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#Com.avaje.ebean.text Classes and Interfaces - 18 results found.
CsvCallbackProvides callback methods for customisation of CSV processing.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.csvEBean
CsvReaderReads CSV data turning it into object graphs that you can be saved (inserted)or processed yourself.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.csvEBean
DefaultCsvCallbackProvides the default implementation of CsvCallback.Classcom.avaje.ebean.text.csvEBean
EJsonUtility that converts between JSON content and simple java Maps/Lists.Classcom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonContextConverts objects to and from JSON format.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonIOExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an IOException occurs in json processing.Classcom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonReadBeanVisitorProvides for custom handling of json content as it is read.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonReadOptionsProvides the ability to customise the reading of JSON content.Classcom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonScalarWrites any scalar type known to Ebean the Jackson generator.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonWriteBeanVisitorAllows for customising the JSON write processing.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonWriteOptionsProvides options for customising the JSON write process.Classcom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
JsonWriterWraps an underlying JsonGenerator taking into account null suppression and exposing isIncludeEmpty() etc.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.text.jsonEBean
PathPropertiesThis is a Tree like structure of paths and properties that can be used fordefining which parts of an object graph to render in JSON or XML, and canClasscom.avaje.ebean.textEBean
PathProperties .PropsAdd a child Property set.Classcom.avaje.ebean.textEBean
StringFormatterConvert an Object value into a String value.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.textEBean
StringParserConvert a String value into an Object value.Interfacecom.avaje.ebean.textEBean
TextExceptionAn exception occurred typically in processing CSV, JSON or XML.Classcom.avaje.ebean.textEBean
TimeStringParserParser for TIME types that supports both HH:mm:ss and HH:mm.Classcom.avaje.ebean.textEBean