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#Com.androidplot.util Classes and Interfaces - 14 results found.
ConfiguratorUtility class for "configuring" objects via XML config files.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
DisplayDimensionsClasscom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
FontUtilsClasscom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
ListOrganizerUtility class providing additional element organization operations.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
MultiSynchUtility class for obtaining synch lock across multiple objects.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
MultiSynch .ActionCallback class for doing work from within a MultiSynch.Interfacecom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
PaintUtilsConvenience methods that operate on Paint instances.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
PixelUtilsClasscom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
PlotStatistics!!! THIS CLASS IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND MAY CONTAIN BUGS !!! Gathers performance statistics from a Plot.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
RedrawerUtility class for invoking Plot.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
ValPixConverterUtility methods for converting pixel coordinates into real values and vice versa.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
ZHashConcrete implementation of ZIndexable.Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
ZIndexableEncapsulates the concept of z-indexable objects; Each object is stored above or below each other object and may be moved up and down in the queue relative to other elements in the hash or absolutely to the front or back of the queue.Interfacecom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot
ZLinkedListSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryZLinkedList()Classcom.androidplot.utilAndroid Plot