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AbstractInvocationHandlerAbstract implementation of InvocationHandler that handles Guava
ClassPathScans the source of a ClassLoader and finds all loadable classes and Guava
ClassPath .ClassInfoRepresents a class that can be loaded through load() Guava
ClassPath .ResourceInfoRepresents a class path resource that can be either a class file or any other resource file loadable from the class Guava
ImmutableTypeToInstanceMapA type-to-instance map backed by an Guava
ImmutableTypeToInstanceMap .BuilderA builder for creating immutable type-to-instance Guava
InvokableWrapper around either a Method or a Guava
MutableTypeToInstanceMapA mutable type-to-instance Guava
ParameterRepresents a method or constructor Guava
ReflectionStatic utilities relating to Java Guava
TypeParameterCaptures a free type variable that can be used in Guava
TypeResolverAn object of this class encapsulates type mappings from type Guava
TypeToInstanceMapA map, each entry of which maps a TypeToken to an instance of that Guava
TypeTokenA Type with Guava