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#Cern.colt.matrix.linalg Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
AlgebraLinear algebraic matrix operations operating on DoubleMatrix2D; concentrates most functionality of this package.Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
CholeskyDecompositionFor a symmetric, positive definite matrix A, the Cholesky decompositionis a lower triangular matrix L so that A = L*L';Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
EigenvalueDecompositionEigenvalues and eigenvectors of a real matrix A.Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
LUDecompositionFor an m x n matrix A with m >= n, the LU decomposition is an m x nunit lower triangular matrix L, an n x n upper triangular matrix U,Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
LUDecompositionQuickA low level version of LUDecomposition, avoiding unnecessary memory allocation and copying.Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
Matrix2DMatrix2DFunctionInterface that represents a function object: a function that takes two arguments and returns a single value.Interfacecern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
PropertyTests matrices for linear algebraic properties (equality, tridiagonality, symmetry, singularity, etc).Classcern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
QRDecompositionFor an m x n matrix A with m >= n, the QR decomposition is an m x northogonal matrix Q and an n x n upper triangular matrix R so thatClasscern.colt.matrix.linalgColt
SingularValueDecompositionFor an m x n matrix A with m >= n, the singular value decomposition isan m x n orthogonal matrix U, an n x n diagonal matrix S, andClasscern.colt.matrix.linalgColt