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AuxiliaryStateElementRepresents a set of variables which are computed and stored in the propagation output but are not integrated with the ( Analytical Graphics )
AuxiliaryStateElementConverterBase class for output associated with an ( Analytical Graphics )
AuxiliaryStateElementEvaluatorAbstract base class for the evaluator produced by an auxiliary state ( Analytical Graphics )
AuxiliaryStateScalarRepresents a scalar value which may depend on integrated quantities in the state and is evaluated and stored for output during ( Analytical Graphics )
AuxiliaryStateVectorAn auxiliary state vector which is not integrated with the rest of the state but is evaluated for the propagation output during ( Analytical Graphics )
BallisticPropagatorThis class calculates a ballistic trajectory (two body gravity only) between two locations on a CentralBody (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
BallisticPropagatorSolutionTypeenum BallisticPropagatorSolutionTypeSpecies the kind of solution that was calculated by a BallisticPropagator, IE whether the desired trajectory ( Analytical Graphics )
BallisticTrajectoryInformationAn object with many metrics that describe a ballistic trajectory from an initial point to a target ( Analytical Graphics )
CartesianOnePointPropagatorThe base class for simple one-point propagators that produce only ( Analytical Graphics )
CartesianStateElementConverterRepresents output associated with a PropagationStateElement corresponding to a set of Cartesian ( Analytical Graphics )
ExceptionDuringPropagationEventArgsProvides information about the exception during propagation event ( Analytical Graphics )
GpsRinexPropagatorGPS RINEX Propagator class propagates GPS orbits - providing GPS satellite positions based on RINEX broadcast ephemeris ( Analytical Graphics )
IGpsElementsAn interface to a GPS element set that contains data items needed for GPS ephemeris ( Analytical Graphics )
IPropagateCollectionFromOnePointAn interface that enables propagation over multiple dates by one-point evaluating each date and adding the results to the ( Analytical Graphics )
IUpdatePriorToStepAn interface to an object created by a PropagationStateElement that has special behavior that takes place each time step prior to ( Analytical Graphics )
J2PropagatorAn analytic propagator that uses a first order J2 perturbation algorithm which models only the secular effects on the orbital ( Analytical Graphics )
J4PropagatorAn analytic propagator that uses a second order J2/J4 perturbation algorithm which models only the secular effects on the orbital ( Analytical Graphics )
LifetimeCalculationLimitTypeenum LifetimeCalculationLimitTypeSpecifies how the LifetimeCalculation should behave when ( Analytical Graphics )
LifetimeCalculationStatusenum LifetimeCalculationStatusAn indication of the final state of the LifetimeOrbitPropagator ( Analytical Graphics )
LifetimeOrbitPropagatorPropagates a set of initial conditions using a long-term propagation technique to determine when the orbit is expected to decay, based on the evolution of ( Analytical Graphics )
MatrixStateElementConverterConverts output associated with a PropagationStateElement corresponding to a set of Matrix values back and ( Analytical Graphics )
NavstarISGps200DPropagatorPropagates the orbit of a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite according to the propagation scheme defined in the Navstar Interface Specific (IS) ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalIntegrationInformationContains information about the behavior of an integrator in a given integration ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagationStateHistoryContains a collection of data resulting from propagating the state over a span of ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorA propagator which can advance the state from initial conditions by either taking individual integration steps or by propagating over a given time ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorDefinitionThe definitional object that creates a ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorStateA state representing every propagated value in a particular ( Analytical Graphics )
OrbitLifetimeResultsA set of results indicating the time at which an orbit is expected to decay and the time history of the mean ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationEvaluationInformationRepresents information about the current integration step during ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationEventArgsProvides information about the current propagation event conditions and provides a means of indicating how the propagation should ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationEventIndicationenum PropagationEventIndicationAn indication of how the propagator should ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationEventTriggerenum PropagationEventTriggerIndicates which kind of propagation method triggered the ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationNewtonianPointAn PropagationStateElement representing the position (and velocity) of a body with its second derivative defined by Newton's second law of motion: Acceleration = AppliedForce / ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationPointElementA PropagationStateElement describing an integrated ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationScalarAn PropagationStateElement representing a scalar value to be integrated over ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStageenum PropagationStageAn enumerator that communicates the which stage of propagation an evaluator is called ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStageParameterRepresents the stagee of propagation as a parameter when defining types used during propagation that depend on the ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateArrayProvides a means of specifying an indexable object which represents a set of values mapping a subset of the overall state ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateConverterA converter which can take raw data from the output of propagation and turn it into useful data by using PropagationStateElement and ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateCorrectionEvaluatorMembers of this class calculate corrections to a propagated state after the integration ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateCorrectorA definitional object which creates a PropagationStateCorrectionEvaluator to calculate a post-integration correction to a propagated ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateElementRepresents a portion of a combined state used during numerical ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateElementConverterBase class for output associated with a ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateElementEvaluatorAbstract base class for the evaluator produced by an ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStateParameterRepresents the state of integration as a parameter when defining types used during integration that depend on the ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationStepInformationRepresents information about the current integration step needed for state ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagationVectorA PropagationStateElement representing a vector value to be integrated over ( Analytical Graphics )
PropagatorPointA point with its location computed by a ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4ElementsA set of orbital elements intended to be propagated with the SGP4 ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4ElementsSwitchByClosestApproachAn algorithm which determines when to switch from one element set to another by propagating each element set against the next to determine the the ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4ElementsSwitchByEpochAn algorithm which determines when to switch from one element set to another by comparing their respective Epoch (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4ElementsSwitchByMidpointAn algorithm which determines when to switch from one element set to another by comparing their respective Epoch (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4ElementsSwitchingAn algorithm for determining when to switch from one set of elements to ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4PropagatorPropagates an orbit using the NORAD SGP4/SDP4 model as defined by the Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI) ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4Propagator .Sgp4EstimationInputA class containing configuration information for the static estimation methods available on the ( Analytical Graphics )
Sgp4Propagator .Sgp4EstimationOutputA class containing the estimated Sgp4Elements along with the associated information from the ( Analytical Graphics )
SortingFormatAn enumeration that defines the order in which entries in a NumericalPropagationStateHistoryEnum Constant ( Analytical Graphics )
StateTransitionMatrixAn extended state transition matrix, if consider parameters are not used then it functions as a normal state transition matrix: mapping the value of the state parameters from one time to another ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppedNumericalPropagatorResponseStores the ephemeris computed by a NumericalPropagator and information about how the propagation was ( Analytical Graphics )
TransitionTypeAn enumeration that defines the format of transformation described by a ( Analytical Graphics )
TwoBodyPropagatorPropagates an orbit using a simple two-body ( Analytical Graphics )
TwoLineElementSetA NORAD two-line element set (TLE) ( Analytical Graphics )
WaypointDefines the characteristics at a ( Analytical Graphics )
WaypointCollectionA collection of ( Analytical Graphics )
WaypointPropagatorPropagates a path connecting waypoints relative to an ( Analytical Graphics )