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#Com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.orm Classes and Interfaces - 45 results found.
ActionableDynamicQueryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
BaseActionableDynamicQueryClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
CacheModeInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
CacheModeImpl F i e l d s i n h e r i t e d f r o m i n t e r f a c e c o m . Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ClassLoaderSessionClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Conjunction Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Criterion Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
CustomSQLParamClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Dialect Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Disjunction Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
DynamicQueryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
DynamicQueryFactoryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
DynamicQueryFactoryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
EntityCacheInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
EntityCacheUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
FinderCacheInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
FinderCacheUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
FinderPathClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Junction Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
LockMode e n u m L o c k M o d e e x t e n d s E n u m < L o c k M o d e > E n u m C o n s t a n t S u m m a r y F O R C E Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ObjectNotFoundException S e e A l s o : S e r i a l i z e d F o r m C o n s t r u c t o r S u m m a r y O b j e c t N o t F o u n d E x c e p t i o n ( ) Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Order Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
OrderFactoryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
OrderFactoryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ORMException S e e A l s o : S e r i a l i z e d F o r m C o n s t r u c t o r S u m m a r y O R M E x c e p t i o n ( ) Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
PortalCustomSQL Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
PortalCustomSQLUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Projection Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ProjectionFactoryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ProjectionFactoryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ProjectionListInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
PropertyInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
PropertyFactory Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
PropertyFactoryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
QueryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
QueryDefinitionClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
QueryPosClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
QueryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
RestrictionsFactoryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
RestrictionsFactoryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
ScrollableResultsInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
SessionInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
SessionFactoryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
SQLQueryInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal
Type e n u m T y p e e x t e n d s E n u m < T y p e > E n u m C o n s t a n t S u m m a r y B I G _ D E C I M A L Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.ormLiferay Portal