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#Com.codename1.ui.layouts Classes and Interfaces - 29 results found.
ACA constraint that holds the column or row constraints for the grid.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
BorderLayoutA border layout lays out a container, arranging and resizing its components to fit in five regions: north, south, east, west, and center.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
BoundSizeA size that contains minimum, preferred and maximum size of type UnitValue.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
BoxLayoutLayout manager that places elements in a row (X_AXIS) or column (Y_AXIS) according to box orientation.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
CCA simple value holder for one component's constraint.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ComponentWrapperA class that wraps the important parts of a Component.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ConstraintParserParses string constraints.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
ContainerWrapperA class that wraps a container that contains components.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
CoordinateLayoutAllows laying out components based on absolute positions/sizes that are adapted based on available space for the layout.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
DimConstraintA simple value holder for a constraint for one dimension.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
FlowLayoutFlowLayout is the default layout manager for Codename One Containers and Forms.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GridHolds components in a grid.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
GridBagConstraintsClasscom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GridBagLayoutCodename One port of the infamous GridBagLayout based on the Apache Harmony code.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GridLayoutThe components are arranged in a grid based on available space, all cells in the grid are given exactly the same size which matches the largest preferred size or available space.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
GroupLayoutGroupLayout is a LayoutManager that hierarchically groups components to achieve common, and not so common, layouts.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
InCellGapProviderAn interface to implement if you want to decide the gaps between two types of components within the same cell.Interfacecom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
InsetsClasscom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayeredLayoutThe LayeredLayout places the components in order one on top of the other and sizes them all to the size of the largest component.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutAbstract class that can be used to arrange components in a container using a predefined algorithm.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutCallbackA class to extend if you want to provide more control over where a component is placed or the size of it.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LayoutStyleLayoutStyle is used to determine how much space to place between components during layout.Classcom.codename1.ui.layoutsCodeName One
LayoutUtilA utility class that has only static helper methods.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LCContains the constraints for an instance of the LC layout manager.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
LinkHandlerClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
MigLayoutA very flexible layout manager.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
PlatformDefaultsCurrently handles Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME spacing.Classcom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
UnitConverterClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One
UnitValueClasscom.codename1.ui.layouts.migCodeName One