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#Cern.jet.random.sampling Classes and Interfaces - 3 results found.
RandomSamplerSpace and time efficiently computes a sorted Simple Random Sample Without Replacement (SRSWOR), that is, a sorted set of n random numbers from an interval of N numbers; Example: Computing n=3 random numbers from the interval [1,50] may yield the sorted random set (7,13,47).Classcern.jet.random.samplingColt
RandomSamplingAssistantConveniently computes a stable Simple Random Sample Without Replacement (SRSWOR) subsequence of n elements from a given input sequence of N elements; Example: Computing a sublist of n=3 random elements from a list (1,.Classcern.jet.random.samplingColt
WeightedRandomSamplerConveniently computes a stable subsequence of elements from a given input sequence; Picks (samples) exactly one random element from successive blocks of weight input elements each.Classcern.jet.random.samplingColt