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CommonsUploadMultipartObserverA multipart observer based on Apache Commons
DefaultMultipartConfigDefault implementation for
DefaultUploadedFileDefault implementation for
DeserializingObserverImportant: this class must observe MethodReady because it is fired just before ExecuteMethod
DownloadObserverObserver that return a File or an InputStream when method return type is a download
DownloadViewA view implementation that writes a download into
ExecuteMethodInterceptor that executes the logic
FileDownloadReads bytes from a file into the
ForwardToDefaultViewObserves MethodExecuted event, and forwards to the default view if no view was rendered so
InputStreamDownloadHandles download by reading from a input stream byte by
InstantiateObserverInstantiates the current instance of controller
MultipartConfigBasic multi part interceptor
NullMultipartObserverThis observer will warn a message in console when no commons-fileupload was found in classpath and application try to upload any
OutjectResultOutjects the result of the method invocation to the desired resultAuthor:guilherme silveira, Rodrigo
ParameterIncluderIncludes all the parameters on the view of a method annotated with IncludeParameters
ParametersInstantiatorAn observer which instantiates parameters and provide them to the
RequestHandlerObserverLooks up the ControllerMethod for a specific request and start InterceptorStack if it was found, otherwise delegates for the 404
UploadedFileAn interface which represents the information of an uploaded
UploadedFileConverterA converter capable of setting UploadedFiles based on files parsed by the multipart