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NameDescriptionTypePackageFramework WebToolkit (GWT)
DefaultExceptionHandlerDefault implementation for handling exceptions thrown while processing a WebToolkit (GWT)
ExceptionHandlerHandles an exception produced while processing a WebToolkit (GWT)
FindServiceLayerAllows the use of a very short operation name for the find WebToolkit (GWT)
InProcessRequestTransportA RequestTransport that calls a WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT)
LoggingServer-side object that handles log messages sent by WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractorUsed to extract RequestFactory client jars from WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor .ClassLoaderLoaderAn implementation of WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor .EmitterDescribes a way to emit the contents of a classpath, typically into a JAR or filesystem WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor .JarEmitterAn Emitter implementation that creates a jar WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor .LoaderAbstracts the mechanism by which class files are WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryJarExtractor .ModeControls what is emitted by the WebToolkit (GWT)
RequestFactoryServletHandles GWT RequestFactory JSON WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT)
ServiceLayerThe ServiceLayer mediates all interactions between the SimpleRequestProcessor and the domain WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT)
ServiceLayerDecoratorUsers that intend to alter how RequestFactory interacts with the domain environment can extend this type and provide it WebToolkit (GWT)
SimpleRequestProcessorProcesses request payloads from a RequestFactory WebToolkit (GWT)
SimpleRequestProcessor WebToolkit (GWT) WebToolkit (GWT)