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ControllerNotFoundExceptionException thrown when no routes matching URI are
DefaultControllerTranslatorBasic url to controller method
DefaultFormatResolverDefault implementation for
DefaultParametersControlDefault implementation of parameters control on
DefaultRouteBuilderShould be used in one of two ways, either configure the type and invoke the method or pass the method (java reflection)
DefaultRouterThe default implementation of controller localization
DefaultTypeFinderDiscover parameter typesAuthor:Lucas
EncodingHandlerEncodingHandler that uses Encoding from
FixedMethodStrategyA route strategy which invokes a fixed type's
FormatResolverDecides which format the request
IllegalRouteExceptionIllegal routes might be created under different
InvalidParameterExceptionSome parameters sent by http were
JavaEvaluatorEvaluates expressions in order to access
MethodNotAllowedExceptionException thrown when no routes matching given URI allow given HTTP
MutableRequestA request capable of receiving extra
MutableResponseA response that can add listeners to RedirectsAuthor:Lucas Cavalcanti, Caires Vinicius, Adriano
NoStrategyA route strategy which is basically invalid in order to force users to not forget to decide a route
ParameterClass that represents a method or constructor
ParameterNameProviderProvides all parameter names for an specific java
ParametersProviderProvides all parameters required to invoke an specific java
ParanamerNameProviderParanamer implementation for ParameterNameProvider, that reads parameter info using Named annotation on each parameter, or read bytecode to find parameter information, in this
PathAnnotationRoutesParserThe default parser routes creator uses the path annotation to create
PriorityRoutesListOrder Routes by priorityAuthor:Lucas
RouteAn specific route
RouteNotFoundExceptionA route was not found for the specified
RouterHandles different rules in order to translate urls into Controller
RoutesParserExtracts all possible routes for this specific
RulesRules for controller
SetInstantiatorAn instantiator that supports
TypeFinderDiscover Types from parameter pathsAuthor:Lucas
UrlToControllerTranslatorTranslates requests into controller
ValuedParameterRepresents a parameter with
VRaptorDependencyProvideran adapter for IOGI's dependency provider based on VRaptor's containerSince:Author:Lucas
VRaptorParameterNamesProviderAn adapter for iogi's parameterNamesProviderSince:Author:Lucas
VRaptorRequestA request capable of adding new
VRaptorResponseDefault implementation of MutableResponseAuthor:Lucas Cavalcanti, Caires Vinicius, Adriano