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#Com.codename1.components Classes and Interfaces - 27 results found.
AdsThis is an Ads Component, this Component can displays banner/text ads on a This is a generic Ads Component that can support different type of Ads NetworkClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
FileEncodedImageAn encoded image that stores the actual data of the encoded image in a disk file or resource and loads it only when necessary.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
FileEncodedImageAsyncThis class is identical to FileEncodedImage with the difference of using asynchronous loading for files (and the animation framework) which willClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
FileTreeClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
FileTreeModelA tree model representing the file system as a whole, notice that this class returns absolute file names which would result in an unreadable tree.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
FloatingHintA floating hint is similar to a text field with a hint.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ImageViewerImageViewer allows zooming/panning an image and potentially flicking between multiple images within a list of images.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
InfiniteProgressShows a "Washing Machine" infinite progress indication animation, to customize the image you can either use the infiniteImage theme constant or the setAnimation method.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
InfiniteScrollAdapterAllows adapting a scroll container to scroll indefinitely (or at least until running out of data), this effectively works by showing an infinite progressClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
InteractionDialogUnlike a regular dialog the interaction dialog only looks like a dialog, it resides in the layered pane and can be used to implement features where Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
MasterDetailClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
MediaPlayerVideo playback component with control buttons for back, play/pause and forward buttons.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
MultiButtonA powerful button like component that allows multiple rows/and an icon to be added every row/icon can have its own UIID.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
OnOffSwitchThe on/off switch is a checkbox of sort (although it derives container) that represents its state as a switch each of which has a short label associated with it.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ProgressClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ReplaceableImageAllows the image data to be replaced at runtime when a different image is available.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
RSSReaderA List implementing an RSS reader that automatically populates itself with content from the RSS chanel.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ScaleImageButtonButton that simplifies the usage of scale to fill/fit.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ScaleImageLabelLabel that simplifies the usage of scale to fill/fit.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ShareButtonThe share button allows sharing a String or an image either thru the defined sharing services or thru the native OS sharing support.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
SliderBridgeClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
SpanButtonA complex button similar to MultiButton that breaks lines automatically and looks like a regular button (more or less).Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
SpanLabelA multi line label component that can be easily localized, this is simply based on a text area combined with a label.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
StorageImageAn encoded image that stores the actual data of the encoded image in storage.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
StorageImageAsyncAsynchronous storage image that loads in the background and not during the paint cycle effectively not blocking the EDT drawing speed.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
ToastBarAn API to present status messages to the user in an unobtrusive manner.Classcom.codename1.componentsCodeName One
WebBrowserA simple browser view that encapsulates a usable version of HTMLComponent or BrowserComponent and automatically picks the right component for the platform preferring BrowserComponent whenever itClasscom.codename1.componentsCodeName One