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CommunicationAccessQueryCollectionA collection of ReceiverAccessQueries used to determine navigation communications signal access across multiple ( Analytical Graphics )
GnssLinkBudgetScalarsDefines a link budget over ( Analytical Graphics )
GnssLinkBudgetScalarsCollectionA collection of ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsCommunicationsConstellationProvides methods that create a constellation of GPS satellites with transmitters and antennas for use with a ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsCommunicationsFrontEndA communications-based antenna and navigation signal processing front-end for a GPS ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsCommunicationsNoiseModelReports a noise value calculated from the receiver communications system for a given satellite, NavigationReceiverChannel ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsPowerSpectralDensityFilterA filter which constrains the incoming signals into a specified bandwidth range, accounting for GPS power spectral ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsSignalConfigurationenum GpsSignalConfigurationStandard receiver ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsSignalGeneratorDefines the necessary pieces for the generation of a GPS navigation ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsSignalGeneratorCollectionA collection of ( Analytical Graphics )
IGpsCommunicationsReceiverConfigurationAn interface defining the required parameters for a ( Analytical Graphics )
INavigationCommunicationsServiceAn interface providing navigation communications required ( Analytical Graphics )
INavigationTransmitterServiceAn interface defining a navigation ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationReceiverAccessQueryDefines the queries necessary to track a GNSS navigation ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationReceiverChannelRepresents a single channel in a GPS receiver and contains the navigation signals from a single GPS ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationReceiverChannelCollectionA collection of ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalA navigation signal that is trackable by a GPS ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalCharacteristicsDefines specific details for GPS ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalCollectionA collection of ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalPriorityenum NavigationSignalPriorityDefines signal priorities for multiple signals in a ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalTrackingTypeenum NavigationSignalTrackingTypeDefines signal tracking types within a ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationSignalTypeenum NavigationSignalTypeTypes defining the different navigation signal ( Analytical Graphics )
NavigationTransmitterExtensionAn extension that provides navigation transmitter ( Analytical Graphics )