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#Com.datastax.driver.core.utils Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
BytesSimple utility methods to make working with bytes (blob) easier.Classcom.datastax.driver.core.utilsDataStax
MoreFuturesHelpers to work with Guava's ListenableFuture.Classcom.datastax.driver.core.utilsDataStax
MoreFutures .FailureCallbackA FutureCallback that does nothing on success.Classcom.datastax.driver.core.utilsDataStax
MoreFutures .SuccessCallbackA FutureCallback that does nothing on failure.Classcom.datastax.driver.core.utilsDataStax
UUIDsUtility methods to work with UUID and most specifically with time-based onesCreates a "fake" time-based UUID that sorts as the biggest possibleClasscom.datastax.driver.core.utilsDataStax