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BeanValidatorContextCreate a personalized implementation for
DefaultValidationExceptionDefault implementation of a
DefaultValidatorThe default validator
ErrorListClass that represents an error
I18nMessageIn this Message implementation, the message is i18n'ed while the category is
I18nParamRepresents a lazy i18n parameter I18nMessage message = new I18nMessage("category", "key", new I18nParam("
MessageInterpolatorFactoryFactory for
MethodValidatorValidate method parameters using Bean
OutjectorThis class is responsible for outjecting request parameter to the next
ReplicatorOutjectorOutjector implementation that replicates logic parameters to next
SimpleMessageA simple validation
ValidationExceptionA marked annotation to indicate that a certain exception class should be used as a Validation Exception by VRaptor
ValidationExceptionIf some validation error occur, its encapsulated within an instance of ValidationException, which is then throw and
ValidatorA validator interface for