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DefaultAcceptHeaderToFormatThe default AcceptHeaderToFormat implementation searches for registered mime
DefaultLogicResultThe default implementation of
DefaultPageResultDefault page result
DefaultPathResolverThe default vraptor3 path resolver uses the type and method name as "/typeName/
DefaultStatusAllows header related
DefaultValidationViewsFactoryDefault implementation for ValidationViewsFactory If you want to extend this behavior
FlashScopeComponent responsible to allow redirects with the same passed
HttpResultA view that deals with HTTP protocol, sending status and error codes and adding
LinkToHandlerView helper for generating
LogicResultLogic result allows logics to redirect to another logic by invoking the method itself, in a very typesafe
PageResultA common forward/redirect/include page
PathResolverDecides the url to forward after a request was
RefererResultRedirects or forwards to the
ResultsSome common results for most web based
SessionFlashScopeFlashScope that uses the HttpSession to hold the
StatusAllows status + header related
ValidationViewsFactoryComponent responsible for instantiating corresponding validation form of given