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#Com.eclipsesource.tabris.ui Classes and Interfaces - 20 results found.
AbstractAction An AbstractAction is a convenience class to make the implementation of actions easier.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
AbstractPage An AbstractPage is a convenience class to make the implementation of pages easier.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
Action An Action is the abstraction of a user's interaction within a Tabris UI.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
ActionConfiguration Action objects will be instantiated by the framework.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
ActionOperator The single purpose of the ActionOperator is to modify and get the state of Action objects at runtime.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
Page A Page object represents a single part of a Tabris UI.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
PageConfiguration Page objects will be instantiated by the framework.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
PageData A PageData object can be used to store page specific data and pass them from one page to another.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
PageOperator The PageOperator is used to handle pages.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
PageStyleenum PageStyleextends java.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
PlacementPriorityenum PlacementPriorityextends java.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
Proposal A Proposal can be displayed on a client's proposal list during a search.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.ui.actionTabris
ProposalHandler A ProposalHandler acts as a bridge between server and client during a search task.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.ui.actionTabris
SearchAction The SearchAction is a specialized action that can be used to execute a search task.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.ui.actionTabris
TabrisUI The TabrisUI forms the core of the Tabris UI framework.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
TabrisUIEntryPoint The TabrisUIEntryPoint class should be used as the EntryPoint for TabrisUI based applications.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
TabrisUIEntrypointFactory A TabrisUIEntryPoint does not have a no no-argument constructor.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
TransitionListener A TransitionListener can be used to get notified when the user navigates from one Page to another.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
UI The UI is a shared object you will find all over the Tabris UI API.Interfacecom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris
UIConfiguration A Tabris UI consists of Page and Action objects that are loosely coupled.Classcom.eclipsesource.tabris.uiTabris