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BloomFilterA Bloom filter for instances of Guava
FunnelAn object which can send data from an object of type T into a Guava
FunnelsFunnels for common Guava
HashCodeAn immutable hash code of arbitrary bit Guava
HasherA PrimitiveSink that can compute a hash code after reading the Guava
HashFunctionA hash function is a collision-averse pure function that maps an arbitrary block of data to a number called a hash Guava
HashingStatic methods to obtain HashFunction instances, and other static hashing-related A comparison of the various hash functions can be Guava
HashingInputStreamAn InputStream that maintains a hash of the data read from Guava
HashingOutputStreamAn OutputStream that maintains a hash of the data written to Guava
PrimitiveSinkAn object which can receive a stream of primitive Guava