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#Com.avaje.ebean.bean Classes and Interfaces - 17 results found.
BeanCollectionLazy loading capable Maps, Lists and Sets.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanCollection .ModifyListenModeMode used for ManyToMany relationshipsMode used for PrivateOwnedClasscom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanCollectionAddInterface to define the addition of a bean to the underlying collection.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanCollectionLoaderLoads a entity bean collection.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanCollectionTouchedUsed to specify a listener to be notified when a BeanCollection is firstTo use this you can set a BeanCollectionTouched onto a BeanCollection beforeInterfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanLoaderLoads a entity bean.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
BeanStateProvides access to the internal state of an entity bean.Interfacecom.avaje.ebeanEBean
CallStackRepresent the call stack (stack trace elements).Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
EntityBeanBean that is aware of EntityBeanIntercept.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
EntityBeanInterceptThis is the object added to every entity bean using byte code enhancement.Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
NodeUsageCollectorCollects profile information for a bean (or reference/proxy bean) at a given node.Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
NodeUsageListenerCollects the profile information.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
ObjectGraphNodeIdentifies a unique node of an object graph.Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
ObjectGraphOriginRepresents a "origin" of an ORM object graph.Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
PersistenceContextHolds entity beans by there type and id.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean
PersistenceContext .WithOptionWrapper on a bean to also indicate if a bean has been deleted.Classcom.avaje.ebean.beanEBean