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#Com.maverick.nio Classes and Interfaces - 24 results found.
ByteBufferPoolThis class provides a pool for either direct or non direct ByteBuffers.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
ClientAcceptorAn abstract class for the NIO framework to accept client connections.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
ClientConnectorAn interface for the NIO framework to connect outgoing sockets.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
DaemonThis class provides an abstract daemon for servicing any number of protocolAuthor:Lee David PainterClasscom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
DaemonContextEach instance of a Daemon has a single configuration context.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
IdleStateListenerA class implementing this interface is notified when the selector it is registered with becomes idle.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
IdleStateManagerClass that checks the idle state of another class.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
LicenseManagerAdd your license using the static method provided by this class.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
ProtocolContextA protocol context defines the behaviour for a listening interface.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
ProtocolEngineThis interface defines the contract for a protocol implementation.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SelectorRegistrationListenerAllows an object to receive notification that a registration has completed on a SelectorThread.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SelectorThreadProvides management of a single selector.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SelectorThreadImplEach SelectorThread requires an implementation of this interface to pass selection events.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SelectorThreadPoolMaintains a pool of SelectoThreads increasing the pool when required and always maintaining the minimum number of permanent threads required.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SocketConnectionThis class implements a SocketHandler using a standard socket.Classcom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SocketHandlerAn interface used by the SelectorThread to notify an object of when a read or write event has occurred.Interfacecom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc
SSLContextConnectionThis class implements an SSL socket connection for the custom server.Classcom.maverick.nio.sslMaverickjavadoc
SSLSocketConnectionThis class implements an SSL socket connection for the custom server.Classcom.maverick.nio.sslMaverickjavadoc
WriteOperationRequestA throwble Object used to notify the read process that the no further messages should be processed and to allow the write process to writeClasscom.maverick.nioMaverickjavadoc

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