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#Com.codename1.testing Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
AbstractTestClasscom.codename1.testingCodeName One
DeviceRunnerRuns the test cases from the test build of the app, notice that this class is abstract since device/app specific code can exist in the implementationClasscom.codename1.testingCodeName One
JUnitXMLReportingProduces test reporting in the format of JUnit XML for compatibility with tools that consume JUnit test case results see http://code.Classcom.codename1.testingCodeName One
TestReportingTest reports can be overriden to provide custom test reporting options you can replace the test reporter on the device by sending the buildClasscom.codename1.testingCodeName One
TestUtilsClasscom.codename1.testingCodeName One
UnitTestA Codename One unit test interface, you would normally like to derive from AbstractTest which is less verbose and contains many helper methods.Interfacecom.codename1.testingCodeName One