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AggregatorClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
Aggregator .CollectorNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.core.AggregatorAriba Web
AndPredicateNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ArgumentParserProvide a cleaner way of handling arguments to public static void main (String args[]).Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ArithmeticArithmetic is an abstract class that encapsulates the idea of doing simple arithmetic operations on instances of the sub-types ofClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
Arithmetic .Operation java.Classariba.util.core.ArithmeticAriba Web
ArithmeticOperationsFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ArithmeticUtilClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ArrayUtilArray Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
AssertClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
AsynchronousDummy type for RPC's that are asynchronizes and have a void return type.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
Base64Base64.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
BatchMapProcessorConvenience class that abstracts the notion of processing a map of objects in batches.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
BatchProcessingExceptionAn exception that occurs during batch processing.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
BatchProcessorConvenience class that abstracts the notion of processing a collection of objects in chunks of a given size.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
BatchSizerIs a class that defines how a stream of objects should be batched.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
BatchSizer .FixedIs a batch sizer that uses a simple fixed batch size.Classariba.util.core.BatchSizerAriba Web
BlobRepresents a stream based interface to a "binary large-object" (or blob for short.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
BooleanArrayA DynamicArray of BooleansSee Also:DynamicArrayClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
BufferPoolThis abstract self cleaning pool of Buffer instances can be extended by subclasses for specific types of Buffers, for example CharBuffer and ByteBuffer.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ByteBufferPoolThis class implements a self cleaning pool of ByteBuffers, each wrapped around a byte array of the configured buffer length.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
CharBufferPoolThis class implements a self cleaning pool of CharBuffers, each wrapped around a char array of the configured buffer length.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ChecksumManagerService that manages ComponentChecksums.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ChronoSimple timing class, used for timing one or more trials of an event.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ChronoWithMemoryChrono subclass which displayed more information when being printed.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ClassExtensionThe ClassExtension class is the abstract superclass for all ClassExtension subclasses.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ClassExtensionRegistryThe ClassExtensionRegistry class provides a convenient and consistent way to cache ClassExtension subclasses.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ClassFactoryInterface to provide settable class factory.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ClassProxyObjects that implement ClassProxy will be able to get the Class of the object they represent, and answer convenient instanceOf questions.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ClassUtilClassUtil.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
CommandLineThis interface provides a general mechanism for its clients to set up the command line arguments that it is expecteing, to process the arguments,Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
CompareCompare is an interface that provides an object comparison function for use by the static sorting methods in Sort.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ComponentChecksumThe abstract class to support checking the that the runtime configuration of components are consistentClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ComponentChecksumExceptionThe general exception wrapper for ComponentChecksums.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
CompositePredicateNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ConsistentHashRingThe Consistent Hash Ring is a data structure that is used to load balance resources across several server nodes.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ConsistentHashRing .HashFunctionThe HashFunction interface is used to implement the hashing function for the keys.Interfaceariba.util.core.ConsistentHashRingAriba Web
ConsistentHashRing .MD5HashFunctionA MD5 hash function which is a good alternative for uniform hashing.Classariba.util.core.ConsistentHashRingAriba Web
ConstantsConstants for well known valuesSee Also:Serialized FormClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ContextCommandLineThis interface provides a general mechanism for its clients to set up the command line arguments that it is expecting, to process the arguments,Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
CryptClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
CryptoDisclaimer.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
CryptoInterfaceInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
CycleExceptionAn exception that is thrown when a cycle is created.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
DatabaseBaseIdThis is a stripped down BaseId, for use in tools (such as migration) below the level of ObjectServer.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
DateThe Date class implements helper functions on top of the java.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
DateUtilClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
DebugStateDebugState is used on conjunction with the ThreadDebugState class to print out information on the current application state whenInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
DefaultRejectedExecutionHandlerClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
DefaultThreadManagerDefault implementation that doesn't do anything.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
DequeThis class implements a double-ended queue (pronounced like "deck").Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
DoubleArrayA DynamicArray of DoublesSee Also:DynamicArrayClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
DynamicArrayA DynamicArray is like List except that is exposes the underlying array.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
EncodingMapClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
EncodingMapStrategyInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
EqHashtableThis class extends Hashtable, but provides for pointer hashing and equality instead of hashCode() and equals() equality.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
EqLRUHashtableThis class extends LRUHashtable, but provides for pointer hashing and equality instead of hashCode() and equals() equality.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
EvaluationExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryEvaluationException()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
EventExceptionListenerInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
EventLoopClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
EventQueueA simple queue of events that can be added to and waited on by multiple threadsClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ExecutorCopy of the java.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ExitExceptionIf Util.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FactoryConvenience generic factory class.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FastStringBufferObject subclass resembling the java.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FatalAssertionExceptionClass used to represent a Fatal Assert Exception.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FeatureRepresents a feature or capability in the system and can answer the question of whether the feature is enabled in an instance of a givenClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
FeatureConfigDifferent products will fetch configuration in various ways: file, DB, etc.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FeatureSetA feature set groups a set of features (Feature) by name.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileArrayA DynamicArray of FilesFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileCompareClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileComponentChecksumThis class extends the ComponentChecksum class to compute a checksum for files and directories.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileOutputStreamHolderConstructor SummaryFileOutputStreamHolder(java.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileReplacerUtility class that supports replacing a given base file with a new file (typically, a new version of that file.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileReplacer .BadStateExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryFileReplacer.Classariba.util.core.FileReplacerAriba Web
FileUtilFile Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FileUtil .FileDeletionExceptionRepresents the exceptional condition where we expected to be able to delete a file but were not actually able to do so.Classariba.util.core.FileUtilAriba Web
FileUtil .FileRenameExceptionRepresents the exceptional condition where we expected to be able to rename a file but were not actually able to do so.Classariba.util.core.FileUtilAriba Web
FmtFormatted output.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
FormatBufferA version of a FastStringBuffer that is able to append some basic java types directly without having to use intermediateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
FunctionGeneric class that represents a function returning a type K.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
Function .MethodFunctionClassariba.util.core.FunctionAriba Web
GlobalLockInterface for a GlobalLock.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
GlobalLockingFinder class for the GlobalLockingServiceConstructor SummaryGlobalLocking()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GlobalLockingExceptionSomething went wrong in GlobalLocking, typically accessing an invalid lockClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
GlobalLockingServiceprovide services for acquiring global locks and creating lock groups.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
GlobalLockUtilA helper class for acquiring and releasing global lockConstructor SummaryGlobalLockUtil()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GlobalStateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
GridtableA two-dimensional map.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GrowOnlyGridTableA two-dimensional GrowOnlyHashtable.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GrowOnlyHashSetA GrowOnlyHashSet built on top of a GrowOnlyHashTable.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GrowOnlyHashtableA version of Hashtable that.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
GrowOnlyHashtable .IdentityMapNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.core.GrowOnlyHashtableAriba Web
GZipUtilUtility class to perform gzip on strings, byte arrays, etc.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
HashtableA Hashtable class that has a number of performance improvements over other Hashtable classes.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
HeapTimerQueueAn implementation of a TimerQueue that stores the Timers in a PriorityQueue.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
HolderConvenience class that makes it a little simpler to write a lazily evalated Use as follows.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
HTMLClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
HTTPHTTP.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
IntCompanionSortprovides functions for sorting arrays of objects, with integer companion arraysFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
IntegerArrayA DynamicArray of IntegersSee Also:DynamicArrayClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
IntegerCompareClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
InternCharToStringThis class implements an instance of a GrowOnlyHashtable with the following properties:Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
IOUtilInput/Output Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
IOUtil .BufferHolderHolds a byte buffer for use in this class while copying bytes around.Classariba.util.core.IOUtilAriba Web
IteratorUnionAn enumeration that is the union of a list of enumerations.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
JavaThreadFactoryA ThreadFactory for plain Java ThreadsConstructor SummaryJavaThreadFactory()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinearLRUHashtableProvides an LRUHashtable that uses linear growth (the LRUHashtable class uses exponential growth).Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkLink implements a fairly textbook "link" suitable for use in a doubly linked list.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkableBy implementing this interface the object in question can be stored in a LinkableList.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkableListLinkableList implements a fairly straightforward doubly linked The only points are that one should never follow or modify theClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkedListThis class implements a basic doublely linked list.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkedTimerQueueA TimerQueue implemented using a linked list of Timers.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LinkPayloadLinkPayload is a simply wrapper around Link that includes a payload reference.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ListUtilList Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ListUtil .ComparatorIs a java.Classariba.util.core.ListUtilAriba Web
LobExceptionRepresents an exception that has occurred during an interaction with a large-object (lob.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LockHandlerClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
LockHandlerConditionsInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
LockHandlerContextClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
LockManagerClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
LRUEntryAn entry in LRUHashtable.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LRUHashtableA hashtable that tracks the age of entries.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
LRURemoveListenerInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
MainThreadInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
MapArrayA DynamicArray of MapsFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MapBasedSetA generic implementation of the Set built on top of a Map.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MapUtilMap Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MasterPasswordClientManages master password.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MathUtilMath Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MaxEncodedStringClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
MemoryOptimizedMapThis is a map implementation that is very memory efficient for very small maps.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MemoryStatsSimple class that captures the current memory situation.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MessageDigestUtilA utility class for generating message digests, suitable for password hashing.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MIMEMIME.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MimeEncodingThis class is generated by Add Language Tool.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MIMESourceThis interface provides the abstraction of MIME data source.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ModifiableIntegerThis is a handy class to use in cases where Integer needs to be part of a Collection object, yet needs to be modified very frequently.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ModMofNPredicateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
MultiKeyHashtableA MultiKeyHashtable class that allows for multiple keys per entry.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
MultiValueHashtableA map like class that can store multiple values for theConstructor SummaryMultiValueHashtable()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
NamedListSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryNamedList()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
NamedValueSimple class to store a simple pair name/valueConstructor SummaryNamedValue(java.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
NoCryptoDisclaimer.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
NonCachingClassLoader reloading of class files from the file system.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
NotPredicateNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ObjectArrayA DynamicArray of Objects No array() needed because the underlying array is the same typeClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ObjectLockManagerThis class maintains a set of objects that can be exclusively locked.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ObjectUtilThis is a class of static methods useful for Objects in general.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
OptimizingGridtableFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
OrderedHashtableAn OrderedHashtable is just like a normal Hashtable except that it remembers the order the keys were added to the table and, whenever keys()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
OrPredicateNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
OutputStreamHolderRepresents the capability to hold an OutputStream.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ParametersInterface to access easily configuration parametersConstructor SummaryParameters()Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceCheckPerformanceCheck defines a set of expected performance boundaries for task execution.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceCheck .ErrorSinkCallback interface for to record warnings/erros detected.Interfaceariba.util.core.PerformanceCheckAriba Web
PerformanceCheckerObject used by the PerformanceCheck to check a specific metric (or PerformanceStateCore).Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceStateThis class maintains performance state for the current thread.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceState .StatsClassariba.util.core.PerformanceStateAriba Web
PerformanceStateCoreThis class is the root for performance counters.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceStateCore .EventDetailClassariba.util.core.PerformanceStateCoreAriba Web
PerformanceStateCore .InstanceClassariba.util.core.PerformanceStateCoreAriba Web
PerformanceStateCounterA thread specific counter.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceStateCounter .InstanceClassariba.util.core.PerformanceStateCounterAriba Web
PerformanceStateCPUTimedCounterA performance counter for thread CPU time.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceStateCPUTimedCounter .InstanceFields inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.core.PerformanceStateCPUTimedCounterAriba Web
PerformanceStateTimedCounterClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
PerformanceStateTimedCounter .InstanceClassariba.util.core.PerformanceStateTimedCounterAriba Web
PermutationIteratorA PermutationIterator produces a series of permutations of the requested size from a source array of objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PoolClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
Pool .PoolChangeReasonUsed with poolChange method to indicate the reason the pool was changed.Classariba.util.core.PoolAriba Web
PredicateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
Predicate .ConstantNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class ariba.Classariba.util.core.PredicateAriba Web
PriorityPriority represent the user preceived speed of an operation, not necessarily the speed of the operation.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ProgressMonitorThis class stores the user-visible progress information for the current thread so that it can be queried / reflected by a progress panel in the UI.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
PropertyGetterClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
PropertyHasherClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
PropertyTablePropertyTable is an extension of a Map which provides additional convenience methods and some minor semanticClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
QuickTableDiffSimple command line tool to diff to table files.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ReadOnlyMapA Map-like object that can't be modified - not because it is immutable (which would raise a run-time exception), but because it has no APIClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ReferenceHandlerHandles paramaters via indirect references.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ReferenceReaderInterface class for reading value of a parameter reference.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ReferenceReaderExceptionException class to be used for ReferenceReaderSee Also:Serialized FormClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ReferenceSyntaxParserThis class provides methods to parse Strings that may contain remote and/or local references.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
RegexFunctionClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
RegexFunction .InstructionClassariba.util.core.RegexFunctionAriba Web
RejectedExecutionExceptionException thrown by an Executor when a task cannot be accepted for execution.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
RejectedExecutionHandlerAn interface for handling rejected executions.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ResourceServiceThe fundamental API to resolving localized resources.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ResourceService .LocalizerInterfaceariba.util.core.ResourceServiceAriba Web
ResourceService .PseudoLocalizerInterfaceariba.util.core.ResourceServiceAriba Web
ResourceService .ResourceLocationIs an enumerated type representing the locations where string resources may be found under the string resource base URL.Classariba.util.core.ResourceServiceAriba Web
SecurityHelperVery poor stop-gap measure to prevent bogus access to some vital stuff.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SelfCleaningPoolGeneric resource pooling mechanism, that uses Timer to return allocated storage to be garbage collected when it is no longer needed for current usage patterns.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SelfCleaningPool .PoolFloatNested class that wraps up an actual resource instance.Classariba.util.core.SelfCleaningPoolAriba Web
ServerExtensionInterface used to bind new extension into the server.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ServerInterfaceInterface that defines basic functionalities that should be provided by the servers.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ServerUtilClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
SetUtilSet Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SignalHandlerWrapper around the sun.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SimpleComponentChecksumA simple implementation of ComponentChecksum that saves a stored byte array.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SortSort provides functions for sorting arrays of objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SparseVectorObject subclass that manages an array of objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
StateInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
StateFactoryClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
StopwatchInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringArrayA DynamicArray of StringsSee Also:DynamicArrayClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringCompareClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringCompareIgnoreCaseClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringCSVConsumerThe StringCSVConsumer is callback from ResourceSerivce to process string tables.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringTableProcessorThe StringCSVProcessor is callback for ResourceSerivce to process string tables.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringUtilString Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
StringUtil .SearchResultSmall struct class that captures the result of search for a string within some other unidentified string or stream.Classariba.util.core.StringUtilAriba Web
SubsetIteratorA SubsetIterator produces a series of subsets of the requested size from a source array of objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SystemUtilSystem Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
SystemUtil .ValidCallerA simple bean to hold the attributes of a valid caller for use by validateCaller method.Classariba.util.core.SystemUtilAriba Web
TableUtilTable file Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
TargetInterface enabling a generalized object request framework.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadDebugKeyA key to use with ThreadDebugState.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadDebugStateThis class maintains debug state for the current thread.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadDebugState .StateMapClassariba.util.core.ThreadDebugStateAriba Web
ThreadedQueueThis is a ThreadedQueue used for a producer/consumer model of threads.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadFactoryThreadFactory's allow an API to create threads that match the callers desires in terms of implementation.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadGroupLocalStateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadLocalHolderClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadManagerInterface to allow Ariba thread management.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadManager .NoOpClassariba.util.core.ThreadManagerAriba Web
ThreadNameAbbreviationMaintain short names for threads.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadNamedPropertyGetterInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadNamedPropertySetterInterfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadPoolStandard non-extensible thread pool implememtation on top of queue.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadPoolMonitorThis interface specifies a hook to monitor the thread pool.Interfaceariba.util.coreAriba Web
ThreadPoolRejectedExecutionHandlerA concrete implementation of RejectedExecutionHandler for ThreadPools.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
TimerObject subclass that causes an action to occur at a predefined rate.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
TimerQueuePrivate class to manage a queue of Timers.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
TokenTableA table of tokens that map to objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
TransientExceptionTransientException is designed to be thrown by application code that needs to halt execution of an action and display a localized error message to the user about theClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
TreeIterableClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
TreeIterable .TraversalClassariba.util.core.TreeIterableAriba Web
TunnelingExceptionTunnelingException is used to wrap a RunTimeException around a Exception.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
URLUtilURL Utilities.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
VectorObject subclass that manages an array of objects.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
VersionThis class provides access to build version information.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
VersionComponentChecksumComponent checksum for the application version.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
WhiteListPredicateClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
WrappedExceptiona generic exception subclass for all exceptions thrown.Classariba.util.coreAriba Web
WrapperRuntimeExceptionThe WrapperRuntimeException class provides a simple runtime exceptionfor all the various problems which might occur within the FieldValueClassariba.util.coreAriba Web
WriteResistantMapSimilar to a ReadOnlyMap, but with a method getMap enabling the caller to get direct access to the underlying Map, which may thenClassariba.util.coreAriba Web