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#Com.liferay.portal.kernel.transaction Classes and Interfaces - 10 results found.
Isolation e n u m I s o l a t i o n e x t e n d s E n u m < I s o l a t i o n > E n u m C o n s t a n t S u m m a r y C O U N T E R Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
Propagation e n u m P r o p a g a t i o n e x t e n d s E n u m < P r o p a g a t i o n > E n u m C o n s t a n t S u m m a r y M A N D A T O R Y Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionalClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionAttributeClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionAttribute .Builder C o n s t r u c t o r S u m m a r y T r a n s a c t i o n A t t r i b u t e . Classcom.liferay.portal.kernel.transaction.TransactionAttributeLiferay Portal
TransactionCommitCallbackRegistry Interfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionCommitCallbackRegistryUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionDefinitionInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionInvokerInterfacecom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal
TransactionInvokerUtilClasscom.liferay.portal.kernel.transactionLiferay Portal