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ACA constraint that holds the column or row constraints for the grid.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ActionEventClasscom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
ActionEvent .TypeThe event type, as declared when the event is One
ActionListenerEvent callback interface invoked when a component action occursInvoked when an action occurred on a componentInterfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
AnimationAllows any object to react to events and draw an animation at a fixed interval.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
AnimationManagerAnimation manager concentrates all of the animations for a given form into a single place that allows us to manage all mutations to a Form in a way the prevents collisions between mutations.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
AnimationObjectAn animation object is an element within the timeline that has a visibility state for rendering at a given point in time.Classcom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
AsyncDocumentRequestHandlerProvides an interface for Asynchronous request handling.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
AsyncDocumentRequestHandlerImpl HTML support in CodenameOne.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
AutoCompleteTextFieldAn editable TextField with completion suggestions that show up in a drop down menu while the user types in text.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
BackgroundPainterClasscom.codename1.ui.painterCodeName One
BaseSpinnerClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
BorderBase class that allows us to render a border for a component, a border is drawn before the component and is drawn within the padding region of the component.Classcom.codename1.ui.plafCodeName One
BorderLayoutA border layout lays out a container, arranging and resizing its components to fit in five regions: north, south, east, west, and center.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
BoundSizeA size that contains minimum, preferred and maximum size of type UnitValue.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
BoxLayoutLayout manager that places elements in a row (X_AXIS) or column (Y_AXIS) according to box orientation.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
BrowserComponentThe browser component is an interface to an embeddable native platform browser on platforms that support embedding the native browser in place, if you need wide compatibility and flexibilityClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
BrowserNavigationCallbackImportant: Calls to this interface are always performed on a separate thread from the EDT! They are performed on the native webkit renderingInterfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
ButtonButton is the base class for several UI widgets allowing clickability.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ButtonGroupThis class is used to create a multiple-exclusion scope for Creating a set of RadioButton components with the same ButtonGroup objectClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
CalendarDate widget for selecting a date/time value.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
CCA simple value holder for one component's constraint.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
CellRendererThis class is geared to replace the ListCellRenderer in the long run to provide a more generic rendering API.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
CheckBoxCheckBox is a button that can be selected or deselected and displays its state to the user.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ComboBoxA ComboBox is a list that allows only one selection at a time, when a user clicks the ComboBox a popup button with the full list of elements allows the selection ofClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
CommandThe Command class provides a useful extension to the ActionListener interface in cases where the same functionality may be accessed by several controls.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
CommonTransitionsContains common transition animations including the following: Slide - the exiting form slides out of the screen while the new form slides in.Classcom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
ComponentThe component class is the basis of all UI widgets in Codename One, to arrange multiple components together we use the Container class which itself "IS A" Component subclass.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ComponentAnimationParent class representing an animation object within the AnimationManager queue.Classcom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
ComponentGroupA component group is a container that applies the given UIID to a set of components within it and gives the same UIID with "First"/"Last" prepended to the first and last components.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ComponentWrapperA class that wraps the important parts of a Component.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ConstraintTo perform validation we add a constraint to a validator, a constraint defines whether a value if validIncludes the error message for the constraintInterfacecom.codename1.ui.validationCodeName One
ConstraintParserParses string constraints.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ContainerA composite pattern with Component, allows nesting and arranging multiple components using a pluggable layout manager architecture.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ContainerListThis is a "list component" implemented as a container with a layout manager which provides some of the ui advantages of a Container and some of aClasscom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
ContainerWrapperA class that wraps a container that contains components.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
CoordinateLayoutAllows laying out components based on absolute positions/sizes that are adapted based on available space for the layout.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
DataChangedListenerEvent callback interface invoked when a ListModel changes its state thus indicating to the view that it should refresh.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
DateSpinnerClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
DateTimeSpinnerClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
DefaultDocumentRequestHandlerDefault implementation of the HTML components document request handler to allow simple HTML support in Codename One.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
DefaultHTMLCallbackThis is a default implementation of HTMLCallback that basically doesn't do much but does keep the HTMLComponent work intact.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
DefaultListCellRendererDefault implementation of the renderer based on a label see the ListCellRenderer for more information about the use and purpose of this classClasscom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
DefaultListModelDefault implementation of the list model based on a List of elements.Classcom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
DefaultLookAndFeelClasscom.codename1.ui.plafCodeName One
DefaultTableModelA default implementation of the table model based on a two dimensional array.Classcom.codename1.ui.tableCodeName One
DialogA dialog is a form that occupies a part of the screen and appears as a modal entity to the developer.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
DimConstraintA simple value holder for a constraint for one dimension.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
DimensionUtility class that holds a width and height that represents a dimension of a component or elementClasscom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
Dimension2DUtility class that holds a width and height that represents a dimension of a component or elementClasscom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
DisplayCentral class for the API that manages rendering/events and is used to place top level components (Form) on the "display".Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
DocumentInfoDocumentInfo holds important information about a document that is loading.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
DocumentRequestHandlerThe DocumentRequestHandler interface should be implemented so it returns documents in requested URLs.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
EffectsStatic utility class useful for simple visual effects that don't quite fit anywhere else in the core API.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
EmbeddedContainerThis class is mostly used internally by the GUI builder and isn't very useful for general purpose.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
EncodedImageAn image that only keeps the binary data of the source file used to load it in permanent memory.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
EventDispatcherHandles event dispatching while guaranteeing that all events would be fired properly on the EDT regardless of their source.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
FilterProxyListModelClasscom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
FlipTransitionClasscom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
FlowLayoutFlowLayout is the default layout manager for Codename One Containers and Forms.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
FocusListenerObserves focus change events for a given form and invokes the callbacks to enable us to assign functionality based on current focused component.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
FontCodename One currently supports 3 font types: System fonts - these are very simplistic builtin fonts.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
FontImageClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
FormTop level component that serves as the root for the UI, this Container handles the menus and title while placing content between them.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
GeneralPathA general geometric path, consisting of any number of subpaths constructed out of straight lines and cubic or quadratic Bezier curves.Classcom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
GenericListCellRendererThe generic list cell renderer can display containers or arbitrary Codename One components as items in a list.Classcom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
GenericSpinnerA spinner class that allows arbitrary values, this is effectively a combo box replacement for platforms where a combo box is not availableClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
GlassTutorialA Glass Tutorial appears on top of the UI especially on a touch device but could be on any device and points to/circles components within the UIClasscom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
GraphicsAbstracts the underlying platform graphics context thus allowing us to achieve portability between MIDP devices and CDC devices.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
GridHolds components in a grid.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
GridBagConstraintsClasscom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GridBagLayoutCodename One port of the infamous GridBagLayout based on the Apache Harmony code.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GridLayoutThe components are arranged in a grid based on available space, all cells in the grid are given exactly the same size which matches the largest preferred size or available space.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GroupConstraintClasscom.codename1.ui.validationCodeName One
GroupLayoutGroupLayout is a LayoutManager that hierarchically groups components to achieve common, and not so common, layouts.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
HTMLCallbackHTMLCallback is used to dispatch document lifecycle events.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
HTMLComponentHTMLComponent is a Codename One Component that renders HTML documents that conform to the XHTML Mobile Profile 1.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
HTMLElementThe HTMLElement class defines a single HTML element with its attributes and children.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
HTMLParserThe HTMLParser class is used to parse an XHTML-MP 1.Classcom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
HTMLUtilsClasscom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
ImageClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ImageIOEnable simple operations on image file & image objects such as dynamic scaling and storage to binary formats such as JPEG.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
InCellGapProviderAn interface to implement if you want to decide the gaps between two types of components within the same cell.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
InfiniteContainerThis abstract Container can scroll indefinitely (or at least until we run out of data).Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
InsetsClasscom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
IOCallbackInterfacecom.codename1.ui.htmlCodeName One
LabelAllows displaying a single line of text and icon (both optional) with different alignment options.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
LayeredLayoutThe LayeredLayout places the components in order one on top of the other and sizes them all to the size of the largest component.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutAbstract class that can be used to arrange components in a container using a predefined algorithm.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutCallbackA class to extend if you want to provide more control over where a component is placed or the size of it.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LayoutStyleLayoutStyle is used to determine how much space to place between components during layout.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutUtilA utility class that has only static helper methods.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LCContains the constraints for an instance of the LC layout manager.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LengthConstraintClasscom.codename1.ui.validationCodeName One
LinkHandlerClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ListA set of elements that is rendered using a ListCellRenderer and are extracted via the ListModel.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ListCellRendererA "rubber stamp" tool that allows us to extract a component (often the same component instance for all invocations) that is initialized to the value Interfacecom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
ListModelRepresents the data structure of the list, thus allowing a list to represent any potential data source by referencing different implementations of thisInterfacecom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
LookAndFeelAllows a UI developer to completely customize the look of the application by overriding drawing/sizing methods appropriately.Classcom.codename1.ui.plafCodeName One
MenuBarThis class represents the Form MenuBar.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
MigLayoutA very flexible layout manager.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
MorphTransitionA transition inspired by the Android L release morph activity effect allowing a set of components in one form/container to morph into another in a differentClasscom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
MotionAbstracts the notion of physical motion over time from a numeric location to another.Classcom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
MultiListA list with a MultiButton renderer.Classcom.codename1.ui.listCodeName One
NavigationCommandThe NavigationCommand is a Command that navigates to a given Form.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
NumericSpinnerClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
PainterPainter can be used to draw on components backgrounds.Interfacecom.codename1.uiCodeName One
PainterChainA painter chain allows us to chain together several painters to provide a "layer" effect where each painter only draws one element.Classcom.codename1.ui.painterCodeName One
PathIteratorThis interface provides a directed path over the boundary of a shape.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
PeerComponentA peer component is essentially a "dummy" Codename One component used to calculate the position of the actual native platform specific component.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
PickerPicker is a component and API that allows either popping up a spinner or using the native picker API when applicable.Classcom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
PlatformDefaultsCurrently handles Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME spacing.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
PointClasscom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
Point2DClasscom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
RadioButtonRadioButton is a Button that maintains a selection state exclusively within a specific ButtonGroup.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
RectangleRepresents a Rectangle position (x, y) and Dimension (width, height), this is useful for measuring coordinates within the application.Classcom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
Rectangle2DRepresents a Rectangle position (x, y) and Dimension (width, height), this is useful for measuring coordinates within the application.Classcom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
RegexConstraintClasscom.codename1.ui.validationCodeName One
ResourcesLoads resources from the binary resource file generated by the Codename One Designer.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
RGBImageAn image that stores its data as an integer RGB array internally, this image cannot be manipulated via Graphics primitives however itsClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
ScrollListenerInterfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
SelectionListenerInterfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
ShapeAn interface that can be implemented by any class that wants to be drawableSee Also:for a concrete implementation of Shape.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.geomCodeName One
SideMenuBarThis is Menu Bar that displays it's commands on a side bar navigation similar to Google+/Facbook apps navigationClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
SliderThe slider component serves both as a slider widget to allow users to select a value on a scale via touch/arrows and also to indicate progress.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
StrokeEncapsulates the stroke used for drawing paths.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
StyleRepresents the look of a given component: colors, fonts, transparency, margin and padding & images.Classcom.codename1.ui.plafCodeName One
StyleListenerInterfacecom.codename1.ui.eventsCodeName One
SwipeableContainerSwipeableContainer allows us to side swipe a component and expose underlying configuration within it.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
SwipeBackSupportClasscom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
TableThe Table class represents a grid of data that can be used for rendering a grid of components/labels.Classcom.codename1.ui.tableCodeName One
TableLayoutTableLayout is a very elaborate constraint based layout manager that can arrange elements in rows/columns while defining constraints to control complex behavior such as spanning, alignment/weight Classcom.codename1.ui.tableCodeName One
TableLayout .ConstraintRepresents the layout constraint for an entry within the table indicating the desired position/behavior of the component.Classcom.codename1.ui.table.TableLayoutCodeName One
TableModelThe table and table model class are complimentry classes allowing the quick construction of tabular data controls.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.tableCodeName One
TabsA component that lets the user switch between a group of components by clicking on a tab with a given title and/or icon.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
TextAreaAn optionally multi-line editable region that can display text and allow a user to edit it.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
TextField A specialized version of TextArea with some minor deviations from the original Blinking cursor is rendered on TextField onlycom.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
TimelineA timeline represents the motions of animation objectsAdds an animation object to show using this timelineClasscom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
TimeSpinnerClasscom.codename1.ui.spinnerCodeName One
ToolbarToolbar replaces the default title area with a powerful abstraction that allows functionality ranging from side menus (hamburger) to title animations and any arbitrary component type.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
TransformEncapsulates a 3D transform that can be used in Graphics contexts or with Shapes to transform in various ways.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
TransitionRepresents a transition animation between two forms this class is used internally by Display to play an animation when moving from one form to the next.Classcom.codename1.ui.animationsCodeName One
TreeThe Tree component allows constructing simple tree component hierarchies that can be expanded seamlessly with no limit.Classcom.codename1.ui.treeCodeName One
TreeModelArranges tree node objects, a node can essentially be anything and it will be displayed in a hierarchy And heres a more "real world" example showing an XML hierarchy in a Tree:Interfacecom.codename1.ui.treeCodeName One
UIBuilderThe UI builder can create a user interface based on the UI designed in the resource editor and allows us to bind to said UI.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
UIManagerCentral point singleton managing the look of the application, this class allows us to customize the styles (themes) as well as the look instance.Classcom.codename1.ui.plafCodeName One
UITimerSimple timer callback that is invoked on the CodenameOne EDT thread rather than on a separate thread.Classcom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One
UnitConverterClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
UnitValueClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
URLImageURLImage allows us to create an image from a URL.Classcom.codename1.uiCodeName One
URLImage .ImageAdapterAllows applying resize logic to downloaded images you can use constant resize behaviors defined in this class.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.URLImageCodeName One
ValidatorBinds validation constraints to form elements, when validation fails it can be highlighted directly on the component via an emblem or change of the UIID (to original UIID name + "Invalid" e.Classcom.codename1.ui.validationCodeName One
Validator .HighlightModeIndicates the validation failure modesReturns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.Classcom.codename1.ui.validation.ValidatorCodeName One
VirtualKeyboardClasscom.codename1.uiCodeName One
WeakHashMapClasscom.codename1.ui.utilCodeName One