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AbstractBsonReaderAbstract base class for BsonReader implementations.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
AbstractBsonReader .StateThe state of a reader.Classbson.AbstractBsonReaderMongoDB NoSQL
AbstractBsonWriterRepresents a BSON writer for some external format (see subclasses).ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
AbstractBsonWriter .StateThe state of a writer.Classbson.AbstractBsonWriterMongoDB NoSQL
BasicBSONCallbackAn implementation of BsonCallback that creates an instance of BSONObject.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BasicBSONDecoderClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BasicBSONEncoderThis is meant to be pooled or cached.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BasicBSONListUtility class to allow array DBObjects to be created.Classbson.typesMongoDB NoSQL
BasicBSONObjectA simple implementation of DBObject.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BSONContains byte representations of all the BSON types (see the BSON Specification).ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonAn interface for types that are able to render themselves into a BsonDocument.Interfacebson.conversionsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonArrayA type-safe representation of the BSON array type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonArrayCodecA codec for BsonArray instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinaryA representation of the BSON Binary type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinaryCodecA Codec for the BSON Binary type.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinaryReaderA BsonReader implementation that reads from a binary stream of data.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinarySubTypeenum BsonBinarySubTypeEnum Constant SummaryClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinaryWriterA BsonWriter implementation that writes to a binary stream of data.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBinaryWriterSettingsThe customisable settings for writing BSON.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBooleanA representation of the BSON Boolean type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonBooleanCodecA Codec for BsonBoolean instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BSONCallbackA callback interface for describing the structure of a BSON document.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonContextTypeenum BsonContextTypeUsed by BsonReader and BsonWriter implementations to represent the current context.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDateTimeA representation of the BSON DateTime type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDateTimeCodecA Codec for BsonDateTime instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDbPointerHolder for a BSON type DBPointer(0x0c).ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDBPointerCodecConverts BSON type DBPointer(0x0c) to database references as DBPointer is deprecated.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BSONDecoderAn interface for decoders of BSON documents.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentA type-safe container for a BSON document.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentCodecA codec for BsonDocument instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentReaderA BsonReader implementation that reads from an instance of BsonDocument.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentWrapperA BsonDocument that begins its life as a document of any type and an Encoder for that document, which lets an instance of any class with an Encoder be treated as a BsonDocument.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentWrapperCodecClassbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDocumentWriterA BsonWriter implementation that writes to an instance of BsonDocument.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDoubleA representation of the BSON Double type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonDoubleCodecA Codec for BsonDouble instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonElementA mapping from a name to a BsonValue.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BSONEncoderA BSONEncoder is a class which can be used to turn documents into byte arrays.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BSONExceptionA general runtime exception raised in BSON processing.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonFieldA representation of a BSON document field whose value is another BSON document.Classmongodb.client.modelMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInputAn input stream that is optimized for reading BSON values directly from the underlying stream.Interfacebson.ioMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInt32A representation of the BSON Int32 type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInt32CodecA Codec for BsonInt32 instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInt64A representation of the BSON Int64 type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInt64CodecA Codec for BsonInt64 instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonInvalidOperationExceptionAn exception indicating an invalid BSON operation.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonJavaScriptFor using the JavaScript Code type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonJavaScriptCodecA Codec for the BsonJavaScript type.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonJavaScriptWithScopeA representation of the JavaScript Code with Scope BSON type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonJavaScriptWithScopeCodecA Codec for BsonJavaScriptWithScope instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonMaxKeyClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonMaxKeyCodecA codec for BsonMaxKey instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonMinKeyClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonMinKeyCodecA codec for BsonMinKey instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonNullA representation of the BSON Null type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonNullCodecA Codec for BsonNull instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonNumberBase class for the three numeric BSON types.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BSONObjectA key-value map that can be saved to the database.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonObjectIdA representation of the BSON ObjectId type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonObjectIdCodecA Codec for BsonObjectId instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonOutputAn output stream that is optimized for writing BSON values directly to the underlying stream.Interfacebson.ioMongoDB NoSQL
BsonReaderAn interface for reading a logical BSON document using a pull-oriented API.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonRegularExpressionA holder class for a BSON regular expression, so that we can delay compiling into a Pattern until necessary.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonRegularExpressionCodecA codec for BSON regular expressions.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonSerializationExceptionAn exception indicating a failure to serialize a BSON value.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonStringA representation of the BSON String type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonStringCodecA Codec for BsonString instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonSymbolClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonSymbolCodecA codec for BSON symbol type.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonTimestampA value representing the BSON timestamp type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BSONTimestampThis is used for internal increment values.Classbson.typesMongoDB NoSQL
BSONTimestampCodecKnows how to encode and decode BSON timestamps.ClassmongodbMongoDB NoSQL
BsonTimestampCodecA Codec for BSON Timestamp instances.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonTypeEnumeration of all the BSON types currently supported.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonTypeClassMapA map from a BSON types to the Class to which it should be decoded.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonUndefinedRepresents the value associated with the BSON Undefined type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonUndefinedCodecAllows reading and writing of the BSON Undefined type.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonValueBase class for any BSON type.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonValueCodecA codec for unknown BsonValues.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonValueCodecProviderA CodecProvider for all subclass of BsonValue.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BsonWriterAn interface for writing a logical BSON document using a push-oriented API.InterfacebsonMongoDB NoSQL
BsonWriterSettingsAll the customisable settings for writing BSON.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
ByteBufferBsonInputAn implementation of BsonInput that is backed by a ByteBuf.Classbson.ioMongoDB NoSQL
ByteBufferBsonOutputThis class should not be considered as part of the public API, and it may change or be removed at any time.Classmongodb.connectionMongoDB NoSQL
EmptyBSONCallbackConvenience implementation of BSONCallback that throws UnsupportedOperationException for all methods.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
LazyBSONCallbackA BSONCallback for creation of LazyBSONObject and LazyBSONList instances.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
LazyBSONDecoderA decoder for LazyBSONObject instances.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
LazyBSONListA LazyBSONObject representing a BSON array.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
LazyBSONObjectAn immutable BSONObject backed by a byte buffer that lazily provides keys and values on request.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
RawBsonDocumentAn immutable BSON document that is represented using only the raw bytes.ClassbsonMongoDB NoSQL
RawBsonDocumentCodecA simple BSONDocumentBuffer codec.Classbson.codecsMongoDB NoSQL
BSONNodeRepresents a node in a BSON structure.Classorg.axonframework.serializer.bsonAxon