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ImpulsiveManeuverInformationStores all the information needed for a maneuver to be performed by an ( Analytical Graphics )
ImpulsiveManeuverSegmentA SegmentDefinition that performs a set of impulsive ( Analytical Graphics )
ImpulsiveManeuverSegmentConfigurationThe configuration for an ImpulsiveManeuverSegment, storing all of the ImpulsiveManeuverInformations for the ( Analytical Graphics )
ImpulsiveManeuverSegmentResultsA SegmentResults specifically for the results of a ( Analytical Graphics )
InitialStateSegmentRepresents an initial state for a ( Analytical Graphics )
InvalidFuelStateBehaviorenum InvalidFuelStateBehaviorAn enum that will let a maneuver segment know what to do if an maneuver can ( Analytical Graphics )
InvalidFuelStateExceptionAn exception that indicates a maneuver caused a craft to run out of ( Analytical Graphics )
MaximumDurationBehaviorenum MaximumDurationBehaviorDefines the behavior that a NumericalPropagatorSegment should use when its ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalInitialStateSegmentAn InitialStateSegment whose state is represented as a NumericalPropagatorState derived from a ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericallyPropagatedSegmentHelperContains various helper methods and properties that segments using a NumericalPropagatorDefinition in a custom ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorSegmentAn segment that will run a NumericalPropagator until a StoppingCondition is ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorSegmentConfigurationThe configuration of a NumericalPropagatorSegment which stores and allows the modification of the values of thresholds of ( Analytical Graphics )
NumericalPropagatorSegmentResultsA SegmentResults (get / set) specifically for the results of a ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentDefinition The base class defining the definition of a ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentListA class that holds a list of SegmentDefinitions that gets propagated in ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentListConfigurationThe configuration for a ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentListPropagatorThe SegmentPropagator for ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentListResultsThe SegmentResults (get / set) returned by a propagated ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentPropagationEventArgsProvides information about the current propagator's ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentPropagatorThe abstract type for a segment's ( Analytical Graphics )
SegmentResultsThe results computed by a ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppedOnMaximumDurationExceptionThe RuntimeException that gets thrown when a NumericalPropagatorSegmentResults was stopped on its MaximumDuration (get / set) and if the segment was set ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListA SegmentList that can control and change properties of the segments it is propagating by using ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListConfigurationThe configuration for a ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorThe definition of a operation that will in some way modify how the SegmentPropagators in a ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorBehaviorenum TargetedSegmentListOperatorBehaviorDefines the behavior of the ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorConfigurationThe configuration for a ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorConvergenceBehaviorenum TargetedSegmentListOperatorConvergenceBehaviorAllows the user to specify the behavior of the parent TargetedSegmentList ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorEvaluatorThe evaluator of an operator that a TargetedSegmentList will use on its ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListOperatorResultsThe abstract class that gets returned when a TargetedSegmentListOperatorEvaluator is ( Analytical Graphics )
TargetedSegmentListResultsA SegmentListResults that is returned when a TargetedSegmentLists propagator is ( Analytical Graphics )