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CircularRangeThe possible options that a numerical value could be limited to when it represents an ( Analytical Graphics )
ConditionCheckCallbackThe delegate type that is used by the DelegateStoppingCondition to compute the value used in determining if propagation should ( Analytical Graphics )
ConstraintSatisfiedCallbackThe delegate that is used by the DelegateStoppingConditionConstraint to determine if the constraint is ( Analytical Graphics )
DelegateStoppingConditionA stopping condition that will stop a function by search for thresholds and extrema from values of a ( Analytical Graphics )
DelegateStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraintEvaluator where the method that checks if the state at a stop satisfies this StoppingConditionConstraint is specified by a ( Analytical Graphics )
DurationStoppingConditionA StoppingCondition that will stop after a given Duration has ( Analytical Graphics )
DurationStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraint that determines its satisfaction based on the Duration that has passed during ( Analytical Graphics )
IKnownDateStoppingConditionEvaluatorAn interface to be added to StoppingConditionEvaluator that knows what JulianDate it will stop ( Analytical Graphics )
InequalityConditionenum InequalityConditionThe criteria for comparing one value to ( Analytical Graphics )
InitializeCallbackThe delegate type that lets the StoppingConditionEvaluator or StoppingConditionConstraintEvaluator be ( Analytical Graphics )
JulianDateStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraint that determines its satisfaction on the current JulianDate relative to a stored ( Analytical Graphics )
KnownDateStoppingConditionEvaluatorWithMutableThresholdA StoppingConditionEvaluatorWithMutableThreshold that wraps another StoppingConditionEvaluator, but allows the Threshold (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
ScalarStoppingConditionA StoppingCondition that will stop propagation by search for thresholds and extrema from values of a Scalar (get / set) ( Analytical Graphics )
ScalarStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraintEvaluator that compares the value of a Scalar (get / set) at the time of a state with a ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingConditionA stopping condition will get evaluated at every step of propagation, and treat some value based on the computed state ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingConditionConstraintThe definition for a ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingConditionConstraintEvaluatorThe evaluator for a ( Analytical Graphics ) ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingConditionEvaluatorWithMutableThresholdA StoppingConditionEvaluator that wraps another stopping condition, but allows the Threshold (get / set) to be changed after the ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingConditionTriggeredBehaviorenum StoppingConditionTriggeredBehaviorDescribes how propagation should behave after a stopping condition ( Analytical Graphics )
StoppingTriggeredCallbackA delegate that gets triggered when a StoppingConditionEvaluator is ( Analytical Graphics )
StopTypeAn enumeration listing the possible events in a function that can be detected by a ( Analytical Graphics )
ThresholdStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraint that will compute a single value and compare it to a Threshold (get / set) to determine ( Analytical Graphics )
ThresholdStoppingConditionConstraintEvaluatorThe evaluator for a ( Analytical Graphics )
ValueInStateStoppingConditionA StoppingCondition that samples the value of a Motion{double} stored in an ( Analytical Graphics )
ValueInStateStoppingConditionConstraintA StoppingConditionConstraint that compares a value stored in an IMotionState to a specified ( Analytical Graphics )
WhenToCheckConstraintenum WhenToCheckConstraintAn enumeration specifying when a StoppingConditionConstraint should be ( Analytical Graphics )