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AbstractInjectorGrapherAbstract injector grapher that builds the dependency graph but doesn't render Guice
AbstractInjectorGrapher .GrapherParametersParameters used to override default settings of the Guice
AliasAlias between two Guice
AliasCreatorCreator of node Guice
ArrowTypeArrow symbols that are available from Guice
BindingEdgeEdge that connects an interface to the type or instance that is bound to implement Guice
BindingEdge .TypeBinding is to the interface for a constant of a different Guice
CompassPointEnum for the compass point values used to control where edge end points appear on the Guice Guice
DependencyEdgeEdge from a class or InjectionPoint to the interface node that will satisfy Guice
EdgeEdge in a guice dependency Guice
EdgeCreatorCreator of graph edges to Guice
EdgeStyle See: Guice
GraphvizEdgeData object to encapsulate the attributes of Graphviz edges that we're interested in Guice
GraphvizGrapherInjectorGrapher implementation that writes out a Graphviz DOT file of the Guice
GraphvizModuleModule that provides classes needed by Guice
GraphvizNodeData object to encapsulate the attributes of Graphviz nodes that we're interested in Guice
ImplementationNodeNode for types that have Dependencys and are bound to Guice
InjectorGrapherGuice injector Guice
InstanceNodeNode for Guice
InterfaceNodeNode for an interface type that has been bound to an implementation class or Guice
NameFactoryInterface for a service that provides nice Strings that we can display in the graph for the types that come up Guice
NodeNode in a guice dependency Guice
NodeCreatorCreator of graph Guice
NodeIdID of a node in the Guice
NodeId .NodeTypeInstance node, used when something is bound to an Guice
NodeShapeEnum for the shapes that are most interesting for Guice Guice
NodeStyleStyles for Guice
PortIdFactoryInterface for a service that returns Graphviz port IDs, used for naming the rows in ImplementationNode-displaying Guice Guice
RootKeySetCreatorCreator of the default starting set of keys to Guice
ShortNameFactoryReasonable implementation for Guice
TransitiveDependencyVisitorBindingTargetVisitor that returns a Collection of the Keys of each Binding' Guice