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HostAndPortAn immutable representation of a host and Guava
HostSpecifierA syntactically valid host specifier, suitable for use in a Guava
HttpHeadersContains constant definitions for the HTTP header field Guava
InetAddressesStatic utility methods pertaining to InetAddress Guava
InetAddresses .TeredoInfoA simple immutable data class to encapsulate the information to be found in a All of the fields in this class are encoded in various Guava
InternetDomainNameAn immutable well-formed internet domain name, such as com or Guava
MediaTypeRepresents an Internet Media Type (also known as a MIME Type or Content Type) Guava
PercentEscaperA UnicodeEscaper that escapes some set of Java characters using a UTF-8 based percent encoding Guava
UrlEscapersEscaper instances suitable for strings to be included in particular If the resulting URLs are inserted into an HTML or XML document, they Guava