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AlignmentPatternEncapsulates an alignment pattern, which are the smaller square patterns found in all but the simplest QR
ByteMatrixJAVAPORT: The original code was a 2D array of ints, but since it only ever gets assigned -1, 0, and 1, I'm going to use less memory and go with
DecoderThe main class which implements QR Code decoding -- as opposed to locating and extracting the QR Code from an
DetectorEncapsulates logic that can detect a QR Code in an image, even if the QR Code is rotated or skewed, or partially
ErrorCorrectionLevelenum ErrorCorrectionLevelSee ISO 18004:2006,
FinderPatternEncapsulates a finder pattern, which are the three square patterns found in the corners of QR
FinderPatternFinderThis class attempts to find finder patterns in a QR
FinderPatternInfoEncapsulates information about finder patterns in an image, including the location of the three finder patterns, and their estimated module
ModeSee ISO 18004:2006,
QRCodeDecoderMetaDataMeta-data container for QR Code
QRCodeReaderThis implementation can detect and decode QR Codes in an
QRCodeWriterThis object renders a QR Code as a BitMatrix 2D array of greyscale
Version .ECBEncapsualtes the parameters for one error-correction block in one symbol
Version .ECBlocksEncapsulates a set of error-correction blocks in one symbol