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#Com.sun.jini.tool Classes and Interfaces - 15 results found.
AbstractPluginClasscom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ClassDependProvides a utility for computing which classes are depended on by a set of classes.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ClassDependencyRelationshipA container to store class dependency related information for later analysis.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ClassDependParametersEffectively Immutable parameter class for ClassDepend.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ClassDependParameters .CDPBuilderCDPBuilder - to build an immutable ClassDependParameters object, much like the StringBuilder and String class relationship.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ClasspathPackagesUtility class for finding the names of packages in a class path.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
EnvCheckTool used to perform validity checks on the run-time environment of a client or service.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
PackageClassesUtility class for finding the names of the classes in a set of packages.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
PluginInterfacecom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ReferencedClassesA utility class for computing the classes referred to by another class.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
ReporterClasscom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
Reporter .MessageClasscom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
SubVMA container for a subtask which runs in a separate and returns a single object by writing that object to System.Classcom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
SubVMTaskA subtask to be run in a separate VM.Interfacecom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )
UtilClasscom.sun.jini.toolApache River ( Jini )