayRotationPointThe origin of rotation of a ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlaySizeDescribes the size of a screen ( Analytical Graphics )
ScreenOverlayUnitenum ScreenOverlayUnitA unit specifying how a screen overlay is sized and positioned relative to its ( Analytical Graphics )
SimulationAnimationCycleenum SimulationAnimationCycleDefines the next animation time that will happen when the start and end times are ( Analytical Graphics )
StartedEventArgsThe EventArgs passed to the started ( Analytical Graphics )
SurfaceMeshRenderingMethodenum SurfaceMeshRenderingMethodRendering methods available for use by the surface mesh ( Analytical Graphics )
Texture2DFactoryA factory for creating Texture2D objects from various ( Analytical Graphics )
TileContains the information for a GlobeOverlay ( Analytical Graphics )
TilerSpecifies a cartographic tiling scheme for a CustomImageGlobeOverlay ( Analytical Graphics )
TranslucencyHelperContains helpful methods for working with colors and ( Analytical Graphics )
TriangulatedSensorProjectionA SensorProjection that has been triangulated for ( Analytical Graphics )
VisibilityResult of a visibility test, such as testing if a sphere intersects a ( Analytical Graphics )