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#Client.views Classes and Interfaces - 10 results found.
ChangeResourceTemplateMVP View for changing a resource's template.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreateActionAPI for create action dialogs.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreateAliasAPI for create alias dialogs.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreateFolderMVP view for creating a folder.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreatePageMVP view for creating a page.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreateTextFileMVP View for creating a text file.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
CreateUserAPI for create user dialogs.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
EditTextFileMVP View for updating a text file content.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
ICommentViewAPI for viewing a comment.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control
RenameResourceMVP View for updating a resource's name.Interfaceclient.viewsContent Control