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#Com.avaje.ebean.meta Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
MetaBeanInfoCollect the current query plan statistics return all the statistics (include query plans that haven't had query executions).Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.metaEBean
MetaInfoManagerProvides access to the meta data in EbeanServer such as query execution statistics.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.metaEBean
MetaObjectGraphNodeStatsStatistics for query execution based on object graph origin and paths.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.metaEBean
MetaQueryPlanOriginCountHolds a query 'origin' point and count for the number of queries executed forThis basically points to the bit of original code and query that results inInterfacecom.avaje.ebean.metaEBean
MetaQueryPlanStatisticQuery execution statistics Meta data.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.metaEBean